Gate of punishing adamite Attributes
THE boat of Ra, having passed between the two halves of the horizon of the West, now approaches a gateway, the door of which is closed before him; the door of the second division of the Tuat is different from the doors of the other divisions, for it consists of a single leaf which turns upon a pivot working in holes in the top and bottom of the framework of the door. This door is guarded by a serpent called SAA-SET,[1] which stands upon its tail.[2] The text referring to this serpent reads:–

“He who is over (i.e., has the mastery over) this door openeth to Ra. SA saith unto SAT-SET, ‘Open thy door to Ra, throw wide open thy door to KHUTI. The hidden abode is in darkness, so that the transformations of this god may take place.’ This portal is closed after this god hath entered in through it, and there is lamentation on the part of those who are in their mountain when they hear this door shut.”

1]-   apparently just SET, as in the first division,
read, “the foreign land / the thing of the original adamite soul”,
the concept of “thing of” is a crucial concept in many spells,
related to their copying everything original, as “thing of”;
though usually the T-suffix is said to be ‘feminine’, we found that
only in direct feminine names – and even then, “thing of” is true
in the sense that female derived from male;
2]-   the ‘standing upright’ is the snake representing aspects of the land
of the adamite soul; the gate itself being called SAA, “son” as root,
apparently ‘because the sons travel through all of the gates’,

[text in gate, ending below snake’s head:]
“this (pn). great door [pillar]. to go open (sesh). [by?] to listen (setchem). them
(ad.souls). the foreign land the thing of the original adamite soul. [of] the
words of adam-within. [of] speech and nature (matrix) (kher). [as] the
passive word of hebrew-H. this. god., [by means of] to enter (ãq). the branch,
staff. of [=by] (through). this. great door. [for] existence of hail.;

[by means of] to seal up. this. god. [for?] the words to transform., [bý] the things to transform. [as] speech. [of] the word of darkness (kku). of [=for]. the thing to hide. [namely] the house of fat (eden aspects)., [in order] to become (áu). [by]\\the house of the horizon (cube). [of] existence. [as] thou. great door. [for] = to breathe (snsn). the light (eden’s). [?]. the house of the star. to open [and become new] (un).; [by] the foreign land the thing of adamite soul. to guard. [in order for] the divine. [for]. intuition. [causing that] the light (eden’s). existence (matrix). [by] he (light). to open [and become new] (un).;
[by means of] this (pn). great door. [of] existence (matrix). [of] the [an-] face (eden eye)., [by] he. existence to become new (matrix) (unn).”;

B] notes:
….we keep having problems with this and similar line in the other
gates; usually the phrase is “them / to listen”, because certainly it isnt
“to listen tó them” – the same problem we have with “to guard”;

– as also \\house of horizon; the double-slash, a dangerous term, may
either imply ‘edens’, as also perhaps the ‘to become’; and where often the
house and star-T is “tuat house”, we can never be sure whether it is
related to a Sba-stargate;
(lines will be updated when more clear)


On the left side of the boat of Ra are: 1. The god TEM,[1] who is depicted in the form of an aged man, leaning heavily on a stick which he grasps in his right hand. 2. Four male beings who are lying prostrate on their backs.[2] 3. Twenty male beings, with their backs bowed, and their arms tied together at their elbows behind their backs. The four beings are described as “the inert,” and the twenty as “the apostates of the Hall of Ra, who have blasphemed Ra upon earth, who have invoked evils upon him that is in the Egg, who have thrust aside the right, and have spoken words against KHUTI.”[3]

