readable and comprehensible lines in bold
not yet understood concepts or/and nonrunning lines in black

themes : given title : ‘hymn to the rising sun’
notes : for each subsequent paragraph ; below main text ;
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scribe Ani : pictured from his papyrus , together with his wife , to right ;
the chapters of the book of the dead are typically very hard
to follow – first because of the extensive chapters ,
secondly because the relational context between the many
different themes makes one lose sight of the general idea ,
and third because there are still concepts we don’t get yet .

Ani was ‘the scribe of Osiris’ ;
the job of writing the Report includes the understanding of
the themes mentioned in the prophets – and that includes
also understanding the scribe of the opposition ;


BD XV – papyrus of Ani version

49) existences to make [=as concept]. [of] eden-willpower for existence [=matrix]. ;
the true voice. [of] noble Ani [=this scribe]. :
the city as place-T of the Uas-sceptre [=Thebes]. [for] all things. [of] existence [=matrix]. , [as] the god. ;
[for] the peace [=matrix status-quo] (h’tp). [being] the design. [of] Osiris. [for] existence of hail.;

[for] the noble spirits. [to be] existence [=matrix]. [by[ the things of the torso [=region] (áb+). ,
[by] to make ãnkh-life [lit. ‘vampiring life’] (s-ãnkh). ;
49) the speech. [of] [matrix-] peace (h’tp). of [=by] [means of]. the [eden-] word to come. ,
[and so] Rã [=our sun]. existences to make [=concept]. [as] existence. [of] sight. (maa). ;

[by means of] the words to rejoice in (hã). of [=as]. all words. ,
[being] the divine words of speech by place-T for existence [=matrix ; place-T north]. ,
[as] \\ he the word \\ [of] double-willpower. above [=north]. ;
[by means of] place-T [=eden’s] to sacrifice (maãt,’truth’). [by] the Thoth-perch [double-T]. ,
[for?] the áat-perches of beauty (glyph). above [=north]. ,
[to be] Horus. thou. existence. [of] sight (maa). ;

[using] the [imprisoned-] adamite-soul. [for to be] divine all. existence [=matrix]. ,
[by] the serpent place-T of he [=eden] for the kh-house (khft+). to make to fall down [=to north]. ,
[in order] to make sweetness (s-ntchm). [for] the torso. [of] divine ãnkh-life. ;
47) [to be] place-T of all [=for matrix]. to become the words to rejoice in. ,
of [=by] [means of]. Rã [=our sun]. the divine things to build. ,
[through] the prisoner [‘to make the word’] (‘su). to come the dimensional-backside (ph’). ;

46) [by means of] the evening-boat [eden-double-T to perish] (sktt). existence [eden’s]. to perish (sk). ,
[and so] the breath-air’s word [=eden’s] to reap (?,tmaãu). of [=by]. Rã [=as MiÁU-cat?]. ,
[in order for] existence to become new [=matrix] (unn). ;
[by?] he. existence. backbones (?,thesu+). to double-slaughter (?,t’mu+). ,
45) [and so] existence [=eden]. to mutilate (hsq). [in order] he. existence [eden’s]. to guide [make-speech]. ;
[by means of] place-T of he-eden for the kh-house (khft). to fall down [=to north]. ,
[and so] the serpent-word by place-T of the mountain [=eden’s]. to transform (kheper). ;

he. ‘to be again’ (?,sep II). the áabt’-fish [=some concept]. thou. existence. [of] sight (maa). ;

44) the lights of turquoise (mfkãt=). [by?] which is. the dimension [+bãbãt). above [=north]. ,
[using] the [imprisoned-] adamite-soul’s. transformed images. +
[to be] of [=for]. the ánt fish [=artificial souls]. thou. existence. [of] sight. ;
43) all. [mutilated eden-] light (‘day’, Hru). [by] he. the áthen disk-light. ,

