CT 117

b]  the adamite soul's. speech in the anunna-face (vesica north). [for] the gods. [by] existence (matrix). to guide.,
[by] the justice,truth. [in] he (the). Torso (Eye,south). [of] the things of the way [Watercourse,eden axis]. [for] the speech. [of] the anunna-face.; 
(aspects of the Watercourse are burned in the torso, then sent up as speech for an-face)
a] the sins (ásft). he. become to hate (mest')., [and] the truth. he. loves.; 
(maãt = lit.: "two truths"!)
f] divine ferryman of Osiris [his/hidden background of Saturn/by his/anunna-face] (h'erfh'af). existence. things of the way [Watercourse]. [for] the beautified-soul. [by] existence (matrix). to guide. 
e] [by?] the mighty jackal staffs of speech of the adamite soul (usertu). [fór?] the anunna-face., [by] this. plumbline [of ãnkh-torus] (khai). [of] the beautified-soul. [for] existence (matrix)., [by] to sacrifice the (other) plumbline.;
d] the cord to sacrifice. [for] the beautified-soul., [by] existence (matrix). to make. c] his (ad.soul). root., [as] the plumbline of the Law [of hebrew-H] (Hep+scroll). [by?] the beautified-soul's. existence (matrix)). to erase (t'er)., [in order to] existence (eden's). to give. speech.;     
b] [and] justice (maãt). to outstretch (pega). the plumbline [of torus] (khai). [fróm?] below. [tó?] his (cube's). 'portion of the body' [seHt, hebrew-H, north]. (see note). [as] the above and below.; 
a] [as] his. divine brother ['secondairy'] (sen). [of] existence. to become a thing of he (setht+scroll,comp.glyph)., [namely] the plumbline [of hebrew-H] (Hep). [from?] the head (north?). [tó?] he. the divine  "one" [realmoon]. [as] speech for the anunna-face., [for] the beautified-soul.;