1]-   representing the Áten light disk (*pic),
2]-   factually, they ‘lay horizontal upon their backs’, and compared
with Tem who leans on the staff/pillar, there is a relation between
horizontal (Watercourse) and their theme of ‘standing upright’;
the names are “the word of m-b-soul-adam of eden’s realm”,
NNIU, translated as ‘helpless ones’, see add. end of page,
3]-   [starting line in lower pic, text between the 20 prisoners:]
[by]\\the house of the horizon (eden’s). speech. [as] the words for the voice [from below] (kheru). [for] the words of the new-north (shau\\). [as] the word of the equilibrium [‘witness’] (meteru). (the words) to give to the Wick [saturn] (h’). [for?] the Egg (suh’t)., of [as]. \\the thing of the two lands. [and by] great speech. to guard (likely). existence’s. light (eden’s). (for) existence (matrix).
[second plate, cont.:][as] the land. the head (main-land) (matrix). [by] the cursed ones (nekáu). [of] the light (eden’s). which is. the house of the thing of light. [as] the words. [from] the beating-grounds.”;

B] notes:
….see end of page,

The text referring to the inert and the apostates reads:–

“Tem worketh on behalf of Ra, glorifying the god, and singing praises to his soul, and distributing evil things to his enemies. [He saith]:–‘The word of my father Ra is right (maat) against you, and my word is right against you. I am the son who proceedeth from his father, and I am the father who proceedeth from his son. Ye are fettered, and ye are tied with strong cord, and it is I who have sent forth the decree concerning you that ye should be bound in fetters; your arms shall never more be opened. Ra pronounceth the formula against you, his soul is prepared to attack you; my father hath gained the mastery over you, and his soul uttereth words against you. Your evil deeds [have turned] against you, your plottings [have come] upon you, your abominable acts [have recoiled] upon you, your destinies are for evil, and your doom bath been decreed before Ra; your unjust and perverted judgments are upon yourselves, and the wickedness of your words of cursing are upon you. Evil is the doom which hath been decreed for you before my father. It is you who have committed sins, and who have wrought iniquity in the Great Hall; your corruptible bodies shall be cut in pieces, and your souls shall have no existence, and ye shall never again see Ra with his attributes [as] he journeyeth in the hidden land. Hail, Ra! Adored be Ra! Thine enemies are in the place of destruction.”‘

[full text over plates, line starting in the back:]
[by] the house the thing of m-b-s-adam’s adamite throne to destroy (h’ástemit,1 glyph). [for] existence (matrix)., thou. [through] the enemies. [of] Rã. [for] the thing to worship (uasht). [namely] divine light (matrix). [of] willpower of speech. [as] the most-b-soul-adam’s hebrew-H of hail (annexed cube?).;
[by means of] the house the thing of m-b-soul-adam-like land of the soul-pool (*pic,thes-dome) (shetait). of [=for]. he. to go to build by blueprint. [for] it (the). images [to make] (áru) [words/to make/hail]., [in order] of [=for]. the light (eden’s). [as] this. Sight (maa). nót.;

existence to become new (matrix) (unn). [by] to complete (tem). who are. these (to conn to). Ba spirit-souls., [by means of] to mutilate (h’sq,saturn). existence (eden’s). [for] these. dead bodies [ba souls]., [by] the great pillar. [for] the tuat house (sbat). [as] [?]. the words. to make. to give., [as?] the words to make. [by] the eden realm. [for] this. who is. my. divine father [Tem] (átef).;
[by means of] speech and nature (matrix,kher). this. existence (eden’s). to revise (sáp)., [for] existence (matrix). [as] this. great speech. [for] the words in the new-north (shaau).; [because for] great speech. the word. [as] the gift. [for] this. existence. [and by] this. great speech. [for] the word of the equilibrium (meteru). [through] the willpower. the word of Saturn (h’u). [as] divine light., [by means of] speech and nature (kher). this. existence (eden’s). to revise.;

great speech. [by] the word (eden’s). to give. speech. this (tn). become word (by) the workplace. this existence., this. great speech. [of] words of hail. [for] existence. thou. this. speech. [by?] these. knots,spines (thestu,word of?). this existence.; [as] this. the one. to give. this. speech. [to] he (the). Ba spirit-soul (ram). to worship (uash). this. speech. [of?] my. divine father [Tem., [as] this. speech. it (the). sekhem-power. [for] this. speech. [of] he (the). Ba spirit-soul (ram). [of] sharpness (sept’).; [as] this. speech. [by] divine light (matrix). [for] the khu-spirit. [yet] this. willpower., [by] willpower (eden’s). to be opened (un). nót.;

