BD 183

the true voice [from below]. Horus. Nut (sky dimensions of earth). the son. [of] divine beauty by existence becoming new (comp.glyph). [by] the divine Torso (eye,south). very great speech (URT', child-glyph, unclear whose). existence. the Torso (the eye). to make ãnkh-life. speech. the hidden,mysterious shetau, sh-pool). tephet-cave (cave of the head, south). speech. he. to invade (ãq). existence (eden's). [for] breath-air (nefu). [for] existence (matrix). [by] the crystal storm (shenã, see note). existence (eden's). to strip naked (kefa). 44] [by] darkness (keku). existence (eden's). to destroy (khersek). to become. his. posessions (áshtu, multitude-related). face/anunna-face. to oppress (Át'). to be miserable (maár). face/an-face. protection (netch). clubs? (h'etch+mult.?). to distribute (kheb). to make true voice. justice. all [of]. Thoth. 43] I,me. double-island/two lands (two triangles). his. commands. existence. to found (ger,not 'lie'). to inlay, to overwrite (t'erf, from t'er, erase). to command. the tool (speech/willpower). law (Hepu, hebrew-H+root). all [of]. Nebertcher [boundary of solarplane] (a deity). his. writing-reed (nãr,too complex). thou. willpower like [adam]. the sins (ásft). 42] his. abominations (betu). justice. to design (sesh). the evil image [of the mountain] (t'ut, God's). the solarplane house. to erase (t'er). to purify (uãb). every. ultimate-willpower. to purify. to become perfect (áqer). to design. Thoth. i,me. his. posessions [below] (khertu). of [=by]. the adamite soul. 40] to destroy (h'etch,saturn). existence. nót.; 

this (root). land. of [=by]. sins. something made (ári, m-b-s-adam/to make). nót.;
the adamite soul. within. thou. ãnkh-life. I. know. thou. face/anunna-face. the enemy (kheft). speech. to become truth,justice. thou. existence. to give. he. 40] within. to lie (ger). existence. nót.; 
'the heart' (torso+forepart = front of the body bý the Eye, south). to become truths. below (kher). the word\\of ultimate willpower. thou. existence. [for] the advanced beautified-soul.; 
the foreign sacrd land (tcheser, from t'esher). of [=by]. the land. to become united (sma). the beautiful (nefert). burial (qerest). 39] of [=by]. eden's realm (nen). the word\\of the thigh (glyph). to retire, to serve (ámakh). he,it. to come to the hidden root (thigh, Peh't). speech. he (set, hebrew-H aspect). his. existence. to make. existence. the firstborn beautified-soul. he. to give. the adamite soul. within. the god. existence. to become truth. to make. to rejoice (speech/over sh-pool). existence (eden's). to be anxious,troubled (h'anu-r, mouth/saturn). [and] his. 38] existence. to say existence (eden's). [is] nót.; 
the adamite soul. innermost sacred place (khennu). of [=by]. peace (h'etep,saturn). every. \\ thing of them (comp., linked). the god. existence. to become decree by law. alike-adam (miá). the things of the light of willpower like [adam] (?unknown). the adamite soul. to make the light of the heb-festival [of completion of the solarplane] (saturn+solarplane; here wrongly sbeh' instead of s-h'eb). speech. the rudders of/as the mighty jackall staff of speech (user, possibly mult. staffs, see BD**). the face/an-face. breath-air (nefu). of [=by]. 37] place of the South. to sail North (khet'). of [=by]. the sothland (shemã). the adamite soul. existence. word to come. all,every. the land. the adamite soul. existence. to drag,to haul in (setau). to become noble (sheps, sitting upon/soul). the great [pillar]. vultures. every,all. justice. all. of [by]. the word of event/ (sepu). the god. this (root). 36] the land. [of] adam-within. to become a spirit. the Ka-spirit-double. the Ba-soul (solarplane type). the head-. event/ (sep; 'beginning', sep-tep). existence. the estate (qent?). the god. who is. the place. of [=by]. the advanced beautified-soul. justice. the words of/for every (nebu). side (ges). speech. the one (tu). he. to discover (gem). the Ba-soul. the one (tu). 