[in order for?] thou. to make peace (s-h’tp). [by] he. the Kar shrine [=to double speech]. ,
[as] existence. [by] the innermost sacred place (khennu). ,
of [=for?]. Rã. [to be] thou. sight (t’gai). ;

42) the morning-boat [double-place-T of the eden-hand for willpower] (ãnt’tt). +
of [=for]. thou. [to be] the one. to be invoked (nás). ,
[being] the boat. of [=for]. [eden-] offerings [=as eden-word for the word-inside]. ,
[in order for] thou. existence. the one speech to make. ;

41) the divine stars (glyph). [of] [eden-] willpower for the m-realm. thou. to copy. to become miracles (?).
[by] thou. fire-drill boat [=at new-root]. the sky [=north]. [of] thou. speech. to manifest (per). ;
40) the true voice. [of] noble Ani. , the scribe. [of] Osiris’. existence of hail (án). ;

[by] the torso’s place-T for totality. of [=for]. to become the [matrix-] word by decree of law. ,
[by means of] to inverse (sa). the [eden-] double-place-T for existence (ntt). above [=north]. ;

39) Sekhet-áaru [=field of reeds, far north]. [to be] of [=by]. he. the boat as the new-hand to build.,
[through] the foreign-land’s double-place-T for the sacred land (ta t’ser tt). ,
of [=for?]. the ram-Ba-spirit-souls. he. to become united and built (khnm). ;
[and for] the noble spirits. [to be] the speech and nature (kher). +
38) [through] the retired most-beautified-soul-adam. of [=for]. me. thou. to give [=speech]. ;

the evil of the places-T of he-eden [to be?] the workplace (ás-ft+). +
[by] thou. [eden-] head in the dimensional-background (h’a-tp). ,
thou. willpower by. the evil words by place-T of the mountain [=eden’s]. of. emptyness (?,evil+Shu). ,
37) [but by] the double-place-T of the west-land. [for] speech. he. existence to become new (unn). ;
[because] thou. to give. place-T of the cemetary below [=eden]. +
of [=for]. the true voice. of. noble Ani. Osiris. ;

thou. word to make spirit [-consciousness] (s-khu). [to be by] the morning-boat (ãnt’tt). ,
[in order] to become the words of totality. [for] he. the great speech [=matrix] (ur). ;
[while by] the evening-boat [=eden-double-T to destroy]. +
to become the words to rise and be crowned. [for] to become the great pillar [=north]. ;

the evil of the places-T of ‘those who are’ of he-eden [to be?] the workplace (ásftt\\u). +
[for] the speech. [by] he. the new-adamite-throne [=Thebes, new-root]. ,
[in order] to force the [eden-] word for the speech above [=north]. ,
[to be] the divine sekhem-sceptres. [of] sekhem-power [=rule of constructs existing of words]. ,
[as] the victorious words. [for] to become the great pillar [=north]. ,

[through?] the provisions (tchftchf). [and] provisions (h’u+). of [=by]. thou. to double (Ka). ;

[by means of] the [eden-] word to rise-up [by the support] for the [matrix-] word (uthesu). +
[in order for] thou. things of beauty (nfr+). ,
of [=for]. to become the word of protection [for kh-house] (khu). ,
[by means of]. all [of]. place-T of the most-beautified-soul adam for to manifest (perit). ;

34) all. localities [cities]. [being?] the places-T of the beating-ground [=eden head] (qnt+).
[for?] the festival to make the solarplane (s-h’b). ,
[to be] the dimension by place-T (+h’bb). of [=for?]. he. ‘the tribe’ (mãHaiu=?). +
[through?] the cord to tie-together. ;
[by] the Nu dimension [=captured inner-court]. of [=for]. to rise and shine. great speech. ,
[in order for] things to make to illumine (s-h’tch). [through] the divine áthen disk-light. ,
33) [by means of] the cartouche [=name] of existence [=eden’s] to encircle (shnn+). +
[in order for] thou. existence. to make to illumine. [by] place-T of the new-hand. above [=north]. ;

