CT 441

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, first revision : 1/8/17
theme : doubled place-T, as probably doubled-wheel (+this moon's double-portal)
scribe : on a number of coffins, varying from 1-10, as parallel texts ; usually overall the same, but when differences, we looked for the most frequent type glyphs used,
first revision : 1/8/17
status : 90%
summary : doubled place-T, as probably doubled-wheel (+this moon's double-portal)
notes : below, pic
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
situation : top of lampstand
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
see also : spells within in same range,
text note : CT is written in staccato-style, different as BD
theme about doubling the root , to upon the tile ;
place T-e as eden's , T-m as matrix,
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending
CT 441

CT 441 V 300

f] the aspects for the word to rise and be crowned (khãu+). [for] me. [by] existence (eden’s). to acquire.; to become. e] [by means of] the things to wander-astray (adam related). [for] my. existence (matrix). [of] the word of hail.;

d] [by] me. the sebekht gate. me. existence (eden’s). to make to open [eden] (seshn)., c] and] me. to embrace [hail by the beating-ground of q-axis]. my. existence of becoming new.;
b] [by means of] the gods the ring to encircle (shen+ring+gods). [in order for] existence. this (pu). shore-land [to change course to] (solarplane, utcheb+). the [an-] face (north)., [using] the prisoner (su, Cain). [for] my. existence. [as?] the cord to connect to existence for the word of hail (áunth+). [to?] the tile as place-T of the adamite soul (Set dog)., [and so] me. existence (eden’s). to strike [with word of saturn] (h’u).; to become. +

V 299

i] [by] the NNi+passive [cherub bearing-pole]. [for] my. word of hail.;
h] divine youth. [by] the dome of the ultimate word inside (eden here, 3 x nu). am I.;
g] [by means of] he. place-T-m of the serpent (tch-t). to build (khem). [in order for] the dimension to purify. [through] the word of the workplace (ás-u). [which] I am., [for] ‘reality’ (nntt).;
f] [lost; short]. e] [lost],
d] the divine horus-spirits. [by?] the essence things of the dead body. [through?] the dimensional background [of saturn] (h’a). [for] the divine willpower. of [=as]. the sekhem-sceptre. [of] existence. [by] he. to become a spirit. [and] my. existence. to give [back?]. speech. nót.; (?)

c] [but] my. existence. [of] my. sorcery (saturn). b] [by means of] my sorcery. existence (eden’s). to snatch-away (neh’em,saturn)., [in order for] me. [as?] the Ba spirit-soul. my. existence to bring (ánn, matrix).;
a] [by] this (to connect to). existence (eden’s). this (to connect to). \\place-T-m of the axis (shu-t\\). [as] this. existence (matrix). [by] this (to connect to). the Watercourse (eden’s)., +

V 298

i] [as] this. existence (eden). this (to connect to). evil place-T-e [solarplane] (bán-t+swallow)., [in order for] this. existence (matrix). this (to connect to). place-T-m of beauty (nefer-t).; h] [and] my. existence. the pool-tile to desire. nót.;
g] [but] this (to connect to). speech. [as] this. speech. to hurry to hail. f] [namely to] Osiris (as construct). \\[by] who is (= who is by). place-T-m to make to damn (smert).,

e] [for] the divine light (matrix). [through] the doubled-divine place-T of the adamite soul [they have both tiles]. [as] my. d] \\ this [numbering]. doubled-divine \\place-T-m the word to desire (merut\\div.). this (to connect to). speech (eden’s). [for] this. speech. to hurry to hail.,
c] [by means of] to destroy [adamite throne] (h’etem+). [through,as?] the double portal of earth’s moon [to orbit] (khens+). of [=by?] he. (speech) to transform., b] [in order for?] the foundation to make to copy [an eden place] (s-senth+). [for] this (pu). divine spirit.;
[through?] the dishevelled place-T-e. [by?] the (double) cord of place-T to restrain (áth’t+).,
a] [and so?] forever. all [of]. the side. [of] speech (eden’s). to divinely transform. [for] the word of the throne of the kh-house (khent’u+). [by] the cord of place-T to restrain (prev.).;

