Selection of quotes from PT and CT

Selected QUOTES — *SBA gates*

1]BD  CXXVline 28:this (existence/root). SBA-gate. existence. the doorbolts (benshu, SH + solarplane). [for] existence of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; 2]BD  CXXVin 'negative confession chapter',line 19:the place of the word-inside Õn (ruling Eye,south). of [=by]. the Utchat-Eye (that eye). to fill, be filled with (meh', saturn). Sight (maa, for an-face). I,me. the divine existence by the root (pen+div.). the land. all [of]. existence. the phallus. the light for the booth [north-torus] to complete (ãrqi+booth+light). the light of manifestation. the 2nd moon […]