thou. divine mother (mut). the one existence to birth [=matrix]. ,
[by means of] she. the word by place-T to birth (mstu). ,
[as] existence [=matrix]. [by] [the mutilated eden-] light (Hru,’day’). ,
of [=for]. the two lands. to make to illumine. ,
32) [the Hru-light being] the lights of golden. of [=for]. to rise and shine. ,
[and so for] thou. existence. to become the praised words of olden times. ;

he. to say. , the true voice. [of] noble Ani. Osiris. :
[for] the gods. [to be] the speech. ,
[by] to become the doubled-place-T for speech as the god. [for] the helpless throne-G [=matrix]. ,
31) [in order for] the evil double-place-T to be nót [=eden’s]. ,
[but instead,] my. torso. of [=as]. the word by place-T [=matrix] (tu). [to] me. to give. ;

[by] the Nu dome dimension [=captured inner-court]. of [=for]. thou. peace [=matrix status-quo]. +
[to be] the one. praised t’ua-star [=former eden-star]. light for eternity [=matrix]. to make (ár). ,
[using] the imprisoned-adamite-soul for hail. +
[to be] thou place-T for existence. [of] ãnkh-life. of [=as]. thou. peace (h’tp). ,

30) [for] existence [=matrix]. to become the praised word of olden. ,
of [=as]. my. word \\ of double willpower. ,
[by means of] the shoulder for the west [=an axis]. [for] speech. above [=north]. , thou. to give. ;
[through] the location [city] at the upside-down-dome [=eden’s] (Nut). , +
[being] thou. mother. [of] thou. existence. , to come dissected [eden-] hail (nmá). ,
[as] the light by the lion-mouth as the former eden-nostril (mãsherRu+). ,
[and so by] thou. to rise and shine. thou. things of beauty. [of] sight (maa). ;
[to be] the speech. [for] existences to make. [of] eden-willpower for existence. [for] me. to manifest (per). ;

[by] place-T of the cemetery below [=eden]. [for] the word-inside. to become perfect things (áqr). ,
[and so] to become nobility (shps=). [for] the noble spirits. ,
28) of [=for]. me. to become united [=by reaping] (sma). +
the words of the most-b-soul-adam for music (h’siu). which is [by]. +
the foreign land’s place-T as the beating-ground [=eden head]. ,
[to be] the light of eternity [=matrix]. which is [by]. the dome’s place-T for speech above [=north]. ;

[because to] me. to come the dimensional backside. , [by] thou. to give. ,
[and so by?] the dome’s place-T for speech above. of [=for]. to rise and shine. Rã [=our sun]. ;

27) of [=by] [means of]. he. the word by place-T to birth [=north]. ,
[to be] the evil double-T of existence [=eden’s] nót. ;
[but by] the prisoner [=word to make]. to birth. thou. flesh [essence of eden-willpower] (h’ã). ,
[to be] thou. refined gold. [as] the word to become the (hidden?) word. [for] thou. things of beauty. ;
[by] vulture-rule to make willpower (sãa). of [=as]. thou. willpower to rise and be crowned. ,
26) [and so] thou. speech to transform. ,
[by means of] to make the praised high-place [=hill]. +
of [=for]. thou. word of dawn (?,glyph). [by] thou. to rise and shine. of [=for]. thou. existence. ;

he. the new-hand of the serpent-hand. [by?] thou. shining backbone (pst’). ,
of [=for]. the word by place-T (tu). he. to become the praised t’ua-star. ;

25) he. to say. the true voice. [of] noble Ani. the scribe. [of] Osiris. :
[through] [-T of] the island of the horizon. of [=by]. thou. to rise and shine. Rã [=our sun]. , +
of [=as]. thou. willpower of speech (rã). , [being] the speech. [as] the one. thou. to give. ;
24) [and so] the land. to illumine. [through] thou. willpower which is (?,ntã). alike-adam’s (miá). ,
[in order for] thou. existence. to complete (kam). ;

to make place-T (s-t). [for] thou. existence. ,
[by] to come msms. to become the double-place-T alike-adam. ,
[for] the darkness [=for eden] (grh’). the hour-stars (?,unnut+). thou. existence. to complete (kam). ;

