6] he. the doorkeeper of things. [namely of] the evil images of the mountain (when eden’s). these (tn). to erase (t’er).;
Forever. the willpower of Saturn (h’enã). [by] the light (eden’s) inside eternity [of saturn] (h’eh’+). [for] existence (matrix). [of] speech.; [by means of] the prisoner (su,Cain). to revise (sáp)., [for] divine peace [of saturn] to hide (ámen-h’etep+d). [and for] existence (matrix). this. garment to purify (uãb+). [as] he (the). doorkeeper of things. [namely] the evil images of the mountain (when eden’s). these. to erase (t’er).;

[iand through] them (ad.souls). to become spirits. this. to give. to me ámen-h’etep.;
to become perfect (áqr). the noble spirit. [for] existence (matrix). [by] this. garment to purify. [as] this (garment). to give. [by] the land (south,eden’s). of [=for]. ‘those who are’[horus-spirits].; [tó] the sky of earth. of [=for]. ‘those who are’.;
[as] the Northerners (horus-spirits). the gods., [by] the south-lands. the gods [adamite?].;
4] [through] them (ad.souls). within.; [because] he (the). Ka spirit-double. eden’s speech to desire (merr). [of] all [of]. he (the). adamite throne (ást). of [=for]. the many [proto-spirits,’worms’]. [as] the words of all. [as,for?] he. [in] name [of].: the Sebek crocodile [sitting upon cube] in the doubled-place of the doubled-pyramid \\of the seized hand (*pic 1,one glyph). [as] the Sebek crocodile [on top of cube]. [through] the divine dimension of the Nu dome [inside top of cube]. [of] the words of adam-within.,

(*pic 1)

3] the m-b-soul-adam-goddess (*pic 2,neteritu). [for] the gods (matrix). [as?] the evil thing (t+swallow). [in order for?] the Ennead [pantheon of 9]. to become the thing of the great pillar. [as so] the Ennead. [for] the two lands. [of?] things of the plexus (‘throne’-G)., [by?] all [of]. to hide. the place of the Uas-sceptre [spinal nerve system]. [fór] all [of]. the divine word to connect to stability (Menthu). to divinely transform (Kheper). the pillar of the house of Saturn. [as?] the temple of the house of saturn. [being] the two islands of Horus (áten+white hole).;

(*pic 2)

2] [as] everything. [of] Set., Isis., Osiris., Nut., Geb., Tefnet., Shu. [and] Tem.;
[through] the garment to purify. to become the tied-on finished ascended [aspect of the Booth] (*pic,yellow cube) (ãrq+)curl+scroll). [for] existence (matrix). [by] the mouth (*pic,white vesica).”;

———————- end BD CLXXI