BD 125 III

30] this. tuathouse. which is. the shoulder-east (glyph. branch of ÃRRIT (glyph). his. existence. beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). speech. anunna-face (vesica north) (or: 'above'). thou. invade,enter (ãq). to give [away?]. existence. nót.; 
this. tuathouse. which is. the west-shoulder (lit.shoulder/of/west). branch of ÃRRIT (glyph). existence. beautified-soul. speech. anunna-face (or: above). thou. enter. to give [away?]. existence. nót.; 
these your. children (rennu). general sacrifice. the place of the solarplane (B). existence. this. plummet of a balance (tekh). existence. [in] name [of].: thou. existence. to say. Workplace. nót.; 
this tuathouse. existence. 28] the door-bolt (benshu, solarplane+SH-pool south). existence. beautified-soul. existence. speech. anunna-face. thou. enter. existence. to give. existence. nót.;
existence. staff of rule (tá, adam rule). to know (rekh). thou. became. the place of the double feather-axis \\ of righteousness (composite word). which is. this. broad hall (usekht, area inside ãnkh-construct!, to: sekht fields of saturn). existence. this. tuathouse. [VIA!] the anunna-face. to enter. thou speech as beautified-soul (árk, one word). to go as beautified-soul with willpower like [adam] (mãá, comp. word). the pool-land (=?). existence. 27] creation (qemamu). [by] the uatch Crystal/emerald sceptre., [by] existence (eden's?!). to break (set'). to become. the flame (setcht). [and] existence (eden's). to extinguish (ãkhem). to become,was. his (set,adamite-related). existence (eden's). to seize,disembowel (shet'). to become. the adamite soul. speech. [in] the anunna-face (vesica north). existence. the former God's house (áuHet, comp.word). it (set, ad.related = the house). you. bury (qeres). [by] to penetrate (khet). [it] of [=by]. the crystalline (theh'ent). existence. the emerald/Crystal sceptre (uatch). stuff,Matter (pa). the willpower of Saturn (h'enã). the flame (setch). [of] existence. the fire (bes, pygmee w/ad.soul). stuff,Matter (pa). speech. thou. existence. Eye. he,his. speech. beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). to show,reveal (petr, next:petrá,Sight!). his. name [of].: the divine breath-air (nefu). to give. speech. flint-knife (t'es, 7-poly of 'heart'). existence. this. Uas-sceptre (nervous-system of this body). house of the great [pillar]. of [=by]. the riverbank-land [of solarplane] (utchebu). his. speech. anunna-face. thou. existence. discovery (gemt). to show,reveal (petr,petrá). night,darkness (kha). every kind of. of [=by]. the house [of willpower?] (ãnãat,unknown). of [=by]. existence. riverbank-land [of solarplane] (utchebu). anunna-face. he 9set,ad.related). existence (eden's). to bury (qeres). to become,was. the decree (not 'soul/speech?).  thou. existence. [Eye] (bracketed). his. speech. beautified-soul. to reveal,show 9petr,to petrá). the crystalline (theh'ent). existence. emerald/Crystal sceptre (uatch). willpower of saturn (h'enã). the flame (setcht). 24] existence. this. flame (besu,pygmee w/ad.soul). thou. existence. their (ad.souls). existence. to give. speech. to show,reveal (petr). the foreigners (Fenkhu, spirits/of existence/by his'). the lands [3 land glyphs – on purpose?].  existence. the opened word inside (nu). of [=by]. rejoice (áHHáá, over hebrew-H). existence. [of] Sight (maa). to become. their (ad.souls). existence. thou. existence. beautified-soul. 23] to show, reveal (petr). the Mest't – thigh (ursa major). the willpower of saturn (h'enã). this. Khent'- thigh (the thigh in sekhet-áaru, saturn fields). within. thou. existence. Sight (maa). to show,reveal (petr). the peace (h'etep,saturn). the olive tree (beq,solarplane, from bák Horus). north land (meh'tt). the place. [of] the anunna-face. existence. to advance?. speech. their (ad.souls). existence. beautified-soul.  ; 
the willpower like [adam] (mã). anunna-face. thou. existence. to advance?. 22] [in] name [of].: the divine he. olive tree (beq). \\ [of] adam-within. flourishing? (akhit). existence. below (kher).\\ zodiacal light? (sept'triangle)
