CT 570 VI 170

e] to tremble (t'a). the flesh of Áf [contents of cube]. [by] he. to overthrow (kher)., [as] the Dome (glyph). to fall down (kher).; [and] to tremble (t'a). existence (eden's). [because of] the thing of the watercourse (eden's). to make d] the thigh in Ursa Major (mastu, why mult.?). [as] the cord to extend (t'un).;

c] [for] to come to the things to dissect (nemmtu). [in order for] existence (matrix). to spread out (petch)., b] [as] the light for spirits. [of] the divine words. [of] adam-within.; [by means of] the dimension (eden's) to go cool-down (qebh'u). to connect to. existence (matrix).; [through] the door to open (sh-pool). a] [for] the divine dome of Nu [top cube]. [of] the words of adam-within., [and] existence (matrix). the thephet cave. to connect to. to open [and become new] (un).;