reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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theme : description of torus-construct as being a body
scribe : Xu (=impossible), addition Mes r neter
given title : "chapter of identification of members"
status : 90%, complex concepts
summary : description of torus-construct as being a body
notes : below,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending
renouf link: see below

the place of the Ka spirit-double. [in] the house of saturn. [for] open-work engraving (pteh’). [as] the prisonhouse [for the foremost-adam] in the KH-house., [for] the ape (qeft’nu). to become healthy. [by] my. health.;

[by?] the place of the Ka spirit-double. [in] the house of saturn. [for] open-work engraving (pteh’). [as]. the prisonhouse [for the foremost-adam] in the KH-house. [as] he (the). \\ legs (*pic,ret’). [for] existence (eden’s). nót.;
[by?] \\ his word \\ willpower \\ willpower. [is] existence (eden’s). nót.;
the two fingers of existences (?,unclear). [for] existence. [as] the gold (nub). existence. [for] the ape (qeftenu). am I.;

2] [by] the chalice (*pic). the evil words of the mountain (*pic). of [=for]. me. [as] the un-tied word.;
to become (áu). [by] existence (eden’s). to open up [the root] (up). [of] the thing of the Watercourse [eden’s] (uat). [for] this. season [matrix] (ter). to go copy (those things) (sen). [by] me. [for] the house of the throne [white hole] (get). [for] me. to become to rule (h’eq).,
[as] my. speech. [by] théir (ad.souls). torso’s (physical). to wander-astray (shemt)., [and] existence (matrix). the original adamite soul. the faces (h’eru). [of] speech. [for] me. [as] the flame of eternal hebrew-H (HeH+brazier). [for] eternities [of saturn] (h’eh’u). [by] the prisonhouse [of KH-house]. [of] Horus. am I.;

the double treshfloor (*pic,white rings). [as] my. egg (suh’t). [for] hail for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
my. word. \\ he the thing. to grasp (khefã). [but] my. word. to bé grasped. [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;
my. word. \\ he the thing. to know. [but] my. word. to be known. [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;
[by] my. hand [eden eye!]. [in] the innermost sacred place (khennu). of [=for]. the cord to tie together (thes). [of] willpower (ã).;
to become (áu). [by] the light of yesterday [ad.soul] (sef). [in] the innermost sacred place (khennu). of [=fór]. the great pillar. [as] the spine / knot (thes). [to] it. to come the khent’ thigh (*pic). lacking. I (I lack)., [for] my. word. to create [alike adam] (qemamm,weak form). [for] hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).

3] Nut [torus dome]. this. my. divine mother., [bý] the divine dimension dome of Nu [top cube]. to manifest (per). the blossom of the solarplane becoming new (uneb). I am.;
[to] thou. existence. existence (eden’s). to say.: thou. willpower. of [=by]. the double treshfloor (*pic,sep). [for] the thing to copy (sent)., [and bý] the double treshfloor. to go copy \\ the adamite soul’s existence (sent\\,pun)., [for] it (treshfloors). [as] the doorkeepers. of [=for]. emptyness (shu). [as] the light of Hru [mutilated eden’s]. [for] existence (eden’s). nót.;

[but by] the “One” (white circle). [for] the “One” (other circle)., [for] the land of walled fortresses [solarplane] (ánebu). of [=as]. the land of walled fortresses (same,comp.Daniel). [fór] the shining backbone (*pic,pest’). to rise and shine (uben). am I.;
[for] this (to conn. to). existences (eden’s). [by] my. word of command., [by] to command. the mouths (mult?). [of] great speech. [by] the evil word-image of the mountain. [for] the chalice (*pic). every kind of. (what?) of [=for]. [in] name [of].:

4] [by] to go to copy \\ the adamite soul’s existence. [so that by] them (ad.souls). to become united (sma). existence (eden’s). nót.; [and by] to make to reject (?,snnáu). the words of birth [to birth]., [by means of] the Watercourse to elevate. [so that] the land. (to become) elevated. [to] the sky of earth [south!]. [for] my. speech. [by] hís. existence (eden’s). to make. this. season [matrix] (terá). to be discovered [by us?] (gem). nót.;

the cord to unloosen [the cord of he to become new] (unef). am I.;
[for] my. speech. [by] them (ad.souls). [are] the faces. [of] redness (t’esher). [but] it. to be known. [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;
I am. [by] my. prisonhouse [of foremost-adam] (khent). of [=for]. my. images [to make]. these (to connect to). the bodies (khatu). of [=for]. my., the moment [in Time] (at;eden’s). to become constantly renewed [by hebrew-H] (uHem). [so that] of [=for]. mé. to die. [bý] existence (eden’s). nót.;

5] he. the eye. of [=as]. the washed gold. am I.; (white hole)
these (to conn to). the bodies (khatu). of [=for]. my. fearful (sent’). the west-, east- and northlands [of horus-spirits]. [and] the south-lands., [as] the divine horus-spirits of the land. [and] the divine horus-spirits of the sky of earth. \\ [of] existence (eden’s)., [for] the horus-spirit to become new.;
[and] this (tn). to become (áu). the existence of hail. [for] millions. [of] existence (matrix)., [by] this (to connect to). m-b-soul-adam-like protection (mãki). this. I am.;

