HAVING passed through the Eighth Division of the Tuat, the boat of the sun arrives at the gateway called AAT-SHEFSHEFT [1], which leads to the NINTH DIVISION, or, as the opening text reads: “This great god cometh to this gate, and entereth through it, and the gods who are therein acclaim this great god.”[2] The gateway is like that through which the god passed into the previous Division, and its outwork is guarded by nine gods in the form of mummies, who are described as the PAUT, i.e., the company of the nine gods.[3] At the entrance to the gate proper stands a bearded, mummied form, with his hands folded on his breast, called ANHEFTA [4] and at its exit stands a similar form called ERMEN-TA [5], each of these is said to extend his arms and hands to Ra. The corridor is swept by flames of fire, which proceed from the mouths of two uraei, as before.

[1] –    ÃÃt SHEFSHEFTu, “the great things/(for,from) the pillar (*pic)
[2] –    text: “the original adamite soul. [of] adam-within. [for] the gods. [of] existence of hail.;
[by] the great pillar. this (pn). god., [for] existence of hail. [as] the sebekht-gate.
of [=for]. to enter (ãq)., this (pn). sebekht-gate. [of] speech. [for] the great pillar.
this. god., [for] existence of hail. to arrive (sper)“;
[3] –    PESTCHu, the Ennead, pantheon of nine (of the pillar), with the line in front,
“the words. to cut. [by] the soul-pool (sh). [for] the great doors (of pillar). thou.
to make to open (sensh). [by] the lion-mouth (*pic,w-hole). the corners (glyph).
thou. to open [and become new] (un). the land (south)., [by] the star to open
(?,upsh). [for] the great pillar. the god., [in order for] the house of the horizon
(*pic,yellow cube).\\the foremost. existences. [of] speech. to come willpower (+).”
[4] –    ÁNEH’ F TA, “the land/he/to surround”, added is the line,
“the land/enemy (?)/he/the shoulder [axis] (qãh’)“, saturn,
[5] –    REMEN TA, “the land/to carry,bear up”, with the added line,
“the light (?)/(of) the dome/he/the willpower/(of,for) the shoulder (qãh’)“,

…both uraei have a similar inscription next to them, STT SEN,
“the light/existence of adamite soul/flames to shoot-out (like seed) “,

A] context:

….the possible explanation for all these corners, is that here the thes-dome (*pic) is
being constructed – as if they are making “a space distance between the corners of
the cube-H, creating some equilibrium – note the fire between both uraei;

The company of the gods who guard the outwork address Ra, and say,
“Come thou to us, O thou who art the head of the horizon, O thou great god who openest the secret places, open for thyself the holy pylons, and unfold for thyself the holy doors thereof.” The monster serpent which stands on his tail and guards the door is called AB-TA [6], and the two lines of text which refer to his admission of Ra read, “He who is over this door openeth to Ra. SA [7] saith unto AB-TA, ‘Open thy gate to Ra, unfold thy portal to KHUTI, so that he may illumine the thick darkness, and may send light into the hidden abode.’ This gate closeth after this god hath passed through it, and the souls who are on the other side of it wail when they hear this door closing upon them.”

[6] –    TCHET, likely, “body” (‘pupil’),
[7] –    SAÁ, “(backwards) intuition”, it’s companion is H’EKA, “sorcery”,
[8] –    [by] this. great door (of pillar). to descend hebrew-H., [by] them (ad.souls).
the corner. [of] adam-within. [for] the Ba spirit-soul (bird). the speech and nature.
[as] the one. hebrew-H (glyph). this (pn). god., [by means of] to enter (ãq). the
staff,branch. of [=by]. this. great door. [for] existence of hail. [of] ãnkh-life., [as]
the hidden. house of fat (eden aspects). [in order] of [=for]. to unite (sma).;
[using] the darkness (gerh’, saturn). [for] it. to repulse., [and for] it. to become (áu).
the house of the horizon (*pic,yellow cube). [of] existence (matrix)., [by means of]
thou. the great door. [of] the dome. [by] their (ad.souls). light (eden’s). [for]
existence (matrix). thou. the tuat house. to open [and] (un).;
the serpent the land to protect (netch-ta+serpent). [through] divine intuition. the light
(eden’s). [for] existence (matrix). he. to open (and become new] (un)., [and] of [=by].
this (pn). great door. [of] the [an-] face (eden’s). [bý] he. existence to become new (unn).”

In the middle of the Division we see the boat of Ra being towed on its way by four gods of the Tuat; the god is in the same form as before, and SA stands on the look-out, and HEKA obeys his instructions as to steering. The procession which marches in front of the boat consists of:-

1. Six bearded male figures, standing upright, who hold in their hands the ends of a rod, or rope, which is bent in the shape of a bow over their heads; these are described as “those who are over the words of magical power.”[1]

2. Four dog-headed apes, which hold a rod bent as already described; these are described as “those who work magic by means of knots for Ra.”[2]
3. Four women, who stand upright, and hold a bent rod, or rope, over their heads like the four apes and the six male figures; they are described as “those who work magic by means of knots for Ra.”[3]

[1] – cannot read; context unclear
[2] – same
[3] – same

4. Three male figures, each holding a harpoon in his right hand, and a cord in his left; they are called “spearmen.” [4] Immediately in front of these is a bearded male figure, who has been lying prostrate on his face; he has upon his head a small solar disk and a pair of ass’s ears, and his name is AAI, i.e., the Ass. [5] In his hands he grasps a rope, which passes over his head and along his back, and is held by each of the three spearmen in his left hand; from the knees upwards his body is raised in a diagonal position, and this attitude suggests that he has either raised himself by means of the rope, or has been pulled into this position by the spearmen. [6] Facing the Ass are:–1. The monster serpent APEP, and 2. The crocodile SHESSHES, with a tail ending in the head of a serpent. [7]

