CT 168

CT 168

CT 168 III 29

c] the cemetary below. [as] (the word-) inside. [for] the mouth (eden’s) (sic). [of] eden-speech.,
b] [through] the doubled-divine place-T for the chalice (diagrams). the double essence (glyph). to unite (by the eden-core to make to reap (via ad.soul) (sma).;
[by means of] the [an-] face (eden’s; countenance). to slay by the Winepress-god (shesmu). [in order] the place-T of the double hand (T’-T’-T). to become united (t’emt’, both hands).;
[and so] the dimension with the word to be filled (matrix). [through] Geb (land on cube). [as] he. the existence (matrix)., [by] existence (eden’s). to devour (ãm).;

III 28
c] [through] the (two) áteru pools (of speech; south and north). [for] the spirits-light by the evil speech of the eden-sh-pool fór the word (of matrix; u/sher++).,
b] [as] the essence by the places-T of the imprisoned word of the Watercourse of Saturn (‘foulness’, h’uat+). [by] to come the boat-construct as the word for the Heir (adamite originals).;

c] [in order for] the (solarplane) intestine to tie together., [through] the divine house of saturn as place-T for the chalice (nebth’et-goddess). [for] existence (matrix). +
b] the covering (of eden-tile) to encircle. [for] existence (matrix).,
[and by] the the divine place-T for the adamite throne (Isis-goddess). existence. [by] the covering (of eden-tile) to encircle.,
[in order] to become tied-together (thes+scroll).;

———- end CT 168