visual: the pillar of the ãnkh torus, and the vesica North renewing daily the dome of the torus; the concept being similar as an oil well, spreading stolen essence in umbrella-like fashion as the Dome of the torus;
the standing deity is Shu, the pillar, holding up the dome; below him is the earth-god Geb [in the south!];
‘earth’ is to the left of Shu; the fields of Saturn to his right;


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THE TWELFTH DIVISION of the Tuat, which is passed through by the Sun-god during the TWELFTH HOUR of the night, is introduced by three lines of text, which read:-
“The Majesty of this great god taketh up his position in this Circle, which is the uttermost limit of thick darkness, and this great god is born in his form of Khepera in this Circle, and Nut and Nu are in this Circle for the birth of this great god when he cometh forth from the Tuat and taketh up his position in the Matet Boat, and when he riseth up from the thighs of Nut. The name of the Gate of this City is THEN-NETERU. The name of this City is KHEPER-KEKIU-KHAU-MESTU. The name of the hour of the night wherein this god cometh into being is MAA-NEFERT-RA.”

[text; but plate not shown:]
“the light. [of] the star. [is] the light. [for] the beauties (nefertu). [of] Sight (maa). [by] the adamite soul’s. speech., [by] this. god. to transform (kheper). darkness (glyph). which is. the time-dimension. [for] existence (matrix). [in] name [of].: things to birth. to rise and be crowned (khã+scroll). [from] the word \\ [of] darkness (read:eden’s). to become transformed. [in] this. place. [of] existence (matrix). [in] name [of].:
the great door. [of] the gods. to become connected to existence (?,then/scroll)., [in] this (then). place. [of] existence. [for] the Tuat house., [for] existence. [in] name [of].: Nut. [by,as?] the double-thigh \\ áh’t (see below). of [=for]. it. to rise and be crowned. [through?] the Ãntt-morning boat. of [=by]. he. the peace [of saturn] (h’etep)., [for] the Tuathouse., of [=for]. it. to manifest. [by] the great pillar. this. god.;
[for] existence (matrix). to birth. speech. [in] this. light-circle [cave] (qerrt+light). [of] speech., [from] the dimension of the word-inside. [into] the divine (feminine) dimension of the word-inside. to become transformed. [in] this. light-circle (qerrt). [of] speech., to divinely transform. existence (eden’s)., it. to transform. of [=by]. the great pillar. this. god.; to become birthed. the united words (smau; of both realms). [from?] the words of darkness \\ [of] the hidden root of saturn (peh’). to connect to. existence (matrix). [in] this (then). light-circle (qerrt)., [through] the great pillar. this. god., [for] existence (eden’s). to serve. existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [of] peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;

most probable context:

….as You see, there is no Rã-det. at the glyph “light”, at the end – the start – of our text. We should take into account that the star + light cóuld be an abbreviation of UNNUT, “time-dimension”, were it not that this glyph is properly used further on in the text. Another option for the light-glyph could be “day”, but since the HRU is missing, we can only go for “light”.

…..the importance here, is that the text mentions “the star of light”, which can hardly be else as the “star falling down called Absinth” in the book of revelations [specifically this page], since per context the hours have reached their destination: the vesica North, in this XIIth hour.

– they brought to the North the disk PEST’, adamite soul’s/root; but incorporated that in théir “star”, to become the vesica. The term “thigh” went the same route; as the axis of Eden, but now projected Inverse into the North — as Ursa Major — the word here is connected to the goddess Nut, forming the dome of the ãnkh-torus, because the morning-boat ferries the stolen aspects to the North; causing a daily “regeneration” of the entire torus-construct.
[the term ÁH’, having several possibilities, is still under investigation]

Above the whole scene is a line of hieroglyphics, which describes it as:-
“The hidden Circle in the Tuat wherein this great god is born; he cometh forth into the pool of Nu, and he taketh up his place in the body of Nut. Whosoever shall make a copy thereof according to the copies which exist in writing upon the east [wall of] the palace, and shall know it upon earth, it shall act as a magical protector for him both in heaven and upon earth.”

