CT 1130 : relating to themes in Jer.49

new series – from June ’19 onwards


CT 1130
relating to themes in Jer.49

related to : Jeremiah 49 (see index)
readability : rather good
notes : as description of the themes , added below each section , in blue
themes :
– the stolen eden-word (by the river the dragon made ; see Ezekiel)
– Damascus (as eden’s executive region , now in their north)
– the (four) cherub-wheels as desolate eden-land in their north
– their power of speech by their copied ark-construct
– the four (matrix-) winds


CT 1130

starting at VII 470
f,e) [by] the prisoner (su, making the eden-word). [to be] the (matrix-) word. [of] ignorance. nót. ;
the prisoner. [by] me. to know. [for] my word of hail (áu). ;
d) my. place-T of the belly (=region) of [=as]. place-T of existence. , [in] his. name [of]. :
the dimensional veil (h’ap). to be feared (=by eden). , +
[in order for] existence (eden’s). to command the word. nót. ;
c) [but instead,] the divine words to birth. abóve (=north). for this N (candidate). ,
[by means of] to make the split-off watercourse (‘the river the dragon made, Ezekiel). , +
b) [in order for] to become the double-place-T of he-eden for willpower (ãftt, copied ark). ,
[and so] to become the equipped (ãpr). khu-spirit. [whom] I am. ;
[as?] the ‘divine hidden one’ (ámen). [of] eden-willpower for (matrix-) existence (h’enã). ,
[being] the divine word of hail for (matrix-) existence (náu). [for] existence. [of] sight (maa). ;

  • 1. MAIN THEME : they need to steal the eden-word , via the split-off watercourse they made ,
    but then have to “alter that word” in order for them to can (mis-) use her ;
  • 2. copied ark : we had this in the scripture chapter about the Philistine cities ,
    it appears here that ÁMEN , “the hidden one” represents the power by the copied construct
    (we also saw that God will anull the ark-concept, “no-one will remember her anymore”) ;

VII 469
h,g) [this N’s]. existence. [by means of] place-T of the split-off watercourse. existence. to make. ,
[in] he. the name [of].: of [=for] N. [to be] this. vulture-rule (a). ;
[namely, by] this N. [to have]. +
d) he. the Self (tchs). [as] he. the beauty (nfr). ;
the (matrix-) sky. to make to illumine. [by] the divine word. the light to make to transform. ,
e,d) [by?] all [of]. the island of the horizon (‘Khittim’). , [through?] the Ennead (‘9 constructs’). ,
[for] (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (matrix-gate). ,
[in order] of [=for]. [to be] the many – divine names. ;
c,b) the north – wind (‘of matrix’). [is] the one directing (ser). all – winds. ,
a) [by?] he. the shrine for to double (speech). of [=for]. to manifest (per). ,
[in order for?] the divine names. [as] the many ones. [for] existence (matrix). ,
[by means of?] the h’efat-serpents (‘stolen eden-names’?). to erase (t’er). ; +

  • 1. the ‘Self’ as ‘the beauty’ ; total opposite concept as eden’s ;
    the continuation to the sky-theme is not quite clear still ;
  • 2. Khittim as “island of the horizon” ; we had the chapter where Khittim will be stopped
    being the borderstation of all trafficking from eden to their realm ;
  • 3. Ennead : as GEB (constructed Chaldea) , Isis (ÁST, their new-adamite-throne) , etc ;
  • 4. north wind : as theirs’; compare how Marduk ‘blew an evil wind into Tiamat’ , eden ;
  • 5. divine names : the “name” is an important concept in the other reality , the name
    is “the nature and power of an aspect or concept” – and when eden ruled ,
    these “eden names” were “sent into their realm” (see next lines) ,
    but now apparently re-naming is their goal
    (compare the harvest-cobra RENNUT , “harvesting names”) ;

