CT 1030

CT1030 [Sept 2020]


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main theme :
interpretation :
… a ‘star’ is being taken from the deep-south realm (the feminine dualistic dimension)
which represents her nature – and the nature of the baboon-type beings she makes ;
this star goes to the North , where the spirits want to build their land above eden ,
crossing over a stairway tó the north , to be made as their new dimensional centre ;

… then they need “eden-speech for to create” and steal ‘two stones’ which are carried
upon two vines , making the vines to grow to their north (the Daniel rams horns) ,
and when their dimensional-centre is completed , they can battle eden constantly ;

refers to : Malachi 1 ; the Ezekiel one about the dragon ; the chapters about Damascus ;
Daniel chapter ; the chapter about Jeremiah hiding the two stones in Pharaoh’s temple ;
chapters about Khittim and Kedar ;

how to read below translation :

  • – spells are difficult to read because of the many bizarre concepts ,
    and without understanding the thémes , translating is sometimes very tricky –
    after each section we add a short interpretation note ;
  • – remember the main diagram , then much of it can be placed ;
  • – the original texts of hieroglyphs need to be read from down-to-upwards


CT 1030

VII 261
b) [by] Râ (our sun). [is] (matrix-) existence. [through] the great. boat (as Râ). ,
by. making to build the (place of) the boat (north). ,
[as] (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (matrix gate , north). ;

VII 261
a) the boat as the divine star as throne-G to make the solarplane (sebeg++) . +
[to be for?] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by making?] this. land’s stairway to grow. [to?] the skydome of NUT (north). ,
which is (the stairway?). the land’s UÂRT-thigh (a leg as bent axis). +
[in order?] [for] speech. [as] he. within [-the matrix north]. ,
[to be] the olden decree of (pre-eden) law. above (=their new north). ;

interpretation :
this ‘star’ can be “the nature of the dualistic south-realm”,
the star is “a boat” so it can be moved (a boat is always ‘a construct’) ;
this star CAN be coming “from inbetween both lands (the AKER)”,
and it is going north (above eden) by “creating a stairway” to the north :
as a stairway also called “a leg” because it bends into another dimensional angle ;

VII 260
c) the boat as the divine centre for the baboon (-type beings) (gef++). +
for. (matrix) willpower. , [as] he (=centre). [to be] within (the matrix). ,
[by means of for-] me. to make to build the boat (matrix gate north). ;

b) [in order to be] Râ. as. [matrix-] willpower. ,
[so that] he (Râ). [will be] within (the matrix). ,
[by means of for-] me. to make to build the boat (matrix gate north). ;

a) [and so to be for?] the dome of Nut (or: matrix-sky). the (matrix) speech.
[as] he (speech). within (the matrix). ,
[by means of for-] me. to make to build the boat (matrix gate north). ;

interpretation :
so after this ‘star’, this centre, went north ,
she is fixed into a dimensional centre – a gate ,
causing the attribute “speech” to be present in all their region
(‘speech’ means ‘intelligence, creational speech, etc) ,
and that attribute is represented by Râ ;
note how this attribute speech is important for the baboon type beings ;
next line c) still belongs to above section ;

VII 259
c) [so that] the sky (matrix north). [will have] the speech. [as] he. within (matrix). ,
[in order for] me. to manifest (as being?). ;
(next theme)
b) he. the two main ones (=2 stones? ; ‘two heads’). [for?] speech.
[through?] the double lotus (a double eden-axis?). [to be] within (matrix). ,
[as] the (eden-) boat. [-by the gods] [for] me. to seize (=the boat). ;

a) [by means of?] the gods. +
the (eden-) house below (?khert,full). [of] the (eden-) word. [of] speech. +
[of] the (eden-) boat to to make to encircle (=to surround by the gods ; shent+). ,
[in order for to be] the speech. [for] to make existences. [of] (mátrix-) willpower. ;
[as] my. speech. [which has] descended (to matrix). ;

interpretation :
now they have ‘speech’, they need “the eden-word” (read: lights) ,
in order that they “can make existences”, read : to create things by speaking ;
therefore they “surround, besiege the eden boat” which has the same root as “acacia”
(an eden tree) ,
and two ‘stones’ (both stones which Jeremiah hid – as Damascus and (?) ) ,
which appear to rest upon two “vines”, as if those vines carried both on top ,
those vines here described as ‘two lotus stalks’
grow high up into their north , so that both stones are within their matrix region
(and compare the ram’s horns in Daniel “which grew high”) ;
2) though KHA ‘stalk’ is also ‘1000’, in other spells the double-stalk is equated with NN ,
the glyph for ‘helpless, evil’ , as we understand to be the same two eden-vines ;

VII 258
b) (the 2 stones?) [by?] he. the oar (wormhole? ; t’ep). [to be] grasped (’at matrix-border’) ,
[fór?] he. the crown (dimensional-centre?, ssht’) . [to be] completed (-arq). [as] the god. ,
[and so] (matrix) existence. [through the now 1?] lotus stalk. to birth. ;

a) [and therewith] the foreign land (=eden) below to battle (kher-aha). +
[by?] the divine sun-people of former origin. , [corrupt adm-souls] [in order for] ÔN (=Tyre). to make the matrix-realm (s-m). [and?] make the Ba-spirit-soul ,
[through] the now 1?] lotus stalk . [for] thou speech of hail (for matrix). [as] the protection .

interpretation :
it seems to be “the two stones” which “pass through the oar” —
the word ‘oar, paddle’ is T’EPU , as in the wormhole T’EP-TA ,
and remarkably close to the prophets term “Tophet” ;
both stones seem to compléte their dimensional-centre , cáusing Râ to shine ;

though the rays themselves of Râ cause ‘dry heat’ upon the eden-land ,
the last section above can relate to “the corrupt adm-souls who are in charge
of the chanting in order to make eden-aspects go up to the north” ;
we had two prophet chapters about this
2) for Ba-soul is also used ‘deer’, ÁU ; see ‘the eden-mother chapter’ Hosea 2 ;

END CT 1030

official English translation (by Faulkner) :

“See, it’s starry sky in Ôn, the sun-folk are in Kher-aha, because its thousand gods are born,
because their fillets are bound on, because their oars are grasped. I will go with them aboard
the lotus-bark at the dockyard of the gods, I will take posession of the bark with lotus-leaves
on her ends, I will ascend in her to the sky, I will navigate in her in company with Rê, I will
navigate in her with Mgf-ib, I will act as pilot in her to the polar region of the sky, to the
stairway of the bark of Mercury.

shown section below : VII 258 b)

end CT 1030
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