PT 366

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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theme : cosmology: ãnkh construct
status : completed
summary : the revolving background of Saturn causes a different reality
notes : below,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending

[contains a major concept, see notes]

633b] his. father/staff (átef?). protects. the son. Horus’. existence. [in] his. name. of.: – the word. connected to.his. protection., + (next line)
633a] [by] the boat of the divine word (eden’s). to erase. [and] to split-Off (t’en). Adam-within. [for] the Khu-spirit’s. existence., [in] it’s. name. of.: – he (adam). within. thou. existence. [as] Khu-spirit.;
632d] Sirius (sept’t). [of] Adam-within. [for] Horus., of [=by]. thou. within. to. manifest (per)[as] the sharp, ready (sept’= pun). Horus.+
632c] [by] Sirius (sept’t). of. readyness (sept’). – [by] the adamite soul. within. thou. [as] the seed. [to] manifest.;
632a] Thou. phallus (pillar). dwells (h’ems). [in] the head. [of] the adamite soul (see note). [for] thou.  existence. to set up. – thou. beloved. existence. to rejoice in (hã)., – [by] the throne of the adamite soul (ást,Isis, in hebrew-H). [as] thou.secondary (sennu). [for] thou. existence. [as] adv.b-soul.:
631b] (repeat 633a2) — To be violently split-Off (t’ent). thóu. nót.; – [but] within. the word. connected to. their (ad.souls). offering/sacrifice (ããbt).;
631a] (repeat 632a) — The star of the gods (Tua neter, see note). [for] thou. existence. [in] name. of.: – [for] thém (ad.souls). speech. to be far from. [but for] thou. nót.; – within. the word. connected to. them (ad.souls)., [that word]  to honour (tua). + (next line)
630c] [as] the god. [for] existence., [in] thou. name. of.: – Thou. within., [by] théir (ad.souls). god. [of] existence.;
629b] The place. [of] protection. of [=by]. the chalice below the solarplane (nebh’et). [is] the willpower of Saturn (h’enã). [for] the throne of the adamite soul (ást, in north). copulating with (nek) [!]. existence (eden’s). [for] protection.;
629c] The [double?] island. [in] the dimension. perishes (sek). [in?] the great Pillar (ãnkh spine)., encircled (shen). of [=by]. – the great pillar. [as?] the Staff (tá, of adam rule). encircled (shen). [by] the word. [of] thou. of [=by] + (next line)
629b] all of Saturn’s background (h’anebu, see note). rotating (pekhar) [!]. [as] the Light. revolving (t’eben). – encircling (shent). the Staff (tá, of rule). [by] the revolving (t’eben). word. [of] thou., of [=by] + ( next line)
629a] The island. [of] passive great speech (Urrt, eden’s). encircled (shen). of [=by]. the circle (shen). [of] great speech (ur). [as] the word. of [=by]. +
628c] the great green sea (north-half of ãnkh, uatch ur). [of] Existence., [in] thou. name. of.: – great speech. [by] the Emerald sceptre (uatch).;
628c] The fortress (solarplane). [of] Kam ur (bullgod, see note). [of] existence., [in] thou. name. of.: – great speech. as completed thing (kamt = pun).;
628a] The word. [of] thou., coming from them. makes healthy (suatu)., – [by] Nebh’et [and] Isis. thou. two sisters. [for] thou. existence. [as] b-soul.;
627b] all of the East (abetch). land. [of] existence. [in] thou. name. of.: their (ad.souls). existence (eden’s). [for] the beautified-soul., –  [by] thou. speech. [as] great speech. [by] this. your. + (next line)
627a] shrine. [of] great speech. slaughtering (glyph). the father (adam/staff). [of] existence. [in] thou. name. of.:  – his. speech. [by] théir (ad.souls). existence., [is for] the beautified-soul., – [as] thóu. great speech. [for] thou. existence. to bear up (fa).;
626c] [Through] thou. below (south). enemy.,  thou. existence. [by] théir (ad.souls). existence. is set up.; – [by] the great pillar. [as] the Ennead’s. word., connected to. protection.;
625b] Thou. mouth (abyss?). [of] the jackal. to copulate with. existence (eden’s). [in order to] purify the mouth (sek, vesica north?)., – [for] Nut (sky dimensions of earth). thou. mother. [by] the word. connected to. existence (matrix). to be born., + (next line)
626a] [through] the word. connected to. the support (thes).  standing upright., – [so that] N. [as] Osiris. [can] invade [hebrew-H. north].;

– to recite [this] spell;

