reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, first revision: 11/5/17
theme : the not-so-negative so-called "negative confession" (rev-goddess part I )
scribe : Nu
given title : 'the negative confession', part of 'speech of the deceased in hall of maãt' -- CXXV C
status : 90%, difficult theme
summary : the not-so-negative  so-called "negative confession"  (rev-goddess part I )
notes : below,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same; streamlined
situation : regions represented by the Rev-woman
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
see also : BD CXXV A, C, D, Tuat III
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending
renouf link: see below


the not so-negative  so-called “negative confession”
– ofcourse eventually, the góal is “negative” — to eden, that is —
but the syntax is NOT about “declaring to the gods that the candidate did well”,
by pouring every line into an ” i did nót…”;
but the character of the legal declarations is quite different:
as in ” what is [theme] stolen for me, will be stolen back by existence (eden’s) nót.; “,

fourty-two themes, as regions, termed as ‘gods’
combined with the sister-chaper 125 C he addresses 42 regions, which should be
located ‘throughout the body of the goddess’ pictured below; see for the relation
to the Revelation-goddess and extensive note125C, un-doing the goddess in pic,

textnote: both side gates and the Split-off in the centre-Sba-stargate
in the basrelief above, the head she stands upon, as ‘construct’, is eden’s eye;
the two larger arms go (through)  both outer stargates,
but ‘she’ herself is Split, tóo: and this divide may account for terms in the text as
“the place of the double-axis \\ by the thing to sacrifice (maãt\\+) “;
and in text, Utchat-eye is likely the red disk above her,
see note following 125C,

CXXV  B “the negative confession”

introduction text:
21] to become the great pillar. the god., to make the words to follow. [for] within., [as] the words of the m-b-soul-adam for existence to become new (unniuu). [for] the gods (matrix). [just as] eden realm. existence. name (existence of speech). I. know.; [for] me. to become (word/hail). [by means of] the thing which is. [by] the [an-] face (eden’s). [namely] the place of the double-axis \\(by) the thing to sacrifice (maãt\\+). which is (to connect to). the broad hall (*pic,yellow cube).; of [=by] (means of). this. land (south,eden). of [=for]. my. speech. [as] the evil word of the mountain (when eden’s). [fór] the word of the solarplane (bu). to (be re) transformed. [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;

