CT 442

CT 442

CT 442 V 302

d] to divinely become perfect (áqer+). [through] the words to become perfect (áqeru+)., [by means of] the words to snatch away (neh’emu).
c] Forever. the divine all [of]. the side (ges). [of] speech [eden’s]. [as] he. the willpower. of [=for]. to divinely transform. the word of the throne of the kh-house [upon boat] (khent’u+). [by means of] the dishevelled place-T-e to snatch away (neh’em-T).;
b] [and so the words to bow and bend [to axis] (kesu). of [=by]. \\place-T-m of the axis (shu-t\\). [for] the high exalted place (qa, top thes-domes). [of] existence (matrix).; [and so by] the flame of the reed-soul (nebá+). [as] all [of]. existence. existence to make (via ad.soul). [through] to come the word of place-T (walk+ut). a] [for] the words to become perfect.; [and so] to become spirits. [by] place-T-e to snatch away., +

V 301

e] [in order for] the words to become a spirit., [through] the dishevelled place-T-e \\to join with the wide place-T-m fór the solarplane (áãb-t+\\). [of?] the Ba spirit-soul. \\[fór] place-T of the chalice (neb-t\\). d] [as] \\this [numbering]. doubled-divine place-T the word to desire (merut+). [which] I am.;

c] forever. the word to fire-drill [by axis]. [in order] to yoke for eternity [of saturn] (neh’eh’). [for] all. I am.;
b] the divine M-realm by place-T of hail (átem+). I am., [and] divine light (matrix). I am.;
a] [by] to come the divine-doubled place-T the word to desire (merut\\+). [for] to can go repulse (khesef).;

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