A] notes :
- a most important spell, addressing rotating Light , used to alter Reality; and since we know He did not talk about "the solarplane planets revolving", we need to find the corresponding glyphs used;
hinducosmos com
... to visualize PT 366 : on the left a Vedic depiction of this very theme, called "the churning of the milky ocean": you see the deities revolving the ãnkh-pillar upon it's axis; the pillar stands upon the turtle [in glyphs SHET, from soulpool SH], and the milky ocean around, in glyphs UATCH UR, "the great green sea" , where both the 'milk' and the 'green' correspond - since both mean "green, young, healthy, abundance". On top of the pillar is Vishnu/Anubis, who rules the north Vesica.
The text uses several [glyphs] for the concept of rotating and encircling, each describing their own area:
1] - the first being T'EBEN,' to revolve' etc; exclusively used in the context of "solarplane", lit. existenceN/by the solarplaneB/of TuatT', where Tuat is the underworld; you see that in the same cluster is T'EBEN, 'flat drum', which depicts the same flat nature of the solarplane; in spell 356? we saw the glyph T'EBT, one of four tiles of the solarplane - apparently the four cardinal points projected upon the flat solarplane. [in next spells we will see that this 'flat drum' is responsible for our very physical heartbeat !]; RPT_teben_revolve RPT_teben_flat_drum
2], we have PEKHAR, also "to revolve" etc ; because of the nature of this glyph, it will be used only for the root (P) revolving - and that may be both the whole south as root [by the Kha lake], but also the vesica in the nórth: since its inversion is KHEPer, the god of Transformation working in the vesica in the North. RPT_pekhar

3] ...and finally SHEN, "to orbit, encircle, revolve" etc.; used related to the soulpool-SH, below [S from adamite soul + hebrew-H]; the rotating serpent coils surround the SH-pool, the place where the Adamite Originals dwell: and by this rotating (somehow) their reality changes. We do not know the technics of that (yet), but the comparison with our 3-D printer may be appropriate: with the difference, that the printer rotates around the to-be object -- while the serpent coils rotate around the object in order to siphon upon. (begs the question 'who' invented that printer..?) (next paragraph)

- We hope to dive into this most important topic, soon; there is a reason why the one of four rivers from Eden is called PSHN, containing in [glyphs] P and SH ; and why "four"; but also related to the tower of Babel, in (scriptural) Shinar, where the [glyph] for the sacred serpent is SHENÃR; and the relation to the revolving starry sky around us [!], depicted in the [glyph] of Orion, SQET'T, "travelling boat of Orion".

RPT_shen RPT_shen_ten

Looking at the text, we see in 629b] "the light revolving, encircling the Staff "; telling that the solarplane is the causing factor of the pillar rotating (as per Vedic picture) , and that the Staff is INSIDE the Sh-pool, below: since the word for 'encircling' is Shen; and again in 629c] it repeats that "the Staff is encircled" SHEN;

in 629c] you see how "all of Saturn's background is revolving (pekhar) as the light rotating (t'eben) "; the root is revolving by the solarplane ; and that should be both vesicas revolving upon their axis, because of the Pillar revolving. The [glyph] H'A is the revolving hidden background of Saturn, and should be analogue to the weird revolving background which the serpent's coils cause over the SH-pool, below...

- in the original glyph texts, it took time to understand that one time "the encircling coils" are addressed, while other times "the encircled gods in the Shen"; we hope to upload those series soon; when they use [glyph] "covering", SHEN, they address the serpent coils siphoning upon the covering of the gods imprisoned within the SH-pool, etc.

Important for us will also be the "rotating of light in the Northern vesica", where a rotating wall of (dimensional) physical flesh forms our "I"in its centre ; and then (somehow) makes each of us connect to that. Either way, this rotating light to Alter reality changes Time, and the "time" as wé know it, is nothing else but the [slow!] time of the solarplane, likely diminished with a factor 8, according to the UN-cluster.

....nice detail: the hidden background of Saturn, in 366, is h'anebu : officially "the area of the Greek mediterranean", but also the nazi Ufo project.

additional notes :
632a] dwells in the head = the pillar goes into the place of rule, hebrew-H, in the north ; however, that very concept is also physical: the spine of this body
631] tua neter = likely related to the Scripture verse "...and Kyiun, the star of your god"; [etymology still pending;]
626c], mentioned "the great pillar + ennead" in one line : Frank Peratt found in the petroglyphs depicting the plasma-culumn in the south-east (the ãnkh-pillar) as much as "9 torusses, which moved out from its centre" [where the pantheon named Enned is "pestch, nine"]
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