“the land (earth’s). [is] of [=by]. the sky of earth., of [=by]. the land. head [main-land]. [of] the adamite soul., [and by] to know. existence (eden’s). to [can] become a spirit., [by] becoming (áu). the foreign land’s house of willpower for the beautified-soul (composite). of [=by] [as?]. the east(ern). anunna-face (vesica north, this place). to design (sesh-glyph). of [=by]. \\ the root of existence (?,pennt)., [for it] to guide. alike-adam’s (miá). eden’s realm. [for] existence (matrix). [by] existence (eden’s). [in] the Eye (south). to become (áu). Nut [ãnkh-torus-dome]. existence. [as?] the body (khat). of [=for]. it (the). peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;
[as?] the lake of the word-inside. of [=for]. it. to manifest (per). [by] the adamite soul’s. speech., [through] the great pillar. this. god., to be birthed [via] the adamite soul (messt+scroll). [as] the Tuathouse. [of] existence (matrix)., of [=by]. which are. (to become) [by?] the turtle lands’ (south,shetau). qerrt-cave.

most probable context:

….the “foreign house of willpower” is unknown, ÁÃ+house+desert; it may be another term for “house of the horizon”, vesica — in every other spell, the “eastern side of the vesica” is imprisoned Eden’s, and is speaking the sky of earth into creation;

– the text goes very back and forth, but is consistent: just as the sky of earth comes from the south, also “the body of Nut”, the dome, is directed by the circles in the soul-pool-land, south;

In the middle register are:–
1. The boat of the sun, in which stands the god under a canopy formed by the body of the serpent Mehen; on his head are horns and a disk. In the fore part of the, boat is the beetle of KHEP[R]A, i.e., Khepera, which takes the place of the solar disk that rested on the prow of the boat in the Eleventh Hour
[that disk was PEST’, root/of adamite soul, which they ferried to the north]
The text reads: “This great god in this picture journeyeth along through this City by means of the faithful servants (amkhiu) of this hidden image ANKH-NETERU. His gods draw him along by a cord, and he entereth into his tail and cometh forth from his mouth, and cometh to the birth under the form of Khepera, and the gods who are in his boat [do] likewise. He taketh up his place on the face of the hidden image of the horn (or, forehead) of the sky at the end of the thick darkness, and his hands seal lip the Tuat. Then this great god taketh up his position in the Eastern Horizon of heaven, and Shu receiveth him, and he cometh into being in the East.”
(Budge: the east’s/speech /, it) to transform. the axis (shu-feather). [through] the prisoner (su,Cain)., to acquire. the sky of earth., which is. [by] the eastern. house of the horizon., of [=by]. the great pillar. this. god., [for] the speech and nature (kher). [of] peace (saturn). [for] the Tuathouse.;
[by] existence (eden’s). it. to seal up (must be khetem). it’s. willpower., [as] the willpower. for existence of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
[by] the word (eden’s) \\ to unite (sma). [as] the word of darkness. [and by] the adamite soul’s. speech. the sky of earth. to open. [for] existence (matrix)., [by] the turtle land (sheta,South). to guide. existence (eden’s). [for] the anunna-face (this vesica). [as] he. the peace (h’etep,saturn). alike-adam (miá). he. the boat (uá here). [as] thing of adam-within. [for] the gods., [by] to divinely transform (kheper). existence. it. to become the words to transform. of [=by]. to birth. [by] he. the mouth (speaking creation)., of [=for]. it. to manifest (per). [by] he. the tail (SET’, horn/hand,see note,also ape on throne in hour VIII)., of [=for]. he. the root to wander (eden’s, ãp)., [by means of] the prisoner (su,cain). [as] thing to drag (stautt). he. the gods. the serpent-gods. ãnkh-life. the turtle land (sheta,south). this (root). to guide. existence. servants. of [=for,by]. this. place., of [=for]. these. designs (sekheru). of [=by]. this. god. to go make to build [by blueprint] (sqet’t’).;


…the feather lacks any det., and therefore can hardly be MAÃT, nor another form of shu, hence we remain with axis; the mentioning of Cain seems obscure, but in several spells he is connected to “using his post-eden-body to can make the eastern vesica house” [add spells when found]
– last part of the text needs be reviewed;