VII 468
g,f). [by] the (eden) sky-dome to terrify (nshn, ‘to be encircled for matrix-existence’). +
[in order] to certainly not make it to be completed. ,
[by] to slay the eden-words (and so) to make the new-matrix-root (sepu+). [for] all – existence. ;
f,e) [and by?] he. the shrine for to double (speech). [for] this N. ,
[for] this N. [to be] the speech. [by] the double-place-T of he-eden for willpower (copied ark). ,
[in order for] [to be] the h’efat-serpents (‘eden-names’?). [by] the enemy (sbá, eden-construct). nót.;
d) [but instead,] [as?] the torso-region by place-T for totality. to make (ár). ,
c) [and so for] all – eternity. (eden’s) place-T to sacrifice (maãt,’truth’). of [=for]. [to have] ãnkh-life. ,
[through?] all of – the destroying flame (setcht, +?). ;
[and for] this N. +
b) to make the house (as Hathor, H’ET). [by] the evil eden-veil of the sh-pool for the (matrix-) word. ,
[as] the house (as Hathor). [for] existence of hail (án). ;
[and] the (eden-) ÁAT-regions. [for] speech. [as] (matrix-) cities. to become. ,
[and so] the (matrix-) cities. [of] speech. (matrix-) ÁAT-regions. to become. ;

  • 1. eden sky-dome to terrify : we saw how the eden-sky is the attribute of Judah ;
  • 2. the “torso” may be ‘Elam’, as region;
    perhaps more specific as KHENU “inner sacred house”,
    see further on ;
  • 3. MAÃT is ‘truth’, but literally “place-T-eden to sacrifice”,
    which they consider as “justice, truth” ;
  • 4. the “making the house (of Hathor)” , see section to right ,
    (at b. , read from down upward) ;
    where the (our adamite-soul) S-glyph also stands in
    front of the H’-glyph , read as “to make” ;
    the alternative is “the house (as Hathor). [is by] the imprisoned-adamite-soul’s. evil eden-veil”,
    but unlikely cause the soul is already by eden;
    remember the veil in Tut’s tomb,
  • 5. the ÁAT-regions are likely “seven regions” , named as
    “the clouds who protect Jerusalem” [in new-eden] In scripture ;
    we know from the spells that they doubled these seven
    into 7 of thém , making 14 in total –
    it’s not unlikely that this doubling is by ‘their cities’ ;
    see section to right , at a. , read from down upward ;


VII 467
f) place-T as ‘the one’ (‘willpower for word’). [being] the new-adamite throne (‘Raamah’). +
of [=by] her. [to be] eden-willpower for matrix-existence (h’enã). [for] this N. ,
[and so] (matrix-) existence. to devise. [for] to can dwell (hems). :
e) [in] Geb (‘Chaldea’). the son-construct. [of, for?] this. divine he the torso-region (‘Elam’?). ,
[through?] the passive hand for great speech (URT’). +
[for] the speech. [of] this N. [as] the word. [by] place-T of adam-within. ,
e) [and so to be] of [=as] the years (seasons). of [=for] millions. [as] this N. existence. to make (ár).
[by] the word of hail. ;
d) this N’s. handpalm (‘inversed eden-hand’?). of [=for] the UAS-sceptre (‘Thebes’). ,
(the sceptre) of [=for]. to be snatched-away (by eden). nót. ;
c) [by] all [of] – he (sceptre?). [is] this N. ,
b) [and] this N’s. existence. [of] ãnkh-life. to become. :
a) [by means of] the sinners’ (‘our Originals’). speech. +
the double-place-T alike-adam’s. [for] this N. to make. ;

  • 1. new-adamite-throne , as Isis (ÁST) ; in scripture as Raamah , root “high place” ;
    because God uses other regions to show themes , it is likely that Rabbah (in Ammon)
    means the same – there to relate it to ‘the sons of Ammon’ (Ba-souls) , see Jer. 49 ,
  • 2. UAS sceptre : still tricky ; “the imprisoned-adamite-soul’s watercourse-word”,
    here they linked it to “creational speech” (as sceptre stolen from the Originals) ,
    see next line continuing (as the jackal-staff USER) ,

