CT 707

CT 707 VI 338

v] [by being] within [eden]., [through] me. the ãnkh-life. [as] the divine light (matrix).;
[and by] me. the divine he place-T. [as] the ultimate word-inside for existence. [by] the bowl for to make existence (sn+).,
u] [in order for] the t’uat-house (likely). [of] divine words.;
[through] the Torso for the an-face (north). of [=by] me. the word for existence of the adamite-soul for the solarplane (bsnu).,
t] [through] the aspects. [for] he. the throne-G. [of] vulture-rule. alike adam (mm, weak).,
[by] me. the ãnkh-life., [in order for] the dimension of the throne-G for the solarplane (agb+). of [=by]. me. to become new.;
s] [lost]
r] [3/4th lost]

q] the word for the solarplane. [by] to come the adamite-soul. [as?] the speech of k-axis of hail (ákr). [for] thou hail (ák).;
[and by] the island of the double flame for to make speech. [for] existence (matrix). [as] the divine solarplane of the kh-house. [of] existence.,
[and through] the branch (khet). of [=as]. my. existence [eden’s!]. [for] the advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).,
c] [by means of] to elevate (in rank) (thn). thou speech of hail. [in order for] thou. existence. [as] advanced beautified-soul.:
n] the divine vav-sceptre (eden’s lawgiver). [at] place-T for existence (nt). this (pu). I am.;


m] the divine staff-tá [at place-T to make existence by the sh-pool-eden] (shesent-tá). I am.;
[yet] this (pu). I am. nót.;
k] [but instead,] the one. word (eden’s). to connect to. the sight [by speech of eden-Light] by the matrix-root (p-ter+).,
[as] the (word-) inside. the things of the foreign land., [by] to un-tie the word [eden] for the word-inside for to make new [matrix] (via ad.soul).,
of [=by] (means of). to force the most-b-soul-adam (i+whip). [for] existence (matrix).;
j] [and so] the sky of earth (matrix). \\ (by) the word (eden). [for] the great door., [by] me. existence to open [and become new] (unn, matrix).;

i] the south sh-pool (to wander-astray). [as] the land [eden’s]. \\ (by) which is. the foremost (kh-house).,
[as,for] this. divine lionmouth (at Õn). h] [and as?] the ear. of [=for]. to manifest (per).;
this (pu). jackal. am I.;

g] [by means of] the opened word-inside. me. existence to bring.,
[through] the divine place-T of hail (‘father’, át). [of] existence (matrix)., [by] descended [hebrew-H]. [for] hail.;
f] [by means of] the sky of earth. the word. [of] existence [eden’s]., [for] this (to connect to). word. [as] doubled willpower. [of] the [an-] face (north).,
[and by] me. the jackal. the word to make for the solarplane of vulture-rule (via ad.soul) (sabu+).;
e] the divine spirits-light. the [an-] face.
[by] me. existence. to force the hand of he-eden for saturn-wick-H’ (h’eft’,’sink down’).,
d] [fór] the sky of earth (north). [of] speech. [as] he. the willpower of Saturn (h’enã).,
[and through] me. the Self (tches). me. to manifest (per).;
c] [in order for?] the sky of earth. [of] speech. he. to manifest.;
the divine “One” (north). which (was?). in pain (?, mer). [for] existence. [through] the flame of the word by the kiln at place-T [Tao gate].,
[using] the prisoner (su, Cain). [for] my. existence of speech.,
[..10x lost, until the end of spell..].;

—- end CT 707