CT 758

related to 760

m] [for] eternity [of saturn] (h'eh'). of [=by]. backwards (sa). [for] eternity (h'eh'). to revolve [the solarplane] (t'eben).

l] the light of Meh'en [solarplane coil]. for the great pillar of great speech (text unsure)., [for] the boat's [torus?]. side (ges). [of] existence. to come the things of the Watercourse [eden axis] (uatu)., [by?] to guard (saa).

k] the divine nine lights [of SBA-stargates]. [for?] the throne of adamite soul (vesica north,ást/Isis). the flame setcht [in the Eye,south]. the things coming from the Watercourse. to revolve [solarplane] (t'eben).; (see note)

j] [fór?] the divine light of Meh'en. existence. great pillar of great speech of adam-within (one glyph). the boat's. side. 'to stride' [to come the matrix] (nem, but cain-related). [by?] his (eden's,because set). SBA-stargates [of cube]. [stop?]

(repeat rythm of m]?)
h] [for] eternity [of saturn].. backwards (sa). of [= for]. eternity. existence. [by?] this. eternal.

g] opened word-inside [in torus,by closing sba-gates]. [by] these (ápn). branches-the-SBA-stargates. to guard (saaa). [as?] the divine nine lights. [for?] the adamite throne (north vesica).;

f] to revolve [the solarplane] (t'eben). the divine light of meh'en. [as,bý?] the crystal/emerald sceptre (uatcht). the boat's. side (ges).

e] 'to stride' [to come the matrix] (nem). [by] connecting to the adamite soul's. SBA-stargates. [stop]

(repeat rhythm)
d] [for] eternity [of saturn]. backwards (sa). of [=for]. eternity. of [=by]. to revolve [solarplane]. the divine light of meh'en., [fór] the great pillar. [of] great speech. [bý?] the fiery gate [the 1 SBA?]. [of] the boat's [cube's?]. side (ges).,

c] [of] existence (eden's?]. [by] these (ápt). things to come from the Watercourse [axis]. to guard.,

a] [for] the setcht-flame. the things to come from the Watercourse. [for] all eternities. [and] seasons.