I,me. speech. them (ad.souls). existence. beautified-soul. thou. name [of].: to reveal (petr). speech. [of] their (ad.souls). existence. [for] the beautified-soul., [as] one (tu). to show (petr). speech. [of?] them (ad.souls). [for?] existence. of beautified-soul. 21] it. [as] one coming (tu). thou. give. [in] the day (Hru,hebrew-H, also north?). of. darkness (gerh', saturn). of [=by]. the adamite soul. speech. anunna-face. they,them (ad.souls0. to advance?. penetrate/march/turn back/ (khet). of [=by?]. the gods. 'hearts'(ábu). 'to knead' [= the design by the willpower of them] (ad.souls)] ( senããt). the day (Hru,hebrew-H, north?). which is. the third. darkness,night (gerh', saturn). which is. the second. this (m-b-s-adam/word/to connect to). [light]. [of] the season becoming new (unut). of [=by]. the adamite soul. within.  Rã (rà-glyph). the divine blueprints. thing washed (uãbt). the locusts (sanh'em, saturn). field (sekht,saturn field). of [=by]. the north land (meh'tt). the place. of [=by]. existence. peace (h'etep,saturn). south land. the irrigated land (shet'it, SH). of [=by]. existence. 19] to wash (uãb). justice (maãt, double-truth!). of [=by]. emptiness (shut). within. the fat (ãt, abundance of Adam). existence. nót.;
justice (maãt). the iriigated land (shet'it,SH). of [=by]. the torso of speech for the anunna-face [north] (one word, not: above and below). clean, willow-tree (tur). thighs as hidden root (peh'tu, saturn/root). to wash. of [=by]. frontpart (h'at). i,me. wash. to become,was. the divine truths (maãt, double-truths). all (neb). existence. to make. above? (h'ertt, w/her closed with I). their (ad.soul). the faces. which are. the face-cloths (thamtu, beautified-soul related). lacking/without. calamities (áterit, pun on áten). to make to transform (s-kheperu). by? decree of doom (temesu,next:mottled,striped). to shoot out/thrust out/set/place/throw (ut't'iu). the divine openers? (up+horus-spirits). existence. naik =?. willpower like [adam] (mã). i,me. 16] to snatch away,rescue (neh'em). the divine breath-air (nefu, from nefesh,soul). all, every. of [=by]. his. name [of]. Atef crown (stepdown of Átef-staff of adam). all,every. his. Áat [perch!]. the anunna-face. high exalted [place] (qa,north). for hail of beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
The foreign land. below (kher). to become,was. the innermost sacred place (khennu). of [=by]. his. ones who stand in the appointed places (ãhãu). speech. 'small pair of scales' [but áusu, prisoner/Heir (what is with beqsu?). the tool (rãt). speech. justice. to make to witness (s-meter). speech. the axis as the great [pillar] (ãã+watercourse!). existence. advanced beautified-soul.;
Their (ad.souls). bodies,bellies (khatu). of every kind. to know. the gods. existence. of [=by]. to draw near to/succeed in acquiring (glyph). i,me. Restau (homeland of Osiris). the innermost sacred place (khennu,which was SH). of [=by]. the sycamore-tree (ásht', tree in Õn, south, where the cat Rã cut off the serpents head daily;  related to ãsh, cedar and multitude; sycamore is also neHt, the double-tree (2 aats? between which rã rise daily!)). to cut and divide (pesesh). existence. Sight (maa). to become,was. [unclear glyph]. he. to give. H'erefháf [ his-hidden background of saturn- his-anunna-face (north) ] (ferryman of Osiris). of [=by]. witnesses (metru, 2 person-glyphs!). H'aptre [mouth-of root-of hidden background of saturn] ( god in whose temple sáh'and the cat – rã – talked, read: south vesica). the house (per, root of speech). of [=by]. the Miáu cat (Rã, skin/alike-adam). the willpower of saturn (h'enã). the nobles of Orion (sãh'u). to say.: [by?] the great [pillar] (in áni papyrus: "the Ass", see note). this. commands. existence. to listen to (setchem,obey). 'reality'(ntt). the anunna-face. the prosoners (multiple). word \\ of Sight (maa\\u). [for] existence. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit)
12] The peace (h'etep,saturn). of [=by]. repeating (sep, or repeated treshfloor). the word. to come to. advanced beautified-soul. his. existence. to speak, to say. the word \\. [of] ultimate willpower (ãã). to wash (uãb). the mouth. to purify. me. the great [pillar]. god. the phallus. [of]. speech. these your. adamite soul alike-adam to declare (smiá, see BD145 ãrrits). existence (eden's). nót.;
these your. he. speech. beautified-soul. personified-word? (glyph). protection (khu). these your. his. speech. beautified-soul.; to rescue/snatch away (neh'em). the noble spirits. [for?] existence. aspects of the voice [from below] (kheru+food). speech. the manifestation (pert). the gods. existence. to make. to become,was. the boat of the Heir (áua, but pun here). nót.; 
