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h’etep crossing-over ritual   22 juni an example — what is Sorcery ? .. their whole realm works to keep our reality to be some vague Haze , so that your and our soul will not see nor understand a host of concepts : we see all the time how God uses many examples to […]

15.3-UPD: 21,22 and 23

15.3-UPD: 21,22 and 23 We waited to see how far Canaan would push this hoax, but now it appears to have become more then just a local Ritual (see right), and combined with ’23’, we need to see what we’ve got so far, eventhough this one perhaps isn’t as obvious as the previous.   Involved: […]

Fake News and Sorcery

  Fake News and Sorcery   credits in link A] FAKE NEWS AND SORCERY for occult rituals log see b] below   the strategy of Disinfo Most so-called ‘talkingheads’ claim that Disinfo has already a long history, and will mention you examples from WWII, or the early years of the Cold War; adding that “but […]

26.2#UPD: PeaceGames

26.2#UPD: PeaceGames Defensive Ritual – we saw the hyped and created so-called “North-Korean threat” the past two years, but now that it is morphed into the Peace Theme, since we are still at the H’ETEP. We haven’t watched the opening- nor closing ceremony, and depend on pictures and quotes from sources, but already the “unification […]

25.1 #UPD fourty mummies

25.1#UPD fourty mummies fourty mummies, we still are in the fourty-day-period up to their easter, the god Thoth, as ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ who will be forced to destroy his own city of Õn, see page and page; so we have the presiding deity now connected tó these fourty days. In several articles is said how the name […]

6-7.2.18: spaceX and the attempt of the fish-souls to escape

6-7.2.18: spaceX and the attempt of the fish-souls to escape news com au ….okay. Look please – yes we saw that 90% of the peoples’ responses everywhere was positive about this event; mainly because they liked the type entrepreneurship, the returning boosters, the freshness, etc. We however don’t have that luxury (to be fooled), because […]

H’ETEP ritual page

H’ETEP ritual – previous see newest rituals, page Ritual 20.04: our parallel world of Insanity we get now three parties, working for his same goal: ‘russia’ as their one Dualistic-used-side, ‘Trump’ (c.q. the west) as their other. and this “proven” by his created disinfo agency termed ‘wikileaks’. You tell us — we are So ashamed […]

25/11: ritual – attacking the Vintage

25/11: ritual – attacking the Vintage log attacking the Vintage   “Egypt” is a keyword used, but so is “Sinai” (see screenshots and link), “al Rawdah sufi (mosque)”, as “the Garden”, rawdah, singular; “sufi” from arabic Suf-, “a garment of wool, worn by early ascetic adherents” as most common explanation; “egypt” as the Sekhet-áaru field, […]

Zechariah 7 – destroying the sumerian tree of life

d) Zechariah 7 – destroying the sumerian “tree of life” as sanctuary of the KA-double and BA-spirit / two hands theme [also in the book of Daniel] textnote: we are aware that often people read words at face-value, and many think a term as “the land” should be ofcourse “this earth, we live on” — […]

PART VII: old Greece and parabolic mirrors, Genesis and Mahabharata

PART VII: old Greece and parabolic mirrors, Genesis and Mahabharata content of page: first half: A] symbology in ancient Greece second half: B] the same theme of the ‘sun birth’, the ‘smiling’ and ‘cherub’ of previous Mahabharata returns in Genesis A] the cauldron and mirrors in ancient Greece 1] Greece a) the cauldron of Apollo […]

31/10: halloween ritual – NYC

31/10: halloween ritual – NYC   …sometimes, the patheticness of his organized rituals truly escapes us. Factually, we was waiting for the “grand 9/11-like finale”, promised to us by both the british and american agencies (link will follow), but this one is but another warmkeeper. And, for that matter, Canaan switched to virtually unrecognizable names, […]

Mahabharata III: the Forest

11/1: Mahabharata III: the Forest part 2 of treasure (clues) of Tutãnkhámen …by coincidence, we stumbled upon a version of this book (from archive.org), and what it shows rather blew us away —- we simply cannot type quick enough the other related themes, but this one had to go first: summary: the original cherub is […]