2. Twelve gods, who are occupied in towing along the boat of the Sun, each with his head turned behind him and looking at the boat; their names are:–
[they all look to the back – so they are connected to the south/eden;
many names are puns, and tough to pinpoint their nature ]
1. H’ERU. Horus, the falcon/as the word U/of speech R/of saturn;
2. SHEMSU. “firstborn, eldest”, an allusion to the position of Cain
3. THENA., 4. BEQ., 5. AU-ANKHIU-F., 6. SEBEHU-F.,
eden’s speech/for the mast (pillar)
8. AMKHUI., 9. NEB-AMAKH., 10. SEKI (?).,
the dimension (eden’s)/to copulate with/to rule (by sorcery)
12. AU.
The text which refers to these reads:
“Those who are in this picture draw this great god through the tail (or, bowels) of the serpent Ankh-neteru. The loyal servants of Ra who are in his following are the product of his hands, and they are born on the earth each day after the birth of this great god in the eastern portion of the sky. They enter into this hidden image of Ankh-neteru in the form of loyal servants, and they come forth in the renewed forms of Ra every day. When they tarry upon the earth it is an abomination to them to utter the name of the god.”

the god. [of] existence. [in] name [of].: to proclaim (t’em). the land. head [main-land]. to curse (kená). this (root). abominations (betu). [by] every. light. [of] Rã., [for] the things of saturn to become new (h’untu). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). to manifest (per).;
word. servants (amakhiu). serpent-gods. ãnkh-life. existence. (become) the turtle land (sheta,south). to guide. of [=for]. their (ad.souls). wandering root of willpower (ãp, eden’s). [to] the sky of earth. existence. the eastern foreign land (áabtt). of [=by]. the great pillar. this. god., to birth. to,the return (khet). [of] every. light. [for] the land. of [=by]. them (ad.souls). [as] the thing birthed (mestt).;
[by] it (the). willpower (eden’s)., [for] the willpower. [by] the words \\ [as] root of kh-house (?,khep). it. to return (khet). [as] the word \\ [of] adam-within., [by] Rã. existence. servants. serpent-gods. the gods. ãnkh-life. the lower part of the body (beqsa, inverse/flesh, cain-related).; of [=by]. the great pillar. this. god., to haul (stau). this (root). design (sekher). [and] of [=by]. them (ad.souls). existence (matrix) to become new.;


…and text: pending

3. The monster serpent KA-EM-ANKH-NETERU.
– may read ÃNKH NETER M KA, (though to us the Ka-glyph is not visible),
“the ãnkh-life /, the god/of [=by,for]/the Ka-spirit-double”;
….the composition of the register shows that the goddesses, as constructions of “the stolen word”, are in front — and towing the KA-serpent: since the rope is in it’s beak. This must show that the “words” are first – followed by “speech”;
……it appears as if the goddesses, as “the words”, are in front, and they tow the serpent itsélf – since the rope is in it’s beak – but it is unclear as why the towing-rope does not énd by the first goddess.
Either way, it must show that the “words, to create” are first; followed by their spéech, personified by the towing gods. In context, it may imply that the goddesses represent the “imprisoned words for the eastern vesica”, giving life to the ãnkh-life of the wéstern side of the vesica.
– see text about this serpent, below —

4. Twelve goddesses, who are occupied in towing the boat of the sun through the body of the serpent KA-EM-ANKH-NETERU; each has her head turned behind her, and is looking at the boat. [not necessarily “through”, see comment above] Their names are:–
[many glyphs difficult to read; our attempt at the puns:]
1. STAT “the thing/towed”
2. KHERU-UTCHAT – only Utchat, the Eye south, is visible –
3. KHET-kheper, “to transform/the branch”
4. SPERT-NETER-S, “the adamite soul’s/god/to arrive” [sic!]
5. NEBTAMT = NEBTÁMI, “adam-within/the master-holder of the solarplane”,
6. NEB-TCHETTA, “the land’s pupil (‘forever’)/[for] all”(master-holder related)
7. HETI, “the light \\ for the winged-disk” (this vesica)
8. ANKHET-ERMEN.REMEN, “the axis, or to carry/the ãnkh-life”
9. KHERUT-TEP (?) (unreadable) “boat/the head/…”
10. HETEP-EM-KHUT-S “the adamite soul’s/house of the horizon/of/peace [of saturn]
11. BET-NETER-S “the adamite soul’s/god/[for?] the house of the solarplane”
12. TESER-ABT-B, “to beautify/[by] the East/the solarplane”