[by] this. to fetter (aqs). [for] this. speech. [of] existence (matrix). [by] decree of law. the words to grow [!]., to grow (glyph). to become speech. of [=for]. existence. of [=by]. the essence (glyph). thing which is [reality] (ntt). [by] this. word of Saturn., [by means of by] them (ad.souls). he (the). son. (end plate)
of [=for]. to manifest (per). the father (Tem). I am.;
the father. of [=for]. to manifest. the son. am I.;
this. speech. [of] my. true voice., [as] this. speech. [of] divine light (matrix). [by] me. the father. [of] true voice., [by means of] it. [through] the enemies. of [=fór]. great speech. [as] one. to give. willpower. [to] the thing of speech. [to] he (the). Ba spirit-soul (ram)., [by means of] the star-the god (tuat-star). to make a aakhu-spirit. [as] divine lights. [for] existence (matrix). to complete.; [by] to make..”
[into next set of plates]

B] suggestion: the prisoners are the cube’s Vertices
…. it sounds absurd – but let’s look at théir symbology; observing:
a] that the plates form a unity about a certain theme,
starting with Tem upon a staff ‘at some angle’ [!], then the four
enemies can be “the four horizontal vertices of the Cube”:
remember they hate this, since they want ‘to stand upright’ –
the glyph SET’EB, ‘stake of torture’, appears to carry this same
theme – then it would make sense there are ‘four of them’;
b] in the last gate, NU is holding up with his arms the dome,
while here, the twenty prisoners ‘have their arms fettered’:
following the (bizarre) logic,
then these 20 must represent “the vertical vertices of the cube”,
but in that way, that they cannot hurt anymore –
main question is then ofcourse ‘why twenty’….have they been
divided into 5 x 4? perhaps as four of the original cube, and
multiplied into four thes-type-domes, they want to build?

…if we expand that further – there are 21 Sbekht-gates, see BD,
which would cover these twenty; ten of those have a different
description as the other eleven – would those be the about ten
valid gates in this book?..since thése are dubbed SEBEKHT, too;
we will review that BD asap,


..also in amtuat it is full of deities with ‘hidden arms’
or projected arms, etc; that the arms are “tied up” from
these twenty, shows bounded willpower —
compare the pic of the paleo-hebrew name of God, IEUE,
with the sigil of arms bearing up – where ‘arm’ is always
“willpower” [the à hieroglyph], and compare the mimick
Nu with similar held-up arms in last picture of this book –

personal: of us saw, ten years ago, “22 of His’ reading over
this world judgement, reading it from scrolls”;
only past months we discovered the “scroll” is the sky
of the cube (*pic, tcherru), with glyph METCHAT –
– it is the same theme as John who had to eat the scroll,
‘and it was sour in his belly’: that is their belly, KHAT;
we assume that the sky of eden is direct related to these
twenty/twentyone/twentytwo – but we not yet gather
the difference in numbers,

2] equilibrium and Witness: line below prisoners:
….they use the cluster METER, similar meaning as ÃQ,
“the exact middle, equilibrium” but with root “phallus”,
as in inverse pillar –
this exact middle should be seen as,surprise, an Off-angle
of the imaginary vertical plumbline of the Cube [compare
how also the line between kings- and queen’s chamber in
the Giza pyramid are a few degrees Off]
showing again the relation of ‘vertical vortice’ with the
slight off-angle pillar; and it may no be coincidence that
the term METER is also [false] witness – see prev. paragraph;

..the ‘egg’ should be the proto-Utchat-eye, related to SÃH’,
Orion; and may show the start of the caduceaus (*pic), since
the Wick, Saturn glyph, is the Dna-type glyph,