PT 648

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, first revision 22/8/17
theme : iron character and the four of the hand of he (cherub wheels)
first revision 22/8/17
status : 90%
summary : iron character and the four of the hand of he (cherub wheels)
notes : below, pic
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
situation : top of lampstand and above
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
see also : spells in same range ;
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines ; but where
CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using
many abbreviations of concepts -
remark :
foreign concepts : pending
translation : common accepted translation copied at end of page
PT 648

PT 648
1829d] existence to make [by eden] (via ad.soul). within (lampstand)., [as] the iron [+character] (báa). nót.;
[but that can change by] the word. to connect to. existence to make (via ad.soul). [for] to bear up (fa).,
1829c] [and so by] thou speech of hail (ár-k). existence to make (via ad.soul). [of] the original adamite soul. within.;
1829b] [by means of] existence (matrix). to connect to. within (eden)., [as] he place-T (tef,’father’). [of] the word. [of] iron [character]. within., [by using] the prisoner (su, Cain). [in order for] existence (eden). to connect to. to bear up (fa). +
1829a] [for] N (candidate). below.;
[and so] existence. to connect to. the son [-construct]. [of] hail.;
[in order for] existence to make (via ad.soul). [for] existence (matrix). [as] he. existence (matrix). to say: (t’of tch). +
1828b] existence to make. within. [through] thou. sekhem-power.,
1828a] [using] the prisoner (su, Cain). to birth (mes). [as] these [numbering] (ápt). he. the four of the hand of he [cherubwheel related] (ft’4). [for] Horus. thou. existence., [in order] existence. to give. +
[for] N (candidate). [as] Osiris [construct].; to recite.;
—— end PT 648
A] notes :
  • line 1829d] that can change,
    only context can show whose "within" he talks about ;
    here, eden's existences in the lampstand are nót of Iron,
    but that can change when it is taken out,
  • line 1829a] N below,
    unlucky written ; not "N is below", N is just inserted ;
    it is eden below who bears up,
  • line 1829a] 'to say',
    again the term like that won't run -
    but "as he existence by the hand for the serpent-hand etc",
    (tchet' into djed-pillar),
  • line 1828a] prisoner to birth,
    likely not the prisoner himself, but to birth "the four of the hand",
    they used Cains body as construct-blueprint [see Ezekiel pages]
    and we saw these 'four' are cherub-related,
    but perhaps as.. 'dislocated cherub-wheels' ?
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