The text relating to the serpent reads:
“Those who are here are they who have their bodies, and they come forth in the following of this great god into heaven. This is the hidden image of the serpent Ankh-neteru, which is by his den in the Tuat, and he resteth in [his] place every day. This great god speaketh to him in [his] name of NA, [and the space covered by] his forepaws and legs is one thousand three hundred cubits long…….; he liveth upon the sound of the rumblings of the earth. The servants who are loyal to his service come forth from [his] mouth every day.”

every. light (eden’s). [by] the mouth (eden’s, speaking creation). of [=for]. to manifest (per)., it (the light). [as] servitude. [as] the word of adam-within (amiu)., [by] the word \\ [of] the most-b-soul-adam. [FROM] the servants (imprisoned adamite originals,south). [of] the land. [of] people of a bygone age of hebrew-H [!] (HemHemtu).;
to become to command. of [=by]. it (the). ãnkh-life. [as] the god. [of] it (the). speech., [in] name [of].: his. length. [of] 300. [and] 1000 (1300). [as] [the word/of adam-within/to untie,tie-up] (unclear). the god. legs,thighs (uãrt,ret?). his. willpower (Ã). [as] the willpower. [of] the NÃ-serpent (eden willpower). [of] existence (eden’s). [for] his. existence (matrix). [in] name [of].:
his. speech. [by] the great pillar. this. god. to command. every. light. [for] all [of]. the throne of the adamite soul (ást,isis). [as] the speech. [for] he. the existence (matrix). [of] peace [of saturn] (h’etep).; [for] the Tuathouse. to connect to. existence (eden’s). [by] it (the). house of the tongue (nest, western vesica). [as] the speech. [of] the serpent-god. [of] ãnkh-life., [by] existence (eden’s). the turtle land (sheta,south). this. to guide., [in order for] existence (matrix) to become new.;
the sky of earth. [is by] speech. [of] the great pillar. this. god., to return/penetrate (khet). to manifest (per). [by] them (ad.souls). the pupil (tchet). of [=by]. thém (ad.souls)., existence to become new.;


….Budge’s explanation is more sexy, but Senseless;
bearing in mind that this serpent represents the power of creational speech in their western side of the vesica, this serpent is spéaking the words which the goddesses brought to the éastern side;
The text relating to the twelve goddesses reads:
“Those who are in this picture take the towing rope of the boat of Ra when it cometh forth from the serpent ANKH-NETERU, and they tow this great god into the sky, and lead him along the ways of the upper sky. It is they who make to arise in the sky gentle winds and humid breezes, and it is they who order those who live [upon earth] to place themselves in the great boat in the sky.”

the sky of earth. of [=by]. the great pillar., [as] the boat (glyph). [of] the word by the word. (umu+boat; read: their word by eden’s). [by] eden’s speech (RR)., to make. [the personalized] words of ãnkh-life (ãnkhu+person). [by] this (word/root). their (ad.souls). decree by law., [as] the filled dimension (meh’t). [of] words of breath-air. [for] the willpower of the serpent (tchã). of [=for]. the peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;
The words of breath-air (nefu). of [=for]. the sky of earth. to transform. [by] the speech. [of] thém (ad.souls)., which is. [by] the dome by the speech of the anunna-face (this vesica, h’er+dome). “by eden’s ways of the horus-spirit” (comp.). [by means of] the speech. [of] the prisoner (su,cain). to guide (likely). [for] the sky of earth. [by] the great pillar. this. god.;
to drag (stau). them (ad.souls). who are. serpent-gods. ãnkh-life. existence. servitude (amakh/kh/n/ãnkh). of [=for]. it. to manifest (per). of [=by,as]. Rã., of [=as]. the boat (uáa). [of] the word., [by] this (tn). to become the beauty. to acquire. [by] speech. [of] thémm (adamite souls)., who are. these. designs (sekheru). of [=by]. them (ad.souls)., existence (matrix) to become new.;