35] to invoke (nás;context?). the land. the head/first. existence to become new (unn). alike-adam (miá). thou. majesty (h'em, saturn). to follow (shems). of [=by]. to become new (un). thou. to give. face/an-face. the enemy (kheft). speech. to become justice. thou. existence. the ka-double of existence by Saturn (h'enk). thou. blossom of existence by saturn (h'en). thou. to return/wander (khet). 34] t'ebeh'?, food-offering/aspects?. thou. willpower of saturn (h'enã). ãnkh-life. their (ad.souls). torso's (mult., of body). of [=by]. thou. majesty. to be victorious (neru). Rã. the mighty men (shefshefu). of [=by]. the one (tu). their (ad.souls). Sight (maa). their. flesh (há, saturn). to return/wander/penetrate/ (khet). to revolve, go around (pekhar). thou. fears? (sent'ti, m-b-s!). to submit (kes). of [=by]. the gods. thou. existence. advanced beautified-soul. thou. opened thing (upt). of [=by]. Rã. the ram-crown of Osiris (atef, not átef). the double-island/two lands. every. of [=by]. to connect to. to rise and crown (khã). thou. to become. the land. face/an-face. thou. to manifest (per). existence (eden's). nót.; 
the belly,body (khat). of [=by]. thou. to become. the flail of rule (whip+h'eq, to h'eka, sorcery, both sceptres osiris holds). thou. to hold fast. thou. head. of [=by]. the white crown [saturn] (h'etcht). tes? (half-tá-staff+half-su). to become stable. the five (5). god (must be gods?). existence. great speech. of [=by]. the one (tu). 31] the adamite soul. existence. to birth (mes). the gods. to birth. Nut (sky dimensions of earth). thou. flesh (h'a, saturn). to make to transform (s-kheper). thou. mother (mut). [for] existence of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; 
thou. beauties (neferu). to create. this (root). thou. father (átef!). Geb (earthgod south). most-b-soul-adam prisoners (situ, comp.word). his. existence. the word of willpower of speech (rãu, comp.). 30] to become. to make wide,broad (susekht, ãnkh-torus area). the anunna-face. to make the high exalted [place] (qa, north). the anunna-face. 
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20] forever. thou. name. face/an-face. the one (tu). to make an offering to (ut'en, also: weight of consciousness). food-offerings in h'etep [aspects] (in fields of saturn). of [=by]. thou. existence. existences (mult.). the one (tu). to make to sacrifice [in general] (s-maã). them (ad.souls). name [of]. the anunna-face vesica north). to establish (ger). 19] the garden (h'sept, vesica south). the place. their (ad.souls). throne of adamite soul (ást, north vesica). the speech. object of bronze (sment). the place. houses of speech. thou. h'er-tept-cobra. existence. they (ad.souls). to work (bak). peace (h'etep,saturn). of [=by]. tesher blood (sh-pool related). the place of completion [blackness] (kamt-m, black/to complete, also egypt's name). his. speech. all [of].
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 Geb. the house of the throne (get, giants-related). his. existence. to test/revise/inspect (sáp). his. boundary (tcher). speech. the land. of [=by]. his. pautu primeval gods. 13] willpower. the phallus (pillar). true voice [from below]. of [=by]. Horus. thou. son. the adamite soul. the second [2nd]. "One"[but feminine!] (UtÃ). to become breathe (sensen). their,them (ad.souls). Torso (eye south). speech. the disgrace,shame (shept,sh-pool). thou. existence. he. to erase (t'er). thou. speech (and nature,kher). the peace (h'etep,saturn). 12] of [=by]. the double-island/two lands.  \\ [as] the thing of them (sent, linked). \\ [as]  the thing of saturn by the Mouth (r-h'et, three words linked). thou. existence. his. existence. to make the ámm-tree (s-ámm; as 7 fingers, plasma-cords?), see BD**). to ferry. to terrify, to paralyze with fear (neshen, Set-related). thou. existence. his. existence. to erase (t'er)
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