6] divine egyptians. of [=for]. the divine egyptians. this (pn). light. am I.;
[fór] the light of yesterday [of adamite soul] (sef). the watercourse (eden’s) to elevate. [and so] to strike [with saturn word] (h’u). the child to rise (?). [for] existence (eden’s). [to be] nót.;
[by] this. light (eden’s). of [=for]. the words of birth. to open [the root]. [for] the house of the throne [white hole] (get). [of] divine rule (h’eq)., of [=by]. the Sba-stargate (eden’s). to open [the root] (up). am I.;

my. speech. [by] the prisoner (su,cain). [for] existence (eden’s). [to be] nót.;
(but by this speech) to violate, to rebel [by the domes to ferry-over] (khennu). [of] the evil word of the mountain. [to] the deadly (beh’en). my. speech. [in] the chalice (*pic). [for] every kind of. to be [re-]transformed. [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;

7] the Utchat eye.\\ [of] adam-within. am I.; (both white circles)
it. to revolve (pekhar). [as] the “One” (top circle). of [=for]. the “One” (eden’s). [as] he. within., [for] it. to become posessions below. [for] the light for the season [matrix] (ter). of [=as]. the light of the season. the divine beauty of existence becoming new. am I.;

[by] upside down head in fire (sekht’). [by] me. the images [to make] (áru). [by] thou. willpower. of [=for]. my word. to become the equilibrium (ãqa). to found (ger)., [for] the word of command. [of]. the mouth (*pic,vesica). to make \\ protection. [as for] me. to become to rule (h’eq). my. house of the throne (get). [for] existence (matrix). [by] decree of law., [and] [for] millions. to come the khent’ thigh (*pic)., Horus. am I.;

[by] the original adamite soul. [is] the speech and nature (kher). [of] the house as the thing split-Off (*pic,yellow cube,t’ent). of [=for]. me. to dwell in.; my. house of the throne (white hole,get). of [=by]. my. throne of adamite (eden eye,ást). [in] the Utchat eye. [of] adam-within. am I.;

8] my. ãnkh-life. [by] existence (eden’s). to invade (ãq). [for] existence’s (matrix). light to rise and shine (uben). [for] existence (matrix). to manifest (per).; [by] the original adamite soul. [as] protector (!). of [=for]. me., to become (áu). [by] to make. [that] which is. the belly [both white circles!] (khat). [of] willpower (ã). of [=as] the utchat eye. [of] adam-within. am I.;

[by] them (ad.souls). [is] the willpower. [for] ãnkh-life. [of] existence (matrix). [as] willpower. [of] speech., [by] the double treshfloor. [as] my. egg (suh’t). [being] the utchat eye. [of] adam-within. am I.;
the urrt crown [of great eden speech]. am I.;
to divinely transform. alike-adam [could] (miá) [!]. [is the thing by] me. to value.; my. word. [as] saturn’s word.;
‘forever’. am I.;
[fór] the gods. the word (eden’s) to revise (sápu)., to become words of terror (h’eru!). of [=by]. the double treshfloor. to guide (seb). [in] name [of].: the seasons [matrix] (teráu). [for] existence. [for] eternity [of saturn]. [of] sight (maa).;

9] the light of yesterday [of ad.soul] (sef). I am.;
his. existence. [of] speech. [is] ignorant (khem+neg.). to become healthy. [for] to manifest. am I.;
me. within. all [of]. the stolen (ãua). everything (nebt). [of] the people of bygone age., [fof] the plebs., [of] the hereditaries.[and of] the divine egyptians., [by] the dead (eden’s). [now fór] the noble spirits. the gods. [and] divine egyptians. to be made [via m-b-soul-adam] (ári). [for] existence (eden’s). [to be] nót.;

10] [by] my. hands (eden eye+white hole, here)., the [an-] face (áten). [of] me. [as] one. to be seized (amm). [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;
[by] my. word \\ [of] willpower [by] willpower., the [an-] face (áten). [of] me. [as] one. to be grasped (khefã). [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;
every. light of willpower of speech (rã). [for] existence. [as] Rã. am I.;
to become complete. my. flesh of Áf [aspects of H]. [for] to become protections [sau,seals of earth]. of [=for]. Thoth.; to become (áu). the god. of [=by?]. emptyness (shut). me. within. the fat., [for] existence (eden’s). [to be] nót.;
the words of ãnkh-life. [for] the horus-falcons (báku). of [=by]. my. flesh succeeded to acquire (sah’)., to become (áu). [by] open-work engraving,etc (pteh’). of [=by]. my. legs (*pic,ret’).; (encirceling is nót in the legs but in white circle)
to become (áu). Nut [torus dome]. of [=by]. my. legs to make (*pic,see note) [for] my. thighs\\of stability (*pic,ment).;

to become (áu). Horus’. eye (*pic). of [=as]. my. lower half of the body (khept’).;
to become (áu). Sekhmet [lion-power goddess]. of [=as]. my. backbone [áat=fields?]. [for] my. body.;
to become (áu). the divine mighty things [sh-pool,centre] (shefsheftu; rams). [for] the great pillar (*pic)., of [=for]. my. skin [the flesh by the solarplane / to encircle] (shenbet)., of [=as]. the divine place of the battle below (kherãhã+). [for] the words of all. of [=for]. my. flesh of Áf.;