VII 466
e) [and so to be?] the USER-power (‘speech to make for the matrix-word’). ,
[in order for] “the miserable one” (‘eden’ ; as maar+). [by] this N. to judge. ;
c) [by means of] [the house of] the imprisoned-adamite-soul. [to be] the kh-house (‘Hamath’). +
of [=for]. this N. to dwell (in). ,
[and ?] the island of the horizon (‘Khittim’). [for] this N’s. sight (maa). ;
b) [through] this (he the root). serpent [-hand] to build (=as Damascus, inversed eden-hand). ,
[and so by] the word of the mountain (eden’s, tsiun). existences to make (as concept). ,
[by means of] place-T (eden’s) to make to fall down. [to] above (=north). ,
[and so to be] divine sorcery (hKa). [of] eden-willpower for matrix-existence (h’enã). ,
[being?] the divine word (of matrix). [as] the word of hail. ;
a) [and so to be for] he (=N). within (the matrix). the fat (eden-essence, ãt+). [for] this N. ,
[so that] ‘the (eden-) place-T for eden-speech of light’ (ter). [is] nót. ; +

VII 465
e) [but instead,] the sky (matrix). [to exist by] place-T as the firedrill-boat (drill into eden). +
of [=for]. [to be] the (matrix-) dimension. [of] all – eternity. [for] this N. ;
d) [because for] this N. the boat (eden’s). of [=for]. to sacrifice (maã). ,
[in order to be] the boat. [as] place-T for the (matrix-) word. to make to build (=as Damascus). ,
[and so] speech. [for] this N. to become. ;
c) the divine torso. [to be by] the passive hand for great speech (urt’). ,
[and so] existence (eden’s). [of] darkness. [for] this N. existence. to make (ár). ;
b) the divine bordersky for all speech (‘outer-court-wall’). [of] existence. +
the (eden-) sky-dome to make to illumine (=’burn by matrix-light’). of [=by]. all. the light of Rã. ,
[and so for?] this N. [to be] the sight (maa). [via?] the shining backbone (pst’+). to become. ;
a) [by?] this N’s. eye. [of] existence. [are] the tears (rmut). of [=for]. the divine Egyptians. to become by. ;

  • 1. fire-drill boat : scripture has “a burden” where a lost axis “shoots fire” (towards eden) ,
    this is that same concept , but “the boat” is likely the pool they stole (as Nineveh) ,
    and out of there eden is being ‘fire-drilled’ (through an axis, likely) ;
  • 2. tears and Egyptians : the (official translated) story is that “the Egyptians were born
    by the tears of Rã” ; the “tears” mean “essences”, but we don’t know yet how or why ;

VII 464
g) my. (matrix-) dimension. [is by] place-T of “the hand of he” (-eden) (=as ‘Damascus’). ,
[in order] of [=for]. the divine Egyptians. , [as] this N. , existence. to make to transform. ;
f) this. [to be] within (the matrix). , [namely] the cherub-wheel (to make the new-root, sep+). ,
e) [as?] places-T of the sh-pool (?). [for] the gods. [as] existence. [by] the offered aspects (H’etept). ,
[and so] place-T to make (ár-t). [as] place-T for the desired word (merut). [for] existence (matrix). ;
d) the West. [by?] the ignorant place-T. [of?] the adamite-soul’s. speech. existence to make. ,
[and so] the things by the torso (?). to complete (tem). ,
[in order for] this N. (matrix-) existence. to make (ár). [through] the word of hail. ;
c) this. [to be] within (the matrix). , [namely] the cherub-wheel (to make the new-root, sep+). ;
b) [and] this N. this. to say (?). :
to destroy (eden). [in order] existences to make. [by] the things of the torso. [for] existence of hail. ;
[+if by?] the sinner (place-T of he-eden). existence to make (as concept). to make (ár). ,
[+then?] this N’s. word by decree of law. [+would be] nót. ;

  • 1. the “hand of he” , often used in spells , as eden-hand
    (as executive region) , always linked to “4” ;
  • 2. cherub-wheel to be within ; see section , to right ;
    “this (PU). within (ÁM). the (dangerous) wheel + SEP”,
    read from down upwards ;
    weird is that this line is repeated 4 times in this chapter,
    just as there are 4 cherub wheels (working as gyroscope) ,
    where in next lines will be SEP IV ;
    for several reasons this can not be “to repeat”, since that
    formulation is a step-down from the actual Fact of the
    wheel (as eden-land) being in the north now ;
    compare for example Jer. 60, about she the eden-land ,
    “lift up your round-about eyes” , and compare the
    description Ezekiel gives about the cherub-wheels ;
  • 3. we carefully try to avoid scripture with any ‘sci-fi’,
    but it’s clear that Canaan knóws these things ,
    and (but) presénts it as ‘science-fiction’ :
    to right a shot from a movie , depicting a gyroscope
    ascending out of the dark clouds (=eden) ;
  • 4. [if] [then] : unusual , but required by context ? ,
    see next line for continuation ;