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In the upper register are:–
1. Twelve goddesses, each of whom stands upright, and bears on her shoulders a serpent which belches forth fire from its mouth; their names are:-

1. NEFERT-KHÃU “the lights to rise/[of] beauty”
2. KHET(?)-UAT-EN-RA, no Rã.. “the light/[for] existence/by eden’s axis’/ light”
3. NEBT-SESHESH-TA, “the land/[by] the sistrum (sounds)/[from?] the master-holder”,
4. NEFERT-H’ER-TEPT, “the heads/[for] the anunna-face/[of] beauty”,
5. SET UATCH-ATEBUI, “the Dome/[of] (the solarplane) island/[is] greenness/[as] he”
6. HÃT-M-TAUI-S, “impr. ad. soul/[of] two lands/for/flesh of saturn”
7. QAT-M-SEPU-S, “impr. ad. soul/[in] the treshing-floors/for/the high-place (north)
8. SEKHET-M-KHU-S, “impr. ad. soul/[for] the spirits/by/sekhem-power”
9. HÃÃT-M-SEPU-S, “impr. ad. soul/[in] the double treshfloor/for/to become flesh”
10. KHET-ANKH (?)-F, “[by] he/the boat/[of] ãnkh-life/[for] the dead body”
11. PERT-EM-UP, ” the light to open/for/manifestation”
12. NEBT-AR-EM-UAA-ABT, “the East/boat/by/willpower/[of] the master-holder”


….where the middle register is the equilibrium between eden’s and their realm, the upper register
is the Western and Northern side [see hour V]; but it is Unclear, why these twelve plus twelve deities are
depicted here. “Uraei” should imply “stolen aspects of eden’s words”, while the twelve worshipping
gods are the aspects of them, who bénefit from those stolen aspects.

– many determination-glyphs are lacking, so we only can use the root-meaning of the used cluster;
the sistrum is “the sounds which Saturn emits”, understood as “frequencies/words”;
the “master-holder” is the chalice, carrying the solarplane — we equate this with the Vials in the book
of revelations. The term H’ÃT is often “the flesh”, it may be a pun on the furnaces HÃT’ (see hour XI),
since often in the spells the versions can slightly change, though having the same determination-glyph.
The line “..as he”, SET, may point to “an aspect of hebrew-H”: the word SET is often used for that
(as opposed to the usual word “he”, the F ), and contextually that may be indeed meant: since they
strive always to create the same conditions;
… – the “dead body” KHAT-fish, refers to théir previous “dead bodies, in the south”; alternatively it
may read “… to become the dead-body’s branch”;

The text reads:
“Those who are in this picture with their own bodies, and from whom their uraei emerge, are in the following of this great god when he setteth out for this City. They follow after this god, and the flames which issue from their mouths drive away Apep on behalf of Ra into the Hall of the East of the Horizon. They journey round about the upper heavens in his following [remaining] in their places, and they restore these gods after this great god hath passed by the hidden chamber of the sky, and then they take up their positions [again] in their own abodes. They give pleasure to the hearts of the gods of Amentet through Ra-Heru-khut, and their work upon the earth is to drive away those who are in the darkness by the flames of their uraei which are behind them, and they guide Ra along, and they smite Apep for him in the sky.”