10/24: Welcome To the Pleasuredome

10/24: Welcome To the Pleasuredome all credits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Pleasuredome presenting you a visual of symbolism – from 1984……showing how much we ve to catch-up…… The start is obviously the egyptian offspring ruling this world; the music band playing the deluded adamite souls, becoming Trapped inside this matrix — as ‘pleasuredome’; note how the context does depict […]

part IV – treasure (clues) of Tutãnkhámen

treasure (clues) of Tutãnkhámen PART IV The core of the serpent-hand, as executive region within the upper node, has to be ‘a complete inversion of shrines’, like the famous wooden Russian dolls nested into oneanother, but now being nested the other way around. There are many correlations between the themes of Tutankhamen’s shrines, and the […]

part III ‘ Seti I tomb’

Seti I tomb’ PART III from: pinterest tomb of ‘Inherkau’, Kheper must be inside the lampstand, because of the blue bar as dome-shape; the glyphs are rather poorly executed, and some of them are guesswork of what they can represent (so this paragraph cannot be as solid as usual); yet we have some hold on […]

Part II – the Oscars, Ptah’ and the shrine at the root

the Oscars, Ptah’ and the shrine at the root PART II Above, Pteh’ to the left; and right in front of him is the short line – “(by) he/every kind of (thing)/below,/(through) the foreign land’s double-place-T to become new by the root/thou/existence/to give;” where “the foreign land’s place-T to become new” is “the land of […]

2/10: Vegas ritual

2/10: Vegas ritual note: our sincerest feelings and condolences to the families and everyone involved it was a morning of iron, as an immovable sphere around, – until around 11.00UTC, when the news of this awful ritual started to trickle down; at this point in time, we don’t want to expand too much, just showing […]

9/29: MSM-admitted high frequency sound weapons

9/29: MSM-admitted high frequency sound weapons under the fabricated header “Cuba targeting US-diplomats with sonic weapons”; you can read for yourself in the links how several types of sonic weapons have been devised and actually used in many specific events. The point is ofcourse that Canaan “admitting the fringe implies admitting the whole”. Ofcourse, the […]

9/18: getting personal again

9/18: getting personal again It was a bit Unreal past Friday, to see the created relative small event being plastered everywhere around, CaNaaN even showing a liveblog; while the diplomatic row about Intelligence was as Bizarre as the withholding of the name of the patsy itself. However, the name Parsons showed their direction, already – […]

9/11: the since 1995 so-called “Toronto blessing” Ritual ending today

9/11: the since 1995 so-called “Toronto blessing” Ritual ending today Conference – while the Irma story was going on this past weekend, another event was the three-day long evangelical conference in this country, as the represent of the “Toronto type revival”, having it’s origins back to 1995. This time speakers were a mr.Storm and mr.Clarke […]

9/9 [to 9/11,sic]: three hurricanes – three names

9/9 [to 9/11,sic]: three hurricanes – three names See Update below, 13/9 For the record – yes ofcourse hurricanes are a natural event, and happened for thousands of years every summer again – [and off the record: we have little doubt that scalar weapons, as described by Tom Bearden, can influence these things]; …the point […]

18/8 Barcelona ritual

18/8 Barcelona ritual — our support for all of the victims involved — the ritual Link is still the ‘driving into crowds’, the above quote from DM is similar to the event in the Berlin event, past christmas; and ‘event’ is a doublet we do not care whose ID’s now again were left at the […]

13/8 ritual

13/8: Ritual after friday’s posted PT’s about ‘double solarplane’ BEB, we tried the binary through the cube, and its number of planets swirling Up to the new solarplane, bearing in mind Velikovsky’s discoveries …above just the initial version – we work on it to expand – and perhaps it’s all ‘coincidence’, below: but it happened […]