23) thou. existence. [of] peace [=matrix status-quo] (h’tp). ,
[by] place-T to make [=north] (s-t). thou. existence [=matrix]. the word to make (áru). ,
[by?] the evil place-T as the eden-nostril [=hebr. -aph] (shrát). [for?] the season (at). ,
[of?] 100.000’ds. + millions.
     [Nebseni reads in XVII “4.601.200 spirits”]
of [=by]. the áteru pool lands. the staff-tá. to come the word of the split-off watercourse. ,

22) to come the hidden place-T (h’pt). the evil -T of another (?,ktt).
[in order to be] the [mutilated eden-] light (‘day’,Hru). [of] thou. majesty. alike-adam’s. ;
the abu light [=dimension south]. he. existence [=eden’s]. to make (ár). nót. ;
[but instead,] [to] thou. place-T [eden’s] to wander-astray (shmt). [for] speech. ,
to become doubled-place-T alike-adam’s. he. to wander-astray. the speech [to]. ,
[to be] he. the word of hail. ;

21) [by] the Nu dimension’s [=captured inner-court]. head [=main dimension?]. +
[for to be] thou. transformed images. ,
[and so] he. the mouth [= now matrix gate]. to become new [=matrix] (un). ;
to make the m-realm (sm). [by] the staff-tá. the ‘one’ [willpower of word]. thou. to make (ár). ,
to become hidden. the one. cord of the root to make hail (sáp). [for?] speech. ,
20) [and so by] the land of Punt [=new-root, Thebes]. inside. the foreign lands. +
to become the design. above [=north]. , [by] the word which is. sight (maa). ;
[for] the gods. [to be] the word-inside. the lands. ,
thou. word of light by [the top of] the eden-vine (?,ámmu). to make alike-adam’s (s-miá). ,
19) [in order to be] existence [=eden’s]. nót. ;
[and] the lights of the tchãm sceptre. [for] to make place-T (st). to know. ,
[in order to be] existence [=eden’s]. nót. ;

[but instead,] [to be] the things above [=north]. ,
of [=by] [means of]. thou. lights to place-T [eden’s] to make to connect to (stht+). ,
[through] thou. divine majesty. below [sic]. ;
[in order for] to come the boat to make the new-hand [=north]. [for] the word to grow (rt’u). +
18) [to be] the [mutilated eden-] light (Hru,’day’). ,

[being] the word by the lionmouth (mãsherRu+). of [=as]. the dawn by place-T (sbat?). ,
the one. thou. to give. ;

existences to make [=as concept]. above [=north]. ,
17) of [=by]. to hide. thou. wandered-astray place-T [=eden’s]. [for] thou. sight. above. ;
[to be?] all. above. sky [=north]. ,
[by means of] thou. fire-drill boat. place-T-eden to sacrifice (maãt). [for] the above. peace (h’tp).,
[in order for] Rã [=our sun]. of [=by]. thou. [-T of] the island of the horizon. +
of [=by]. thou. to rise and shine [=Rã]. , [as] thou. above protection of hail. ;

16) he. to say. the true voice. [of] peace. , [being] the true voice. [of] noble Ani. [for] to be hail. :
my. divine all. [by] to make place-T (s-t). [for] existence [=matrix]. [of] the word by decree of law.,
[using] the imprisoned-adamite-soul for hail (?). [to be] thou place-T for existence (ntk). ;
forever. existence. , [by] the land’s [eden’s?]. speech. existence [=matrix]. to be build (khnm). ,
[and so to be] the light for eternity. , [as] existence [=matrix]. +
[by] the land’s [=eden’s?]. speech. [for] existence. to come the dimensional backside. ;
to become. the land. head [=matrix main-land]. ,
[as] thou. existence. [for] the egyptian-adamite-souls of nobility (sheps-s). ,
[to be] existence. [of] the light of the opened-word-inside. of [=as]. the ‘one’. [by whom I am]. ;

