CT 187

CT 187

CT 187 III 97

i] [by eden] within. those who are [horus-spirits]., existence (matrix). [as] the divine south [land,when theirs] (suten). I am.; h] the sky of earth (north). [of] speech. [by means of] place-T of the Watercourse (in north). my. existence. to make.;

g] he (T of w.). the boat of the dimension to fill [north] (meh’)., [by means of] place-T of the tackle [cord to make new root] (sep-t). [fór]. he. the blossom of existence (as eden word). [of] willpower (ã). [in order] to make the M-realm (s-m).; [and so through] the cord of willpower. [of] existence (matrix). [for] he, the blossoms (of word) to flourish [in place-T of hail of the serpent] (tchát+).; [by] to cut the eden-willpower of the south-soulpool (shã+knife)., +

f] [namely by] the place of Õn. [of] the words of adam-within., [in order for] this. my. to become the things for the word of totality [in torso] (au-ut+scroll+mult.).; e] [by means of] the land (south). [fór] the speech. [of] the boat. [for] my. existence., [as] existence. [by] to force the head for the imprisoned word of the Watercourse for the throne-G (g-ua tep+).; to become. +

d] Geb [land on tile]. [of] speech and nature (kher, matrix). [as] the land (upon tile?). [for] to make the M-realm (via adamite soul) (s-m). [as] three. islands [place-T+kh-house].; to become. +
c] the divine light. [of] speech and nature. [as] the sky of earth. [for] to make the M-realm (s-m). [as] four. islands (T-kh].; to become. +
b] [ultimately by?] the place of Õn. [of] the Ba spirit-souls. who are. [by] place-T of great speech. [as?] (T-) the offering-altar for the plasma-construct (khaut+). [in order for] the [an-] face (north). to manifest (per).;

the seven. islands [T-kh]. [as] these (pu). my. aspects of place-T of the word of totality [=torso] (144,000).;
a] [as] place-T of iron [+character] (glyph?). [of?] the grain\\for spelt. of [=for]. my. to make masherR-light (via adamite soul) (probably).;

III 96

[as] place-T of the white crown [of white light of Saturn] (h’etch-t). [of] the grain \\for spelt., [by] to make the T’ua-star (via ad.soul) [sic]. [in?] the island-place of the flame to make speech by the adamite soul [áã nsásá). of [=as]. the aspect for the hand of the plasma-construct (kha-t’+). which is. the egg of place-T of willpower of the root (‘hereditary,pãt+). [for] me. existence. to make.;

me. existence to reap., [and] me. existence. to plough. [for] the word of hail.;
h] my. fingers. of [=for]. he. within. me. to be united [=made to be reaped] (s-ma). nót.;
g] my. legs. [for] to make the M-realm (via ad.soul) (s-m). [for] speech for the an-face. me. the khent’-thigh. nót.;
f] Forever. he. within., me. khemi. nót.;
e] the essence. [for] the Ká spirit-double. [of] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep). +
d] [in order] me. to be fed-upon. nót.;
c] the essence of the adamite soul for saturn (h’es). [as] this. my. abomination.,
b] [in order for] me. to be fed-upon (unem). nót.;
a] the doubled wheel (to make new root,sep). [as] my abomination [T of eden-word for solarplane].;

—– end CT 189