V 297

g] the divine spirits. [of] existence. [by means of] the torso. of [=for]. \\to make existence (via ad.soul). [as] place T-m the word to desire (merut). \\[by means of] place-T-e of m-b-soul-adam. to give. speech.,
f] [and so] to become spirits. [by] to become place-T of m-b-soul-adam to connect to the solarplane (áãbit+). [through] the Ka spirit-doubles (south). place-T-e of m-b-soul-adam to bring (ánit).;

e] [as] \\ this [numbering] (áptut\\). doubled-divine place-T-m the word to desire. [for] all [of]. d] forever. existence. [by] the branch to make the word backwards (s-sau+). [which] I am.;
c] divine ãnkh-life. [by] all [of]. the divine light (matrix). [which] I am.;
b] – a] the cemetary below [top lampstand]. of [=as]. he. the willpower. of [=as]. the adamite soul’s. existence. [for] the Ba spirit-soul. to snatch [it] away.; [in order for] existence (matrix). [of] speech. [by] place-T the word to come (ut+walk). [for] the doubled-divine \\place-T the word to desire. [in order] to go repulse [eden] (khesef).;

———————- end CT 441
A] notes :

in pic, not the earth is 'orbiting around the sun'
(see diagram solarplane), but there is an *option*
that this moon crosses thróugh 2 areas, in the east:
when in lower node [+5 degrees] or in lower [-5];
compare Ramayana (pages)
with the upper-node deity Svarbhana,
holding two half-moons in both of his hands;
  • line 300b] gods the ring to encircle,
    damaged part ; another reads close to pestch-N-ring-horus-spirit ,
    as our problem with the ring/moon in CT 155,
    the PESTCH are in lower register of amtuat, so deep within the
    lampstand here ;
    we don't remember any previous "ring to encircle" SHENU,
    [we will do ct155, and see 'searching doubled root'] ,
  • line 300b] shore land to change course
    usually solarplane-shere as ÁT'EB- , but here UTCHEB, also
    "to change course" ; the cóntext of the line suggests that this
    present solarplane 'moved up north' [an-face] yet 'remained
    connected to the south with cables (likely plasma streams)'
  • line 298c] portal Khens,
    (see ct443 also) but we have no clue how to
    envision this; [skipped the draft here for
    next time, it's just not followable what
    they mean with cords and double-head/portal]
  • line 698c] to destroy,
    usually as H'ASTEM, "destroy adamite throne" [in lampstand]
  • line 297e] this [numbering]
    as áptut\, for it's meaning see related spells,
  • line 297c] Ba spirit soul,
    the line suggests that this Ba spirit-soul, solarplane type spirit,
    is created bý attaching the split-off watercourse to T-m ,
    considered the rest of the line [and see also ct443 note 303];
    as a type spirit which appears different as the horus-types, who
    belong to the "dead body KHAT" kinds; suggesting here that
    the horus-types are from the interval between
    eden and deluge (+/- 8000bc), where Jubilees
    gives a timeframe of about 1800 years;
    followed by the fabrication of the Ba-soul,
    when present solarplane realm started, see line 300 b] ,
  • line 298i] this existence this,
    he appears to describe a circumvention, place-T as BÁN-T
    must be a similar construct as the SBA-stargate (matrix)
    and the SBÁ-gate (gate when eden's);
    because, interestingly, another version
    of this same 'evil' is BENÁ, as step-down :
    yet when the Á- is skipped, the cluster turns into
    several BENN's, "eyeball, bracelet, ring, lightdisk-ring, etc",
    see dictionary; (benn likely derived from eden's double-NN );
into BENBEN-stone and BENnU-bird, phoenix ; where BU-T is
"abomination", rather often used in spells , "the evil place-T
of the word for the fish-soul of the solarplane",
the word being eden's here [which the fish-soul cannot stand:
but only as "the word-inside" version],
- we must conclude that this strange place is
ugly to them "when ruled by eden",
yet it is a place directly related to upper tile -B,

in ct443 [308] the used term is TEB- for this place,
[upper tile], but then as their rule (so no swallow);
and also TEB- has many "rings, circles" in that cluster.
Thére they say that "the split-off watercourse
impregnates place of TEB", while here they use
the other viewpoint, Considered the context this
place-T of -B had already a wheel, and a wheel
has been brought to there : where the BENN cluster has
"to copulate with (eden NN)", "male, masculine",
also eden's (tha), part of NN-iu, cherubs ;
turning into H'-eNN, 'phallus' (saturn-H'),

the text talks about 'copying' -- imagine
this moon orbiting [KHENS] through a lower place-T-e
which is 5 degrees belów the ecliptic [eastwards];
then the inclination alters until 5 degrees above
[as per picture]; (the plane of the moon revolves
every 80 years)

so the "double portal Khens" may be the "orbiting
through two places", [or just 'orbiting through
eden's, in order to take out it's content, doing this
in intervals] ; -- perhaps those 'places' are théir wheel
(benn-place) ánd the wheel they brought up ? and are
both in the east - at orbit range..?

remember this moon "..will turn red", that is,
the aspects he turned into 'blood', SNF ;
... this must be a workable option...
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