[4] –    unreadable
[5] –    more devious: the figure is named IAÁ, a word very different from ‘ass’;
but IAÁ is “the beautified-soul (hail) / ruling / the most-b-soul-adam”;
the theme seems to be here Adam being forced as bent-torus-axis,
thereby hostage agáinst the double root ‘ãpep’ (eden two lands);
he is being used for théir construct, inclusive bent body-thigh, and
áten-disk upon his head; that he is used as blueprint for thém being
the “ithyphallic ones”, ÃÃI, ass, is obvious;
[6] –    the latter, ofcourse;
[7] –    this crocodile is the same one as in amtuat VII; sitting upon the double-root
as soulpool, thes-dome;

The text, which refers to the whole of this section, reads:–
“This great god is towed along by the gods of the Tuat, and those who tow Ra along say:–‘The god cometh to his body, and the god is towed along to his shadow. O be thou at peace with thy body, and we will tow thee along in thy integrity into thy (literally, his) secret place. Come thou, O Ra, and be thou at peace with thy body, for thou shalt be protected by those who are over the curved ropes (?).'”

[see all texts below, starting in clear sections:]

The text which refers to the six men, four apes, and four women, with nets over their heads, reads:–
“Those who are in this picture march before Ra, and they utter words of power against APEP, and [then] return to the Arit (or, Hall) of the horizon. They journey onwards with him into the height of heaven, and they come into being for him in the ATERTI (i.e., the two portions of the sky in which Ra rises and sets), and they cause him to rise in NUT. And they say their words of power which are these:–‘Out upon thee, O thou Rebel Serpent! Out upon thee, thou monster that destroyest, thou Apep that sendest forth thy evil emanations (or, deeds)! Thy face shall be destroyed, O APEP. Thou shalt advance to the block of execution. The NEMU are against thee, and they shall hack thee in pieces. The AAIU are against thee, and they shall destroy thee. The ABEBUITI (i.e., the three spearmen) shall drive [their harpoons] into thee, and they shall enchant thee by means of their Hail! Thou art destroyed, dashed in pieces, and stabbed to death, O serpent SESSI.'”

“Those who are in this scene, and who have their spears, keep ward over the rope of AI, and they do not permit this Worm to approach the boat of the great god. They pass behind this god upwards. These gods who do battle on behalf of this god in heaven say”:–(The speech is wanting).


“the sky of earth. of [=as]. this. god., [by] the [an-] face (eden’s). to battle (ãhã).
the cord. [of] the gods. [as] eden realm. [for] existence of hail.;
the speech for the an-face. of [=for]. this. god. the enemy.; of [=by]. (means of)
them (ad.souls). to wander the double root of willpower [to thém] (ãpp+walk).”

[2] [full text starting across bowmen:]
“to become the willpower for. beauty (nefer). [as] the god. [of] existence (matrix).;
[by means of] the boat to Untie. [in order for] within., the word. [of] existence
(eden’s)., [through] this (pn). H’efau-serpent (144,000 stolen aspects). [for] speech.
[of] willpower., [by] them (ad.souls). to be given (t’iát’iá)., [while] lácking (\\nt).
the serpent most-b-soul-adam (1 glyph!). the cords [plumblines] (nuh’u).,
[because] them (ad.souls). to guard (saa). — [through?] the cords of the deep place
(?,BeB,apollo). [for?] willpower (Ã). below (kher).,
this. word. [for] this. existence (matrix). of [=by]. thém (ad.souls). existence become new.”

[3] [ over the section of bows:]
skipped: too pixellated to can read and make any solid context;
that is why we decided to wait presenting this plate – until we will one time have
sufficient resources to búy the deliberately out-of-print-book;

[4] [from bowmen across boat of Rã until leftside-front:]
“the light (eden’s). [fór] the foreground (h’at)., [by means of] them (ad.souls).
to come to make the blueprint (sqt’t’nu). [for] these. designs (skher).,
[because] of [=by]. them (ad.souls). existence to become new.;
[by] them (ad.souls). [are] the [3?] ropes. the word. [of] willpower. to give.
[to] willpower (matrix). [as] the words. [of] speech for the an-face (white hole).;

[as] the one. protection. [for] thou. body (pupil). [for] thou. peace [of saturn]
(h’etep). [through] the light (eden’s). [for] hail. [for] to come hail as the
advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).;
[by] he. the word. [of] the turtle (soul-pool-land). of [by]. (means of) the
prisoner (su,Cain). [as] thóu. words. the word (eden’s). to halt (walk+x).;

thou. body (pupil). thou. peace [of saturn]. it. the shadow (energy-field). [for]
existence. [by] the god. he. to halt.; [and] it. (unreadable)
existence. the god. to come hail as advanced beautified-soul (c-s 2.0).; [by
means of]
their (ad.souls). light (edens). to halt.; [and by] them (ad.souls).
the existence of hail (án). [for] the Tuat house. [and it’s] gods. [of] exstence
of hail.; [by means of] the great pillar. this (pn). god. to halt,to stop (the
watercourse flowing to eden’s eye)

A] notes :
B] notes : ....since the usual line is "by them (ad.souls) existence to become new", here, the last line must refer to Eden's eye ; 2] also remember the line about the "cornerstone", His attribute, it cannot be coincidence that He is also "the Way"; - in howfar this is related to "being buried in the tomb, then the stone rolled away, with outside the cave the garden", is similar;
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