[this section is impossible — context pending:]
“the sky of earth. [is?] of [=by]. ãpep. his. existence. their (ad.souls). be doomed (nák). Rã. they (ad.souls). solarplane. the adamite soul. them (ad.souls). to penetrate (khet). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). ureaus goddess. existence. teku flames. of [=by]. words \\ [of] darkness. of [=by]. those who are; the horus-spirits. existence. to return,penetrate. existence. \\ willpower (Ã). speech. the land. of [=by]. the word. this (root). their (ad.souls). speech., to make. the house of the horizon. the watercourse [eden axis] (ua). Rã. of [=by]. the West. the words. [of] speech. to connect to. existence (matrix). the torso (áb, south). to make pleasant (s-netchem). them (ad.souls). which is. their (ad.souls). house of he [hebrew-H] (set+house). [of] existence. of [=by]. them (ad.souls). [i] the speech and nature (kher). [of] peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;
the sky of earth. which is. to become by the turtle?. the house. to tie together (thes). [to]the great pillar. this. god., to go copy (sen+walk). to return, penetrate. of [=by?]. the gods. the eden realm., [by] to come the boat of the Hand. [of] the adamite soul (‘to make the boat of the hand’?). [as?] their (ad.souls). throne of the adamite soul (ást,isis).,
of [=by]. it. to penetrate,to return (khet). of [=for]. the Dome [of speech by the anunna-face]., [by?] them (ad.souls). to orbit (khens,moon-related). [for?] the house of the horizon. [in?] the Eastern. ãrrit house. [of] speech. [stop?]
Rã. the anunna-face. ãpep. to go repulse (khesef). them (ad.souls). the ureaus goddess. existence. the Mouth (speaking creation). the head. flames of the word of he [hebrew-H] (stu). [of] existence (eden’s). [for] existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit)., [by] this. god. to return, to penetrate. of. them (ad.souls). [for] existence (matrix) to become new (unn).;
This. place. [of] speech. [by] the great pillar. this. god., to arrive (seper). of. their (ad.souls). willpower of speech. [for], [as] the ureaus goddesses. to manifest (per). existences (mult; matrix). [by?] the Self (tches). [for?] them (ad.souls). [in,by?] the pupil (tchet)., of [=by]. the designs (sekheru). of [=by]. them (ad.souls)., existence (matrix) to become new.;

2. Twelve gods, each of whom stands upright, and has both hands raised in adoration before him; their names are:–
“ãnkh-life/[for] all” (master-holder related)
2. HI, “to become the most-b-soul-adam’s/hebrew-H ”
3. NEB-ÁA, “to become the vulture-rule for the b-soul/[over] all” (master-holder)
4. NEB-T’UATU, “to become the underworld stars/[over] all” (m-holder)
5. NETCHEM-ÁB,[by] the torso (south)/to become sweet”
6. H’Ã M, “the light/for/the flesh”
7. UA-ÁB, “the torso/to become by eden’s axis”
8. H’UNNU, “youth by the word-inside of Saturn”
9. SENS ÁABT, (likely)[by] the East/to breathe”
10. MA-TEPU-NETERU, “the gods’/ heads/[by] reaping (adam)
11. THES-TEPU-NETERU “the god’s/heads/to tie together”
12. HEKENU “to transform/[by] the word-inside/[for] the Ka-double/[of] saturn”

The text reads:
“Those who are in this picture sing praises unto this great god from dawn, when he taketh up his position in the Hall of the east of the sky. They say unto Ra, ‘O thou who art the producer of [thine own] birth, who dost bring into being [thine own] being, [lord of] homage of every soul…… Heaven belongeth to thy soul, which taketh up its place therein, and the earth belongeth to thy body, thou lord of homage. Thou sailest over the Horizon, thou takest up thy place in thy shrine, the gods in their bodies praise thee; descend thou into the sky and take thou thy two souls through thy magical protectors.’ The work of these gods in the Tuat is to praise this great god, and they stand in this City and they count up (or, verify) the gods of the country of Mafket (i.e., Sinai). They descend (?) to earth [before] Ra after he hath taken up his position in the sky and doth rise upon the eyes of mankind in their circles.”

