CT 152

CT 152 II 261

b] he the root (pef). [for] me. the things by place-T of he-eden for the kh-house (khft+). [as?] my. place-T to bring (ánt).;
a] [in order for] this (pn). (Hru-) light. me. to manifest (per).;
[and] my. word. to make the k-axis (via ad.soul) (s-k).; (or ‘connect to. the workplace.’)

II 160

f] the divine spirits-light [of the word for the kh-house+] (áakhu+). [of] the words of adam-within.,
[by means of] the cord of eden-willpower to un-tie [for saturn-wick-H’] (uh’ã+).;

e] [in order for] the sky of earth (north). the speech. [by] the word. [of] another (?,kt).,
[namely for] the multitude [of proto-spirits, by place-T] (ãshat+). alike adam (mm, weak).,
[just as?] me. most-beautified-soul-adam-like to manifest (per-i).;

d] [through] the divine light of the moon [by saturn-wick for willpower] (áãh’+). of [=by]. the shining backbone. +
[as?] the divine “One”. [of] hail.; (note)

c] the divine light of the moon [by saturn-wick for willpower] (áãh’+). of [=as]. the light to rise and shine (uben+).,
[being?] the divine “One”. [of] hail.; (note)
b] [and so by?] the place-T of the West. [for] to die [T-eden] (met+).,
[through] the branch (at place-T for kh-house) (kht+). of [=for]. the ãnkh-life.;
a] [and as?] the Hru light [speech by hebrew-H-house]. [through] place-T to manifest (per-t).;

——– end CT 152

A] notes:

— we easy get Lost in the many cords, axis, supports;
if the eden-hand bears a double-horn [or double cherub], there are “two cords” in play here?
We would need to list again which attributes belong to SEFEKH;
here, the UH’Ã solemly appears to do with ‘eden willpower’ (while sefekh with adamite-soul);

perhaps they go from UH’Ã (eden willpower for wick) to Á-ÃH’ (wick of willpower for hail);
we saw in prophets that the masculine-house-H is indeed termed “a moon (light)”,
not understood as a planet but as ‘a light’,
and this light is ascending (to them) in the form of moon-ÁÃH,
“rising” as glyph UBEN, “existence of the solarplane for the word”, so to the North,
through the shining backbone PEST’ or PESTCH;
we tried to find places to fill them in;

the UÃ, in textglyph as the harpoon,
has its original in eden (as the eden-gate and the throne of soul?),
and is being doubled into the north (as hand and serpent-hand?);

our problem is, ‘what is this moon-light different as glyph TER, “eden speech of Light (at -T)”..?
would this TER place be “within” this moon-light,
analogue to how masculine covers feminine,
but was separated by them?

..the ‘moon’ relates to willpower, to masculine, to the 30 silvers house-H,
and is the “willpower fór the (feminine) word”, U+Ã, UÃ;
is this the 2nd axis (horn), Ã-, “willpower”?

# the “moon light” of the “masculine house-H” goes Up as “moon of saturn”,
becoming in the north as “the One”,
which is Hru-light (light of the word of speech by masculine-house-H)

# review