11] to become (áu). Osiris. of [=as]. the phallus [of saturn] (h’enn). [by] the divine \\ thing of the prisoner (su,cain).[!], of [=by]. my. backbone (pest’) [below]. [as] the place of the word to guard (‘Sais’,likely). [of] the masterholder [chalice]. Neith weaver goddess. of [=for]. my. breast (shenã).; (containing breath-air)
[by] the place of the djed pillar (tchet’) [place/from hand/to white hole] [for] all [of]. the divine Ba spirit-soul [ram].
of [=as]. my. word \\ (of) willpower (for) willpower (matrix).;
[by] the cobra-goddess (netert+). [as] Isis (ruling ad.throne). of [=as]. my. hand ruled by saturn (misspelled?)., [and] serqet (tuatVII). of [=as]. my. teeth (glyph) (beh’?).; (see note)

12] to become (áu). Anubis upon the cube (sic). of [=as]. my. lips (*pic,vesica,sept).;
to become (áu). the divine kas (unclear). of [=as]. my. nose (fen+)., [by] the region (perch) the things of the Watercourse (eden’s) to open (upuatu). of [=as]. my. ears [border-sky/to birth] (mestcher).;
to become (áu). Hathor/saturn. of [=as]. my. two eyes.;
to become. the divine Áthen light [disk] (to connect to existence). of [=as]. my. [an-] face (*pic,áten)., [bý] the divine dimension of the dome of Nu [top cube]. of [=by]. me. the coverings to encircle (shenu). [of] this (pn). light (eden’s). (lower white circle);

13] to become healthy. [as] my. health.;
[by] the aser tamarisk tree (adamite soul’s/speech). [in] the innermost sacred place (khennu). of [=as]. the god. [of] the knot tied-together (thest). am I.;
[by] ones to be praised (h’estu). to become stable (men). Rã. am I.;
[by] the essence of the workplace (ás). [as] the word of the adamite soul for speech (resu=user). [for] thou. existence (matrix). to come the hail of the advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).;
to become (áu). thou. existence. knowledge., of [=by]. the house of slaughter [dissection] (nemmt). [for] to become equipped. [as] the double treshfloor [white rings]. [for] existence (matrix). alike-adam (miá)., [and] thou. existence. to say.:

14] to become (áu). divine great speech. [as] the word of the Calf (ábu,torso). [for] hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; [by] the four. characteristics [sep]. [as] youth to rise (?). am I.;
[..1 lost..]
[as,by] the boat the thing to ferry-over (khent). [to] the áat perch [region]. [for] the image (tut). [for] existence (matrix). [by] the white crown [of saturn light] (h’etch). [as] the staff, branch, stake, (birth)sceptre (glyph). [of] existence. [for] the land. [of] the noble primeval child. [of] existence of hail., to recite.:

the place of existence (eden’s) for existence (matrix) as youth of the royal south (1 glyph,nesut+nn)., of [=by]. the eyes (ártu) [adam+eve?]. [as] slaughtered pieces of meat (shãtu). to repulse (khesef)., [for] existence (matrix). [by] the mouth (*pic,vesica);

B] notes :

"my. legs to make (*pic) [by adamite soul]", (?,sst+, into ssenu =khemenu = mountain of Ogdoad,8 ).

..the "hand", eden eye, is the same time throne of adamite, which' mutilated version Isis rules;
Serqet, tuat VII, pinned the rule of the hand with 6 knives;

..'breast'; the term is "encirceling", which is the lower white ring, encirceling eden-eye;
the relation to breast should more be about "inhaling words [of breath-air]", then a literal positioning in the torus structure [then breast would be mid-torus];
compare the KHA-lake in 12];

... Anubis upon the cube: in tuat IX etc. Anubis lays flat upon his belly upon a 'cube-type construct';
but also the ape BENT is seated upon one; in X, seated goddesses lack the cube and sit upon
'nothing', indicating "a new reality, but admitting it is bý the cube";

..saturn as 'eyes'; eventhough 'saturn' is singular; perhaps the reference to eyes is "to see from outside upon things", needed for the complex type stealing what they do, and the constructs required for doing so..? ...alternatively, it may relate to the real-moon [not this earth's moon!] which Saturn 'captured', as the blueprint for their Utchat Eye;

..'ears' - MES-TCHER, where tcher, boundary, is the stream of Rã's boat (*pic), as part of the undirected-masculine-realm; perhaps the term 'ears' refers to "listening to the H-realm, in order to birth its copy", MES;
.."nose" is unclear; foremost-adam+fen, or fent', context may be that the nose is aware of fragrances, 'qualities', in this case of hand-T' of foremost-adam; and guides those to the "fiery lake in which osiris dwelled", KHAS, (?).;
the options are limited, since the root must refer to the KHA-lake [upper white ring], or an aspect óf that Kha-lake;

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