20] [by] the place of Õn. of [as?]. the Utchat-eye. to become full. [with] the sight (maa). am I.;
divine existence by the root (this,pn). [of] the land (eden’s). [for] all [of]. existence (matrix)., [through] the phallus [inversed pillar] (met). [for] the finished light of the ascended booth (*pic,yellow cube; ãrq+). [as] the light-manifestation (pert+). [of] the 2nd (doubled). moon (month). of [=as]. the place of Õn.;
of [=by] (means of). the Utchat-eye. to become filled. [for] existence (matrix). [with] this (m-b-soul-adams-word-root,pui). light (eden’s)., 19] [as] everything. [for] the divine people (rekhit=?). to make ãnkh-life.; [and through?] the divine words of breath-air (‘winds’). [for] all [of]. existence. [for] this (pui). nostril (fent’+). [namely] the workplace (ás,mid-sba?). am I.;
[by means of] the thing which is. [by] the [an-] face (eden’s). [namely] the place of existence (eden’s) for existence as youth of the royal south (sutennn+). of [=by]. \\which is. the great pillar. 18] [as?] this (pui). Bennu-bird [phoenix]. the words to purify (by pillar)., [in order for] mé. the words to purify. [of] the four. conditions/characteristics/kinds (sep). I am.;
legal declarations:
1] [by] the dimension to purify. [for] my. word of hail. [through] he. the words
to manifest. of [=as]. [being] the god., [and he] to be repulsed. nót.;
2] every kind of. god. [through] the [an-] face. the things of the bull to advance [stability]
(menmentu). [for] me., to be driven back (shenã). [by] existence (eden’s). nót.; 17] 3] [by] the selected pieces of slaughtered meat (sethep). [for] the [an-] face.
[as?] the lights to make (by) the doubled-adamite soul (light+sss). [for] me.,
to be transgressed [=wander off tó eden] (teH, go/thigh/tó hebrew-H). nót.;
4] [by] the original adamite soul. the moment in time (eden’s,at+). of [=as]. the flame
of the branch (khet,former eden-root ãpp). [for] me, [as] the flame to be extinguished
(ãkhem+). nót.;
5] [by] the words of the original adamite soul to tow. [for] the dimension. [of] the [an-] face.
[as] the land as portion as thing of m-b-soul-adam to split-off (t’enát+,1/4th+moon).
[for] me., to be split-off and portioned (t’ená). nót.;
6] [by] he (eden). the season [matrix](terá). of [=for]. the dimension (matrix). [of]
me., [this] to be repulsed (khesef). nót.;
7] [by] them (ad.souls). [fór] the dead bodies [former spirits] (khatu). [of] existence.
[as] the (artificial-) fish-souls (remu). [for] me., to be fowled (h’am). nót.;
8] [for] the gods (matrix). the bones (qesu). [for] existence. [as] the sons of the root
(apt’,unclear). [as] me., the thing to be snared and netted (sekht!). nót.;  15] 9] [by] them (ad.souls). the blossoms for to make the Sekht-field (s-sekhtemuu).
[for] the [an-] face. [through] the things of the phallus to rule (h’egt+). [for] me.,
[this] to be stripped-down (kefa). nót.;
10] the youthful ones (matrix) (nekennu+). [of] existence. [by] the mouth. [as] vessels
of milk (ártu). [for] me., [these] to be snatched away. nót.;
11] the great balance [upon mountain] (mãkhait). [for] existence. [as?] plummet
(tekh,of balance). of [=for]. me., to be impoverished (=nemeh’+). nót.;
12] the branch as the prisoner as the word from the Heir (áuusu+staff,’small balance’).
which is. [of?by?] the house of the mother. [for] the [an-] face. [for] me.,
to become de-established (uah’+scroll). nót.;
13] the cultivated fields (*pic,thes-domes,ah’tu). [for] me., to make to be
slaughtered [the áat-regions] (s-áat). nót.;
14] the land (south,eden’s). [as] the thing to drag [up]. [for] me.,
to become de-established (uah’). nót.;
15] me. to be transferred/distributed. nót.;  13] 16] the broad tooth of saturn (as,of?) the tile [upon cube] (t’ebeh’+). [for] me.,
to be slaughtered. nót.;
17] my. \\place. [of] the god. [for] the things of the dimension to purify. of [=for].
me., to emit seed [irregularly] (t’at’a+,context?). nót.;
18] me. to copulate (nekk). me. to cupulate (nekk). [for] me.,
to be copulated bý (nek). nót.;
19] the noble spirits. the aspects for the kh-house for existence by he (eden) (fenkh+).
[for] me., to be snatched away. nót.;
20] [for] the gods (matrix). the aspects as one. to fly up [matter] (paa). [for] me.,
to be destroyed. nót.;
21] the places. [of] the house (of speech) (glyph,mid-Sba-gate). [for] the mouth.
of [=as]. the aspects for the solarplane by the sh-pool (sheb+). [for] me.
to be re-distributed. nót.;
22] the divine everyone. the [an-] face. the pain [of unstability] (ment). [for] me.
to be un-done (‘un-made’). nót.;
23] [the] to ritually sacrifice. [for] me., to un-decree. nót.;
24] [for] me. to be ritually slaughtered (smam). nót.;
25] [for] me. to be made to weep (rem=). nót.;
26] [for] me. to be made hungry (sh’eqr). nót.;
27] [for] me. to be damned (s-mer). nót.;
28] [for] me. he. the head (main-he). [as] the dome of speech for the an-face. [for]
existence. [of] my. majesty. [for] me., [and] the evil word\\be made by the mountain. nót.;
29] the gods. abominations (butu). [for] me. to be un-done. [by] existence (eden’s). nót.; 10] 30] [by] he (eden). every kind of. of [=for]. my. poorness (nemeh’). [for] me., to be
empoverished (nemeh’). [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;
31] the god. me. the moral evil (backward things to undo). [for] existence. the ones.
to serve,majesty. me. to steer [the root] (kherp). which is. to become the áat-regions
(+banner?). [of] speech. [ for] my. existence., [and] the speech. to mis-arrive (seper). nót.;
32] [by] existence (eden’s). [for] the eye. [as?] the faces. of [=for]. to become by the words
to work (baku=bkhau?). [as?] all [of]. the light (eden’s). the head (main-light). [for] me.,
to be un-done (un-made). nót.;
33] the evil word of the mountain. [for] the solarplane (b). [for] me., to be un-done. nót.
34] the things lacking. [for] me., to be un-known. nót.;
35] to become truths. [by] the throne of adamite (ást). of [=as]. the calamities (the evil things
of m-b-soul-adam as word for the Heir!)
(áuuitu). [for] me. to be un-done (un-made). nót.;
36] [as] the divine ones of the one mountain becoming new (mountain now matrix). [for] me.,
to be made miserable. [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;
[several need review]

