CT 97

CT 97 II 92

e] [using] the prisoner (śu, Cain). [in order for] me. to make to enter (via ad.soul) (s-ãq).,
d] [by using] the prisoner (śu, Cain). [in order for] me. the most-beautified-soul-adam. to seize (sht’).;

c] [and so] the divine Watercourse. eye. to be devoured (ãm+passive).;
— Horus’. eye. hail (eden). to devour (ãm). —
— Horus’. eye. [by] the watercourse. [for] existence. [of] willpower. —

b] to become connected. [in order for] speech to come. [in order] of [=for]. the divine completed light (t’em-rã). to be hail.;
a] [and so as] the divine light (willpower of speech, rã). of [=by]. the covering at place-T to open [eden-root] (upt+).,
[in order?] of [=for]. to connect to. hail. [through] to connect to. place-T of adornments (khakrt+).,
[through] place-T of the sight of the eden-speech of Light [for the new-root] (ptrt+). [by] me. to give., +

II 91

d] to connect [it]. [as] eden-willpower for saturn (wick-H’) (h’enã). [and so] me. the word (eden’s). to seize (sht’).;
[to come] of [=for?]. Horus’. eye.,
— the divine watercourse eye —

c] to become perfected [speech by the q-axis for hail] (áqer). [through] (the double-place-T of) the Thoth perch. [whom] I am.;
b] all. light (eden’s). to become place-T of sealing-up (ring) (khtemt). [as] place-T to become new,;
[and by] to seal-up (khtm). [as] the house. [for] he. existence (matrix). (door) to open [and become new] (un).;

— my. head. [by] the words by place-T of sealing-up (ring) (khtemtu).,
to seal-up (khtm). the cord of eden-words at double-place-T to open (unt+). (the door) to open [and become new] (un). —

a] [in order for] the Hru-light (word of speech of borrowed-house-H). of [=by]. place-T to manifest (per-t).;

—— end CT 97
A] notes:
II 92

  • – line e] prisoner
    textglyph to right – column E, lower glyph; though ÃQ is also “to invade”, and “to invade [eden] using the prisoner” is indeed what happened, this context fails here because of the -S; so here must be meant “.. to enter matrix-existence”, compare end of spell,
  • – line d] m-b-soul-adam to seize,
    left column at D, the double reed; “m-b-soul-adam-like to seize” is not sensible, so the term is separate; also the version “for me. to make the word (via ad.soul) (su). to seize”, the “to make the word” as concept; likely as pun on previous śu; either way showing that the m-b-soul-adam ‘is making the word for them’,
  • – line c] watercourse and eye
    you see the different versions in column C, we added all of them for comparison; it happens several times in CT that Horus Eye is equated with Watercourse Eye. We posed that the eye is the centre of their Tao-dual-dimension,
  • – line a] adornments
    the glyph is the same as the ‘golden pins’ surrounding the borrowed hebrew-H, to right; [as the house-H they borrowed for the 30 silvers]; but the concept as well as the glyph breakdown is a bridge too far for us; you remember the same pins in the Seti I tomb, but what they are is a mystery – in other depictions are a row of Uraei, so those pins must shoot fire (eden speech), perhaps the crown of thorns is countering this theme; other versions have, “to connect to hail. [by] to connect to place-T of the shadow., [for] my. Ba spirit-soul. place-T of the sight of the eden-speech of Light. to give.”, replacing the one strange concept for another, to us;
  • – line a] eden speech of light
    original glyph as -TER, here P-TER, textglyph to right;
    envisioned for now as the very place where the eden-words become speech,
    this place having been transferred to their new-root; compare next line,
  • II 91
    – line b] seal ring,
    in textglyph below shows the ring, same ring as in diagrams
    [and the place and concept is right there – but we need to slant the axis, still];
    the KHETEM the same “seal” as mentioned in Daniel (seal-up these words),
    and pages Haggai (seal ring) and page;
    and the reason why “the vision is snared” in Habakuk;
    Thoth is the speaker here, see diagram for which region this is about;
    we did see “the cord of words” before; they inversed this cord to their North,
    where it reaches place-T of Õn, as their new opened gate; the giving báck
    of this cord is the playout by Rahab, who hung the scarlet cord
    down from the Jericho walls [as Õn]; here it says that the cord
    reaches the Khetem ring, coming from their new-root
    which they made just below Õn; and by the cord
    reaching the seal, the words turn into HRU light,
    probably the flame in front of Thoth, see diagram,