morethings com

VII 463
f) [but instead,] he. the (eden-) word to copy for to be the word-inside (of matrix). , +
[in order to be] the hail. alike-adam’s. ,
[and so] all. my (lost-) adamite-soul. my. existence. to make (ár). , [by] the word of hail. ;
e) [through] this. [to be] within (the matrix). , [namely] the cherub-wheel (to make new-root, sep+). ,
d) [for to be] my. olden great speech (of matrix). [of] hail. alike-adam’s (hail). ,
[and so by] the wretched one (eden, h’uru+). [to be] sekhem-power (‘ruling constructs’). ;
c) [through] great speech. the ageb-dimension (solarplane?). [of] this N’s. existence. to make. ,
b) [by] this. [to be] within (the matrix). , [namely] the cherub-wheel (to make the new-root, sep+). ,
a) [through] he (=wheel). to become the words of descended hebrew-house-H (=of 30 silvers). ,
of [=as]. he. within (the matrix). [in order for] all of. my (lost-) adamite-soul. to make to breathe.;

  • 1. my (lost-) adamite-soul : used is the S-glyph as “door-bolt”, as opposed to the S-glyph
    as “bent cloth”, which represents us adamite-souls ; to show the colour we added (lost-) ;
    and the difference shows clearly in scripture (here these Egyptians as ‘sons of Ammon’) ;

VII 463
e) [through] the four (matrix-) winds. this N’s. existence. to make (ár). ,
d) [by?] the island of the horizon (‘Khittim’). [being] the sbkht-stargate (-T to make the kh-house). ,
[to be] the innermost-sacred house (‘Hamath’, khenu). of [=for]. the words of beauty (nfr-u). ,
[through] the four cherub-wheels (sep-4). this N’s. existence. to make (ár). ;
c) [and so] the sinner (place-T of he-eden). to become silent (silent place-T, segert). ,
[by] to become place-T for the desired word (merut). [for] existence (matrix). ;
b) the serpent Meh’en (‘border of the sun’s heliosphere’?). [is by?] the innermost-sacred house (khnu).,
of [=as?]. my. Self. [being?] my. torso. [of] existence. , existence. to make (ár). , +
[by means of] the doubled word of beauty (nefer-u-II). ;
[through] the four cherub-wheels (sep-4). this (connect to). existence. [for N]. to renew (uHem). ,
a) [in order to be] the (matrix-) peace (h’etep, as ‘status-quo’). of [=for]. to become health. ;

  • 1. the four winds : as “their winds” in Jer.49 ,
    not out of eden’s 4 cardinal directions ;
  • term as NEF “breath. [of] he (eden).
    [for] existence (matrix)” ;
    it appears that they produce them
    (as théir cardinal points) out of the gate ;
  • 2. stargate as SBKHT “the gate. as place-T.
    to make the kh-house for the solarplane”;
  • 3. four cherub-wheels ; to right , SEP IIII ;
    All coffins show the IIII , so not a mistake ;
  • 4. existence to renew : used is the hebrew-H
    in glyph UHEM , no other subject is present
    but “(via) the cherub-wheels)” ;


VII 461
e) the divine things by means of the eden-place-T for the word-inside to encircle (shennut+). ,
[through] the boat. [to be] the one (place-T for the word). to make to build (=as ‘Damascus’). ,
[in order] of [=for]. the (eden-) sky-dome to can go terrify (nshn). ,
[and so] the (eden-) words to be silenced (segeru+). ;
d) the enemy (place-T of he-eden for the kh-house). says. :
the divine bordersky for all speech (‘outer-court wall’). [of] secret – names. [for] existence of hail.,
to recite. ;

  • 1. to be silenced : the same God told to thém in the last posted chapters , related to ‘blood’ there ;
    here the term is SEGRT , “place-T for to make speech for (their) throne-G” ;
  • 2. bordersky : compare how their bordersky is placed again in the correct position
    showed by the plan of Ezekiel’s temple;


end CT 1130


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