8] [for] the divine egyptians. the speech. [as] the sins (ásfetu). [for] me. to make. existence. [by means of] the sins. [through] thou. existence. to erase (t’er).; [and] to become truths. [of] thou. existence. [and to] me. existence to bring (ánn).; [by] thou. speech and nature. am I.;
7] [in order for] to come hail as advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0)., [and] my. word to protect (=mãku?). [in] thou. name [of].: the place of the doubled-axis \\ (by) the thing to sacrifice [or ‘woman’](maãt\\+). [as] all [of] the doubled-ureaus (of) the doubled-eye \\(by) the beloved. \\daughter (sat\\). [through] thou. willpower. [in order]of [=for]. divine existence to become new of beauty (unnnefer).; (*pic 1,2,3) [through] the phallus [inverse pillar] (met). to become the blueprints to build. [by] to calculate. existence. [as] this. mutilated eden light (‘day’,Hru).;
6] [for?] their (ad.souls). [phyisical] blood (snf). [in order?] of [=for]. the words of m-b-soul-adam to devour (sãmiuu)., [and] the evil image of the mountain (when eden’s). [as] the things to guard. of [=for]. the words of m-b-soul-adam for ãnkh-life.;

(*pic 1,2,3)

[through] the place of the double-axis \\(by) the thing to sacrifice (maãt\\+). which is. [for] this (to connect to). the broad hall (*pic,yellow cube). of [=by] (means of). thou. willpower of saturn (h’enã). [by] the words of m-b-soul-adam existence to become new.;
5] [from?] existence (eden’s?). the 42. gods. to fly upwards (paa,matter). [to] existence (matrix). [whose] name. I. know.; thou. existence of speech. I know. [how] the word. to connect., I. know.; my. word of hail. [as] thou. beauties. [of] existence. [of] sight (maa). am I.; 4] [by means of] the thing to bring. [to] me. [as] the divine all [of]. thou. speech and nature. [for] existence. to come hail as advanced beautyfied soul.;
[by means of] the place of the double-axis \\ (by) the thing to sacrifice (maãt\\+) [fór] all [of]. the great pillar. the god., [in order for] thou. [an-] face. to become protection of hail.; 3] the noble primeval child. [etc..]. to recite.;

[for] the gods. the [an-] face. [of] sight (maa). [for] he. the existence. to make. all. evil words to protect (khuuu). of [=for]. the word of voice. [of] the noble primeval child. [etc..].;
[by] to became divided [kh-house by root?] (pekha,to:rotate). the place of the double-axis \\(by) the thing to sacrifice (maãt\\+). 2] which is. [for] this (to conn to). the broad hall., [in order for] speech. to arrive (sper). [as] the thing of he for the kh-house (kheft). [namely] language.”;

———————–  end CXXV  B  negative confession
B] notes :
- first, it is strange that the number is not completed until 42;
perhaps a papyrus-sheet was missing, since we don't know Nebseni
to be thát Sloppy;

- line 21] the place of the double-axis \\ (by) the thing to sacrifice (maãt\\+),
the t-suffix may also read "female / to sacrifice",
keeping in mind the option that the stárt of that second Split into a doubled-axis,
can be "within the belly of that goddess ";

- line 20] place of Õn,
glyph showing the two-sided pillar, perhaps the split-off as 'arms of the goddess',
in tuat III is the Utchat-eye in middle register, between Thoth and Horus, facing
eachother showing 4 arms and hands (compare basrelief),

- line 20] second moon,
simple glyph 'moon', but the context 'month' would make little sense here;
since Revelation mentions 'the goddess standing upon the moon', that can only be
eden's eye; the phrasing shows their utchat-eye must be a copy,

- line 17] lights of soul,
ususual glyph; another version gives "their (ad.souls) . brows as selected pieces of
meat", since 3 S, the first S should be 'to make'; but even then the context is dark -
perhaps related to 'the stakes' in BoGates VI, see notes following125C,

- line 12] house of mother,
tempting to suggest 'eve', since the previous mentioned 'Heir',
then this 'house' must be in the region of the tummy (*pic),

- line 10] abominations,
probably meant as in next line; that eden needs to continue producing them,

- line 7], (*pic 1,2,3),
the giveaway that indeed we may have Eve here, are the magically-dangerous \\;
1] the duck+t on leftside cán be "thing of the son", as well as "daughter",
but either way it is connected to something dangerous;
2] next to that, the double-eye and -ureaus, the same : MERT, 'the thing to love',
or "beloved", but the separates the word fróm the eyes/uraei, telling that the
latter are matrix, connecting tó MERT --
3] same with the glyph, right; the doubled-axis, as double-feather, connects tó the
'thing to sacrifice', or also "woman", since -T;

the end may read \\"[as] the thing (fór) the son (matrix)", in the sence that the object,
the woman [when -t] is there fór the son [either to ravish, or in general];

- line 6] blood,
it *appears* this SENF, physical blood [of 4 types, see CT*] somehow is a mixture
of, or contains, 'words of mbs' : it is not clear whether that [blood] is a próduct of the
mutilated [sun]light; and we approach the theme of 'vampirism' here;

- line 5] 42 fly up,
it is unclear whether those 42 wére eden's, or got doubled; see 125C,

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