CT 618

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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theme : re-routing eden's watercourse, to give their apes a body
status : completed
summary : re-routing eden's watercourse, to give their apes a body
notes : below,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending

VI 234 – difficult but many useful concepts

j] \\ the light [eden's]. [to] darkness (glyph). [of] the word. of [=by]. his. head [eden's executive place,T']. to make to destroy the watercourse [eden's] (sua). [for] the [detour] divine watercourse [eden's]. [for] existence (matrix).;
i] [by?] the prisoner (su,cain). [for] my. existence., [for] me. to become new (un)., [and by] me. the thing of the watercourse. of [=for]. me. to find (gem).;
h] Osiris. my. divine father. [for] my. existence., [by] existence (eden's). to open up [the root] (up).; my. divine father. [for] my. existence., [by] existence (eden's). to give. speech., [as] aspects for the solarplane house (bu). [by] eden's realm (NeN). [to] mé. to give., [and by] me. the word. to seize (shet').

f] the bulls. [of] great speech. the dimension to fill [north] (meh')., [by] the anunna-face (north). commanding and judging., [and] the divine word. to can breathe (sensen). [through] the doubled-divine Horus.;
[by] them (ad.souls). to become the phallus (other?). of [=as?]. e] the land [théir side, south?]. divine words. the doorkeeper. [of] existence. [of] he (the). blood (senef)., to become (áu). the sky of earth. the doorkeeper. existence. he. words of aether (t'esher,pyr)., to become (áu). c] ãnkh-life. of [=for]. me.;
[through] the lights [eden's]. [by] me. to make destitude (s-ãntch). b] [by] death. [of] the light., of [=for]. mý. light. to make to rise and be crowned (khã).;
a] to become new (un). [by] the prisoner (su,cain). to perish (sek). [for] me., [and] the divine woman [eve] (h'emt). of [=for]. me. to copulate with (nek+phallus)., to snatch away (neh'em). +

VI 233
m] [through] he (the) speech [of cain's physical aspects!]. [as] my. torso. of. willpower., of [=for]. the aspects of breath-air [of eve]. to snatch away., l] it. [from?] the enemies. [for] my. existence. [by] to go to the hidden root [eve] (peh').;
k] the sky of earth. [by] existence (eden's)., [for] the ka-double bull. [as] my. existence. [by] the flesh and bone from the heir., to become (áu). j] my. the divine torso. [by] sweetness. to guard (saaa).;
i] repeat f]
h] [by] them (ad.souls). to become the phallus., [for] the gods of great speech. who are. foremost, in front., of [=by]. connecting to. aspects offered. [for] the word. [of] sight (maa). [for] existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; my. word. thou. to give. to me. to become. g] [by] this (to connect to). shoulder [axis] (qãh', saturn/willpower). of [=for]. this. thing to drink (s-urt). of [=by]. these. aspects. to become new (un).; of [=by]. these. aspects [for solarplane from sh-pool] (shebu). [to] me. to give.;

f] these (to conn to). heads [of adamite originals, tuat V]. to tie together (thes). [for] this. my. image [to make] (áru).; of [=by]. this (conn to). Self (tches). these (connect to). heads. [for] me. to tie together.;
d] to tie together. my. head. [by] to connect to. the speech of the anunna-face (north). [as for] me. existence (matrix). to enter (ãq).;
c] [by] it (the). divine ánes red garment-body. [of] adam-within., protect[ed?] [Sa, earth]. of [=by]. it (the). cord of wandering around [astral-cord?] (pekhart)., of [=by]. them (ad.souls). to praise (t'ua).; b] [and by] it (the). ántt-cords [ravine ántt]. of [=as?] the divine claw (?,unclear). [for] this. sight (maa).;
a] the heads [ad.originals]. to copy (sen). [for] these (áptu). baboons (gáftu). [for] the speech. [of?] the words. [of] threefoldedness (khemtu). [of] the land., [for] thou. to manifest (per).;