“their (ad.souls). house. the light circle [qerrt]. speech and nature (kher). ‘bygone age of hebrew-H’, or ‘ alike adam’s light’. the two eyes. of. he. to become to rise and crowned (khã). [as] the Dome. of. he. the peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;
of [=by]. to penetrate,to return (khet). of [=by]. Rã. existence (matrix). to become the land. [as] hebrew-H. ‘the foreign lands for the horus-spirits as emerald of anóther’ (fa-kitiu, comp.). of [=for]. the gods. [by] them (ad.souls). to revise (sáp). [in] this. place., [by] speech. to stand upright. [through] the great pillar. this. god., to become the Tuat (underworld). [by] the SBA stargate. of [=by]. theim (ad.souls). this. their (ad.souls). speech., to make. thou. to become spirits., of [=by] thou. divine-twin \\ to hover over, or ‘to raise in rank’ (khent or then). [for,as?] the son. to acquire. the Dome. of [=by]. the watercourse [eden axis]. of [=by]. [hebrew-H] to descend [to north!] (Ha). [as] their (ad.souls). pupil [of rule] (tchet)., of [=for]. the gods. the word. to connect to. to become the way,axis [pun on eden’s]. [of] another (ket). [through?] the Ka-double shrine (kar). [of] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;
the house of the horizon. thou. thing to ferry-over (khent). servitude (ãmakh). every. thou. dead body (khat, text unsure). existence. the land. it. to become (áu). he. the peace [of saturn]., [for] thou. ba-soul (solarplane spirit). existence. the dome. of [=by]. the Watercourse [eden axis] (ua). every. ba-soul. servitude (amakh). to double-transform. to double-birth. the divine light. them (ad.souls). existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
the sky of earth. which is. the eastern. ãrrit house. of [=by]. he. the peace [of saturn]., [as] the lights of dawn [imprisoned root of hebrew-H] (neHep, south). of [=by]. the great pillar. this. god.; [by] them (ad.souls). to become a horus-spirit of the Tuat. [by] this. designs (sekheru). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). existence (matrix) to become new.;


tomb of amenophis — same hour — but note how here the twelve towing-goddesses look in frónt of them;

In the lower register are:–
1. The god Nu, holding the
[uas] sceptre [spinal nerve-system]and ankh in his left and right hand respectively.
2. The goddess NUTH, holding the [uas] sceptre and ankh.
3. The god H’EH’U, holding the sceptre and ankh
4. The goddess H’EH’UT, holding the sceptre and ankh
5. The god T’EBAI, man-headed, and holding an oar, or paddle
6. The god QASHEFSHEF, man-headed and holding a paddle.
7. The god NEHUI, crocodile-headed, and holding a paddle,
8. The god NI, with the heads of two birds, and holding a paddle.
9. The deity NESMEKHEF, a serpent,
standing upright, and fire from its mouth,
10. The god NEBÁ-KHU, man-headed, and holding a paddle.
11. The god KHENT-THETH-F, man-headed, and holding a paddle.
12. The god ÃHÃ-ÁB, man-headed, and holding a paddle.
13. The god TUAT, man-headed, and holding a paddle.

possible context:

….so many deities again….
– the configuration of the gods and their numbers can relate to the creation of the eight
H’EH’U-gods, sometimes dubbed “chaos gods”; in the CT-range 76-80, those are said
“to be born from the goddess of the Heir”, AUR (the revelation woman, see Log);
and since they are all in the lower register, eden-related, this may be valid:

four gods with the UAS:
…. why exactly “four”, may derive from the constant returning of “four” when relating
to hebrew-H and Eden — this same number four is also represented by the dead sungod ÁF
(in the right corner of this register, depicted as mummy), whose cluster has many
“squares, rectangles, rectangular coffins” etc;
– these four deities then are the mimick of “Four”, in two pairs of female-male:
1] the god NU, “the word-inside”, read: eden’s word captured;
2] the goddess “to connéct to/the word-inside”, his feminine Dual,
3] the god H’EH’U, “the word of Saturn’s eternity”,
4] the goddess H’EH’UT, his feminine Dual;

eight gods with either paddles or rudders:

—- in charge of the mimicked Cube? —
….these eight gods should be the H’EH’U VIII, see above, and their paddles are rather are “rudders”, steering the concept of the mimicked hebrew-H cube within their Torus:

which is NOT the original cube, but a mimicked one, for reason to can have “breath-air (of eden)” within their ãnkh-torus. The four deities, doubled to the eight H’EH’U, may very well represent this copying of the Cube, considering their names, below – mainly the first one;
related are the “four supports of Shu”, SETHESU, and the SEKHENU IV, “the four supports of the sky”;

1] T’EBAI, “the most-b-soul-adam’s/coffin”, an allusion to their copied Cube;
and possible the same theme as the term “floater” in the Edfu texts;
2] QASHEFSHEF, “mighty-man/[for] the high-place (north)“; relating the soul-pool SH,
south, towards the high-place;
3] NEHUI, “the most-b-soul-adam’s/word/[of] hebrew-H/[for] existence (matrix)“,
assumingly related to the cluster neHt-sycamore tree, south;
but why this one has a “crocodile head” is unclear;
4] NI, “most-b-soul-adam’s/existence (matrix)“, a double-headed god,