6/4: ritual #22 London attack – helping out MENU

6/6 london attack #UPD.: Canaan’s message for YOU pic source: youtube youssef zaghba khuram butt rachid redouane …we do etymology for years already, even before starting hieroglyphs, so you can trust us in these things — the presented names are youssef: “to add, increase, do again”, from root Joseph, zaghba:    either: saghab, ‘hunger and being […]

ritual #21: defensive attack – Manchester UK, Ariadne aka Revelation woman

ritual #21: defensive attack – Manchester UK, Ariadne aka Revelation woman screenshot BBC # update: Patsy presented presented patsy name: Salman Abedi Abedi – from semitic ‘EBED, “servant, worker”, but more in the context of “religious devotee”, “servants of a deity”, Salman – as in biblical Solomon, from root SHALEM, literally “wholeness, completeness”, where it’s […]

5/13: ritual #18 – the two eyes of Horus canonized-sanctified

Update ritual #20: on ‘times’ square independent.co.uk [quote BBC:] “The crash follows recent deadly car-ramming attacks in London, Berlin and the French city of Nice.” read: Canaan intended it to be linked to his same previous Rituals; the name of the perpetrator makes little sense, except Rojos as “red”; which in context can only be […]

Ritual #15, Defending the Field of Reeds

21/4 ritual #15, ‘defending the Field of Reeds’ usatoday.com location: CHAMPS ELYSEES …literally ‘Elysian Fields’, a Greek term for Sekhet-Áaru, extended into ‘triumph’, because of the monument marking the avenue, said PERPETRATOR: Abu Yousef al-Baljik, as ” the Father’s / Joseph / the / outsider”, where ‘father’ is God, ‘Joseph’ one of both Houses (other […]

12/4: the knowledgeable ones of the mountain

12/4: the knowledgeable ones of the mountain 12/4 Updates II & III below nachrichten.at – it is a thin line sometimes, between a ritual or an event caused by other motives; yet again the names are striking [pun] so we decided to mention it with the others — DORTMUND: ..from ancient german Throtmanni, “throat, maw” […]

7/4: Stockholm watercourse Ritual [ plus Syria]; 4/4: Ritual: st.Petersburg metro attack — protecting the thes-dome

7/4: Stockholm watercourse Ritual [ plus Syria] [#9] Ritual: the island of imprisoned Adamite in the Watercourse [also see 4/8 update below] independent.co first of all: our sincere feelings for the relatives, of BOTH crimes which Canaan perpetrated again: in Stockholm, as well as in Syria …after his drive-through-Rituals in Nice, Berlin, ‘Israel’, and lately […]

23/3: London Westminster ritual

[ see update V below! ] 23/3: London Westminster ritual [with our deepest sympathy for the relatives of the poor victims] conservativefreehouse.com for the first time, a defensive Ritual – instead of an attacking one! – main theme: WESTMINSTER …from West + monastery, Greek root of ‘single, alone, solitary’; read:  “the One of the West”; the […]

Giza pyramid reveals our Black Hole Matrix written in stone

Giza pyramid reveals our Black Hole Matrix written in stone after 4000 years, all hieroglyphic texts confirm the dimensional Gate insertion: UPD. April 2018: this original article was from one year ago; in the mean time, we have re-constructed many aspects, which we did not understand, backthen. However – the question and the importance of […]

2/27: the staged gaffe of the Oscars

2/27: the staged gaffe of the Oscars – telling you this reality of Sorcery New York Times ran a $2,5 million TV add celebrating the term ‘Truth’; starting with “the Truth is hard. The Truth is alternative facts are lies. The truth is hard to know. The truth is hard to find.” ..the Oscars took […]

Nasa’s Deflection to the Solarplane

Nasa’s Deflection to the Solarplane [no, we did not mention Superbowl, and the starry Tuat entering earth, as the same stars were around the podium; it just wasn’t important enough], however- this one is – and it is an extension of the previous Rituals, but then understood as ‘the location‘. Yes we worked hard, and yes […]

2/3: revelation woman Ritual #7:

2/3: revelation woman Ritual #7: getty images ..occult Rituals are always, always Linked to eachother, and previous ones; compare the beyonce, previous: here, the down-pointed triangle is THE archetype for “woman”; gold = eden’s gold, physical aspects, purple = canaanite aspects https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4095014/Members-Trump-s-inner-circle-wearing-triangle-pin-identify-Secret-Service.html#ixzz4XadZeM6u