CT 1158

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CT 1158


VII 504
g) existences to make [=as concept]. [by] divine all. speech. ,
[by means of] existences to make [=eden’s]. +
to arrive [=to come the moon of speech to make the new-root] (spr). [through?] the branch (kh-t). ,
[in order] of [=for]. +
f) the adamite-soul. within. to dwell. [namely in] the khu-spirit-being [=their type]. ;

e) this. adamite-soul. [to be] within. which is. [the concept as] Osiris. ,
d) [and so for] the gods [=matrix]. alike adam (mm,weak). the adamite-soul. [to be] within. ,
to become the word for to furnish (?,tchbu). [through] the [eden-] word to sacrifice (maã-u). ,
[and that word to] the divine khu-spirits. to be given. ;

End CT 1158



context :
the imprisoned adamite soul within is the concept ‘Osiris’ ,
.. we mentioned in the report how our Originals are stripped ,
and how them spirits glue those stripped aspects to themselves ;
but that particular spirit also feeds upon the adamite-soul on earth —
upon that soul of whose Original he obtained the aspects from .

That adamite-soul functions like that spirit’s own personal ‘battery’ ,
and only by believing in Christ that yoke is legally broken ;
but the writers of this spell , around 2500 BC didn’t know that
a moment in time would arrive to anull that !
This may well be the analogy of “the man who cleaned up his house ,
but later on entered seven even strónger spirit-beings” ;

the soul declaring this reality ,
last section sounds very much like “the soul declaring things” ,
which they (spirits) use ‘to furnish’ – read , to furnish reality
(compare report introduction about this theme) ;
what we (hR) call ‘occult rituals’ appears to be a common practice !

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to right it writes ‘the origin of the god is unknown’ ,
but that is not quite true – ‘he’ is a very devious concept ,
first appearing together with 8 other constructs in amtuat [see below] .
The name has two glyphs, ‘the throne’ (ÁS) and ‘to make’ (ÁR, the eye) ,
where the throne glyph is “the adamite-soul for matrix-hail” , so together ,
“to make the throne for the adamite-soul for hail”, that is ‘inside this body’,
since our soul is imprisoned in the physical heart ;

The glyph ÁS-T as Isis is the locátion of their copied adamite-throne
(at place-T in the other reality) , which is the same as Raamah in scripture ,
being ‘at their height’ root -rum ;
but this Osiris-concept depicts their factual rule over adamite-souls on earth ,
hence spells often write ‘N-Osiris’, the candidate having that same power .

to right , hour six ,
the nine serpent-constructs PESTCH ,
where Osiris shows as the fourth one ;
another one is Tem , the new-hand (Damascus) ,
and also Geb , as their land to be above eden .
These nine destroy the eden throne of the soul ,
then rise up tot he north and double themselves :
the glyph columns above them are readable ,
but the many tricky concepts hinder proper translating

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sons of Kedar ?
There is the exhortion “send away Kedar” , also called “sons of Kedar”,
and at the moment we are enclined to consider this about these nine –
the ‘sons’ not so much as literal spirit but as son-constructs ;
and the whole concept as these nine constructs termed ‘Kedar’.
Their root PESTCH includes their root-P (above eden) ,
But PESTCH is also “their new-moon festival” , and consider tekst above ,
where in the (still unposted) Jer. 2 the female-donkey and her new-moon
are álso ‘to be send back’ by us – but then we first need identify them..?

moon to arrive ,
to right , term used in the tekst , SEPER ;
the translation “to arrive” is only very superficial , based on the walk-glyph ;
where the S-prefix is always “to make (via the adamite-soul)” ,
“to come the [eden-] moon of speech to make the new-root (-P)” .

We can only link this moon tot he female-donkey in Jer. 2 , even it’s unclear (still)
what ‘a moon’ has to do with ‘speech’ : but again this root-P : the SEPER-T NETER S ,
“the adamite-soul’s god , to come as the moon’s place-T of speech to make the root”,
so here is said that this moon belongs to eden .

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The old-hebrew cluster of the moon (of the female donkey) also includes ‘sharp’,
where this SEP-cluster turns into SEPT’, ‘sharp’, into SEPT’T Sirius ,
but it is unclear still how the latter two relate to the moon-concept here ;

for comparison the official translation of CT 1159,

“He who gives real benefits and reversion offerings in it among the gods .
Such is Osiris who is in it , who is benefitted and dwells in it
after they have reached their owners. “ (Faulkner)


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