CT 706

CT 706 VI 337

m] the island of the horizon. [of] the divine words. the speech to make (via ad.soul). [for] existence of hail.;
[through] the land (south, or Geb?). to guard., me. existence (eden’s). to hold hostage (by to make speech by q-axis, sqr).;

l] [by] to make the foundation (which) connects to existence [eden] (senth; sela-rock). [as] place-T for the word to birth.,
[and so] of [=by]. k] the “One” (eden). [for] this (to connect to) (thn). willpower of Saturn.,
[through] the seal-ring (glyph). me. existence (eden’s). to acquire.;

j] [by] the divine double-finger for speech as the phallus [in the equilibrium] (meter++). i] [for?] the divine triple (-dimensions) house of Saturn.,
[as?] the divine place-T for dimensional redness-aether [for the matrix] (t’eshert+).,
h] [for] the sky of earth. of [=by]. the seal-ring (glyph). of [=as]. the house of speech of the kh-house.;

——– end CT 706