o] his [eden's?]. words in the exalted high place [north]. [of] the head. [ín] the anunna-face. [for] existence [eden's]. [are] stubble (qat't)., [but] my head. [by?] the anunna-face. [for] existence (matrix). [is] the rudder [by the hidden root] (h'ept). thou. carried off.;
n] the Tuat house. fields. thou. purify. [and] thou. to make healthy. l] **start unclear section** word.connect to.me.existence.to seize.the one.my.existence.divine words.to connect to.me.to seize. f] [for] the word [eden's]. to birth. the divine words. [for] the advanced beautified-soul.; j] the West. [for?] all (the). bulls with painted eyes (set'emtu). [as?] the ka-double bull. i] [for?] the sky of earth. speech. the bull-phallus. [for] **resumed** the divine son. [as] willpower. [by] the word. [for] the advanced beautified-soul.; [and] the adamite soul. to say.:
 h] me. to repulse (khesef). of [=by]. the advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0). [of] the beautiful. West.; g] repeat; f] [by] my [own]. speech. [by] me. to destroy the watercourse [eden's]. [for] 'the' watercourse [rerouted].: [because of] me. existence. to make. e] the Tuat house. [of] torso. [and] anunna-face (vesica)., [by] the lands [edens,south] to plow-over (seKau). [by] great speech., [fór] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
d] he (ad.soul). withín. the advanced beautified-soul (canaanite soul 2.0). [in?] my. torso. [of] existence. [for] the solarplane-torso (ab+cauldron). [of?] this (root). light, or: Hru (hebrew-H)., c] [for?] me., [by?] the word [eden's]. to slay [7-poly] (t'es). of [=by]. the flint knife [7-poly] (t'es)., of [=by]. me. to fear (sent'). [and to] me. to give. (me)., to become (áu). b] the SBA stars. [in] the ÕN-pillar [án]. of [=as/]. my. ureaus serpent. [of] willpower. to rise and be crowned (khã)., to become. a] the foreign land as placenta [probably top of H-cube] (kenset)., [for] to restore (tcheb). of [=for]. me. the word. \\ [of] willpower. head (main willpower?)., [as] the divine words. to manifest by eden's speech (perr)., [by means of] speech (matrix). the ãrrut houses [tuat I,etc]. to encircle (shen).;

s] [and for] the divine words to make a watercourse [rerouted]. [for?] speech., [by] the things of the watercourse [eden's]. to guard (saaa)., to give. alike-adam's (mm). speech.;
r] the divine H'EP bull [adam] (also ápis). [in?] the pool (pool-glyph). to circle, to circuit [word-inside to revolve] (t'ebennu). to give. speech.; [and so] the house of the skin of the bull [adam's] (mesqet). the dimension to fill [north] (meh').; p] [by] the nuh' cord [a plumbline]. to go judge (utchã).;
o] the ákhemut (foremost) mother lands [they claim]. [by] their (ad.souls). words. to unite [by copulation] (sma)., [for?] the aspects of Matter (petch). to unite (t'emt').; [by?] the portion of the land [1/4] (tchenát). portion (tchená). the dimension to fill [the north] (meh'). l] [and?] the divine words of the plexus (?,sun-egg?). willpower [eden's]. to strip down (kef).;
k] he (the). existence [eden's]. to be exalted. nót.;
j] Rã. he (the). existence [eden's]. to go command. nót.;
j] Geb. he (the). existence. to [re]open. nót.;
the land [south]. the greater and lesser Ennead [pantheon]. to go command., g] [by] divine speech. to stand upright. f] [and] the shining backbone [of pillar] (pest'). to manifest., [and by] the phoenix [bennu bird]. to direct (ser).;

e] the gods'. divine father. [is] Geb., of [=by?]. the Westerners [horus-spirits]. [for?] me. to devise (ka). [the fire] to shoot out [of T'] (ut')., d] [as] my. speech., (me). to make a watercourse [rerouted eden's]. [as] thing of the watercourse. [for] my. existence., to make. b] [by] the shrine of speech for the Ka-double (kar). [by?] the divine horus-spirits in the background of saturn (h'atiu). this (to connect to). the anunna-face (north). [as] the speech. [for] millions (h'eh'u,saturn). [of] fiery tongue (nes).;

closing: a] the houses. [of] speech. [of?] them (ad.souls). [by] the Ka-double bull. [of] existence (matrix). [by] divine great speech. to make to smite [eden's dew] (s-át').;

A] notes :


234 j] and others, "rerouting Watercourse":

....even the glyphs themélves are tricky: we went long time after the dictionary description of the glyph SUA, "to pass along", as in travelling, journeying - because of the feet-glyph attached;
but the S preceeding UA [way] cannot mean anything else as "to go máke a way", read, re-routing;
- this is Huge: because the Watercourse runs east to west [book of Ezekiel]; but is being hiked, and [part] of it is made to stream Upwards, to the North: in the pillar....