to ferry/ferryboat of sacred place (khennt). willpower like [adam] (mã). the naked man? (h'a\\u). existence. to be thirsty (ábeh', saturn). existence. the dimension. hunger (h'eqer, saturn). existence. aspects 9food-offerings glyph). existence. to give,. speech. to become. his. beloved (mert). of [by?]. the god. to become. the adamite soul. speech. [in] the anunna-face (north vesica). 9] the gods. being at rest (Hrrt, hebrew-H, side of north vesica!).  , the egyptians (rethu). language. [of] existence. to make. to become. truths (maãt, double or half-truth!). of [=by]. to make to devour / devour the adamite soul (s-ãm). the truths. of [=by]. ãnkh-life. his. speech. of every kind of. existence. the Eye. existence. nót.;
8] to witness (meteru).  existence (eden's). [is] nót.; 
the deceit (khebent). existence. nót.;
the evil [mountain] (t'u, God's). existence. [is] nót.;
these your. speech (and nature,kher). my,i. advanced beautified-soul. these your. 7] willpower like [adam] (mã). the great [pillar]. [as] the thing to value (ápt). existence. this. day (Hru, hebrew-H, north?). the words of firstborn (multiple, one glyph). the gut,intestine (beseku). of [=by]. ãnkh-life. Bebait (apollyon/abaddon; son of Osiris). willpower like [adam] (mã). these your. rescue/snatch away (neh'em). his. divine Áthen (sundisk but Eden). \\ [of] adam-within (áthen+adam within). Horus. phallus. of [=by]. truths. of [=by]. to make to devour / devourers of the adamite soul. truths. of [=by]. words of ãnkh-life. their (ad.souls). bodies,bellies (khatu). of [=by]. falsehood (ger). lacking/without. the place of the two feathers-axis \\ of truth. which is. this. broad hall (usekht, ãnkh-inside). [of] words of adam-within. these your. faces [!]. protection (netch). [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). (unusual – should be the anunna-face/is/protection/etc).;
His. day (Hru,hebrew-H,north?). [of] adam-within. [as?,is now] the king of the South's (nesut, from Suten, Set's royal place in the south). the anunna-face (vesica north). condition/event (sep,treshfloor,south). the word coming. nót.; 
the god. being encirceled? (shentu,south). nót.; 4] ta-merá (egypt). of [=by]. truths (maãtu, half-truths). existence. to make. 'reality'(ntt). the anunna-face. Nebertcher-god [the boundary of the solarplane). the phallus. of [=by]. speech. the truths. these your. speech. [by,of] anunna-face. condition/event (sep, treshfloor,south). [as] one coming (tu). [into?] existence. nót.; 
his. wandering/turning back/penetrating (khet). 3] of [=by]. these your. which is. this. [unreadable]. existence. to be wicked (bán). these your. make to ascend (s-ãr). nót.; 
these your. slaughterers/slaughter/slaughtered pieces of meat/ (shãt, from SH). existence. defeated foe/overthrow ([below] (kher). existence. nót.;
these your. children (rennu). me,i,mine. to know (rekh). these your. 2] I. know. [how] became. the place of the double feather-axis \\ of truth. which is. this. broad hall (usekht, inner ãnkh-construct). [of] the words of adam-within. these [two]. gods. these your. faces [!]. the protection (netch). [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
the primeval child (this scribe). [of] the covenant (khetem). [with] the tongue/belonging to (nes). the house of the tongue (nes). [of] existence. [for] the beautified-soul. to recite [this] Spell.; 
[ the text is preceded in 4 papyri by the next four lines: ]
1] his. sinners (ásfetiu, to sin agáinst the Horus-spirits! ). lacking/without. "true of heart" [but in reality: the torso/as general sacrifice] ( maã-áb). [for] the existence. [of] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit)., to recite [this] spell.; 
2] the double place of the two feathers-axis \\ of righteousness-truth. which is. the broad hall (usekht, ãnkh-inside-construct). [is] of [=by]. the true voice [from below]. of [=by]. the manifestation (pert). [of] the enemy's. language. [!].; 
3] the Tuathouse. [of] words of adam-within. the gods. speeches. [by] the arriving (seper). [of] the enemy's (kheft). language. [!].; 
4] the double place of the two feathers-axis \\ of truth. [is] the broad hall (usekh). [by] this (ta). backwards (sa,!). anunna-face (vesica north). commanding (met'u). existence.;