..then the serpent, standing on it’s tail,

the name NES M KHEF however is totally Impossible – it does not relate to any cluster,
it can translate as “his/KH-house/for/the adamite soul’s/existence”,
but it is unclear what this serpent is doing here; perhaps a depiction of the pillar,
which the eight gods support at both sides;

– four man-headed ones:

5] NEBÁ KHU, the term NEBÁ is used in the Edfu texts as the precursor of the term ÁARU,
“reed”, as in sekhet-áaru, the fields of Saturn; the term would read:
“the khu-spirits/[as] the fiery reeds (of the solarplane existence)“;
6] KHENT THTH F, “he/to double-connect/[to] the house \\ [of] KH”;
…the wordplays are cruel: but both H-consonants are hebrew-H; where K is from KA-double,
making their present KH-realm “an illegal construct” [compare the term ãnkh];
7] ÃHÃ ÁB, “[by] the Torus/to stand upright (the mast)“;
8] T’UAT, “the house \\ [of] the Tuat (underworld)“;
here also the magically-dangerous double-slash, like in KH, above;

14-23. Ten gods, each with his hands raised in adoration; their names are:–
“the Khu-spirit/[by] the flint-knife” (7-poly as heart)
THEMA-Re, “the Mouth/to reap/to (can go) connect to”,
ÁÃKHEBU, “the word/[of] the solarplane/[for] the KH-realm/…”
SEKHENU, “the word/to embrace (by the KH as fishing-Net)
REMENU, “the word/to carry (by false axis)
BUN-Ã, “the willpower/[for] existence (matrix)/[of] solarplane-house”
KHU-Re, “mouth/[for?] the khu-spirit”
ÁTHEP, “the root (eden’s)/to connect to/the beautified-soul”,
ÁMi-NETER, “the god/[of] adam-within”,

….where “singing gods” usually relate to “the creating of an aspect”,

worshipping gods are about théir aspects becoming enhanced, see upper register;
but why exactly the number 10 is unclear here —
“ten” may be a number from pre-eden origin, compare the “ten kings” from Daniel;
4. He who is in this picture in the invisible form of Horus in the thick darkness, is the hidden image which Shu lifteth up beneath the sky, and KEB-UR cometh forth in the earth in this image.”
[text over ten worshipping gods:]
“this. to guide. of [=for]. the land. of [=by]. great speech. [of] Geb (earthgod at plexus). of [=for]. the manifestation [by eden’s speech] (perrt). [of] the dome of Nut., [by] the below. axis (shu-feather). to pass along (sua)., to become the turtle (sheta,SH). this. to guide. the existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
[by] to become the words to unite [by copulation] (smau). the word \\ [of] darkness. of [=by]. the watercourse [eden axis]. [for] existence (matrix). to become stable the beautified-soul., [by] to guide. this. designs (sekheru). of [=by]. it. existence (matrix) to become new.;

24. The end of the Tuat, which is represented by a semi-circular wall or border formed of earth and stones, or perhaps granite. At the middle point of this border is the disk of the sun which is about to rise on this world, and joined to it is the head of the “image of Shu,” with his arms stretched out along the rounded border of the Tuat. Above his head is the beetle, symbol of Khep[er], who has emerged from the boat of the Sun-god, and below is the “image of Af,” that is to say, the body of the night Sun-god, which has been cast away.
…but as you can see, the knife near the beetle looks different to the knife near the mummy, and the problem is the lack of the determination-glyph.

In this text, the knife is used several times in the glyph “to guide”, [which can also mean “image”, as in above translation], but this separate knife may also be T’ES, flint-knife (7-poly), and this very term was used in this XII hour already, see left;

….though at first glance the glyph may read “the image of Shu”, it may also read “the axis/to slay”,
referring to Eden’s; and then, consequently, “to transform that axis” — the KHEPER beetle, since this is
the end of the journey, and the round [!] wall is the Torus wall, and is supposed to exist forever,
Until indicating otherwise, we remain with this option —-