Once we get thát right, then also the all-important "thigh" makes sense:
the thigh then being "the point where this split-off watercourse leaves the réal Watercourse";
now, we will need to find out the many descriptions as arm, shoulder, wing [axis], etc;

f], phallus and blood:

.....a similar problem: since phallus can represent virtually any cóncept;
and "land" is never so much "earth's land", but the land south: which is existing out of twó lands [seperated by a ravine, ÁNTT]; hence - since the topic is still 'watercourse', he must mean that "their eastern land becomes a phallus";
" blood", SENEF, is théir concept; while T'ESHER [blood, redness, but read 'edens blushyness'] is their mixture with eden's aspects; so he seems to say here, that théir blood SENEF gets mixed into eden's aspects becoming TESHER, and thát mixture is "the sky of this earth";
[ see Revelations, "hail mixed with blood came down"!];

a] prisoner and copulate;

....it is not clear why he starts now about the prisoner:
it may be because cosmology is represented bý every action and bodypart of the [spirit-]human;
either way, as many spells confirm, they steal the body of cain, in order for thém to go copulate with Eve;
in order to obtain from her 'breath-air', "words", perhaps a term is "feelings";

231 c], Ánes red garment-body,

....so many type garment-bodies are named, that it is hard to make some Sense:
the root is ÁN, their artificial-fish-soul, + S of adamite soul;
if it is "red" then that can only be non-eden SENEF, "blood";
they do not care much for this phýsical body we have, [which they term H'EBST], so this must be some... astral-type layer; and considered the sentence, this ÁNS-body is connected with these 'cords' to the Abyss ÁNTT;

d] copying adamite heads fór their ape-sons


232 h], adamite soul declaring guilt,

...shows that they are completely aware of eden's fall -
and continuously they use the term "by decree of law" [ well that is why this site exists...]

d] torso,

....the use of their term 'torso', ÁB, either means "the physical torso" or the cosmology one [in the dome of the Cube]; and often the context of which one is ment depends upon the entire line;
 the extension of this ÁB appears to be AB, often followed by a cauldron-glyph, in other spells named as ABT'U+place-glyph;
which is the same as sumerian Abzu -- the dimensional place where Enki moved to;
interesting is, that according to Henoch, the place where God put Azazel translates as "God's cauldron";

d] flint knife T'ES,

....if you will search for "chestahedron", you will find that it is a geometric form,
which may very well be the blueprint for the physical heart we have;
point being, that our essence, the soul, is imprisoned WITHIN this heart;
hence this may be the reason why they are valuing their 'flint-knife' so much,
[see tuat VIII, where ten workplaces have this same T'ES glyph; all the weaver-poles stand upon "sand" - which is crystalline = [sacred] geometry]; also in last register of tuat XII we suggested Shu has this T'ES];

- but its working are still unclear.
a guess might be, that since it is spinning, it "loops" eden's light, inside;
this spinning and rotating is a typical treat of their realm; and it may be the only reason whý the adamite soul is "able" to reside within this saturn-body: since she is in this "bubble" of eden light, within the heart.
[see also the flint-knife-like building in Dallas,TX];

c] SBA stars and ureaus,

..... again these stars, which appear to have been 'stolen' ['un-tied'] out of hebrew-H cube,
and here, it is almost like they "are placed into forming a straight line to the North",
where the uraus is "ascending by";
[see tuat XI, the PEST'star-disk];

231 r], the H'EP bull,

.... the same as the Ápis bull, who was chased around in an arena, before being stabbed to death,
[spanish matador events derive from this], and the text shows exactly this theme;
although it is here "the word-inside, which revolves aróund [the bull]".
- we cannot be sure it is the SH-pool [on top of cube], but the T'EBEN is definately "solarplane + hand", so we can assume that this event is placed "on top of the Cube";

then it uses the term MESQET,
confusing is that it is close to the term MESEKHT, "ursa major"; but the text shows that "the North is to bé filled,still"; .... a related term is mesqt nu Set, "Set inside the bull-skin [chamber] ", so we can be sure this is about Adam's skin-body.
Anubis' attribute was the ÁMi UT, pictured below,
a pole with a bull sking hanging loosely around it; the term saying "the embalmed thing / of adam-within";

note -
when addressing the 'maps' about the eastern sky, we try locate the mentioned places -

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