14) the double-place-T above [=north]. [for] all things. ,
[by] thou. [for] to be the music (?,h’es). alike-adam’s. ,
[as] thou. things of beauty. , [being?] the sight (t’ga). of [=for]. my. flesh [eden-essence + willpower] (h’ã). ;
to become the word \\ for sight. [as] the one. to be driven back (shnãr). [by] existence [=eden]. nót.;
13] [and as] one. to be grasped (khfã). [by] existence [=eden]. nót. ;

[but instead,] all. [mutilated eden-] light (Hru,’day’). [to be by] thou. áten disk-light. [of] sight (maa). ,
[as] the speech. [of] eden-willpower for existence (h’nã). [for] me. to become. ;
[and through] thou. speech and nature (khr). +
[to?] existence. to come the advanced-beautified-soul [spirit blueprint]. [of] beauty. ;
[by means of] this. to guide. , [namely] the word of sight. ,
[as] the speech. [by] thou. to come the praised words for to repulse [=eden]. of [=for]. to manifest. ;

the t’uathouse [=sheol]. [of] the words of adam-within. ,
11) all words. thou.
the evil of the places-T of the ‘those who are’ places-T of he-eden [to be?] the workplace (kheft-t\\u+).
to make to extend (st’un). [for] the egyptian-ad-soul. above. ,

[as] thou. boat. [at] place-T of the dimensional-foreground. of [=for]. to become stability (smen). ,
[by] the Thoth-perch (?,glyph). [for] thou. place-T of the dimensional foreground. ,
[and so] of [=for]. the egyptian-adamite-soul. [to be] the new-adamite-throne (ást). ,
[in order] of [=for]. the egyptian-adamite-soul. existence. to make (ár). ;

10) [to be] the word of hail. [by means of] thou. place-T [of the eden root] to open (upt). ,
of [=for]. the egyptian-adamite-soul. ureaus as place-T in the dimensional-background.
the egyptian-ad-soul. ureaus as place-T of the new-south (shmã).
thou. head. of [=as?]. staff-tá. to become the weight of stability (?men+).
the hour goddess (unnut). place-T of all. the sky [=north]. existence.
the royal south [div.’suten]. of [=as]. the one. existences to make. [of] sight. ;

9) to become the words to rejoice in. of [=as]. all words. [for] the gods. ;
[by means of] thou. lights by place-T-eden to make to connect to. ,
[in order] of [=for]. the two lands. thou. to make to illumine. ;
8) [through] [-T of] the island of the horizon. of [=by]. thou. to rise and shine. the word \\ of beauty. ;
[by] he the self. speech to transform. [namely by] this. Kheper [=transformation-god]. ,
[at?] the [double-] island double-place-T for spirit-consciousness (khut\\+). [of] Horus. ,
[as] thou above protection of hail. ;

7) the light for eternity. +
[by] all. he. the praised sh-pool to make the imprisoned-eden-word (?,s-uash+). ;
he. to say. the true voice. [of] peace. [of] noble Ani. Osiris. :
the sky [=north]. [to be] of [=by]. the passive [eden-] stars of very great speech of ignorance (ákhm-urt’+). ,
of [=by]. he (them). to be ‘pierced’ [ ‘by kh-house of the east’?] (áab+kh). +

[by] the evening-boat [=to perish eden-double-T] (sktt). of [=as]. he. the boat of stability. ,

[and by] the morning-boat [=double-T of the hand for willpower] (ãnt’tt). +
of [=by]. he. to come the [former eden-] word by decree of law. :
[to be] the sky [=north]. [of] speech. [of] eden-willpower for existence. ;

the true voice. [of] noble Ani. Osiris. :
existence [=matrix]. [for] the man-Ba-spirit-soul. to manifest (per). ,
[by] the mãsherRu light. [as] the one. he. to make peace [=matrix status-quo] (s-h’tp). ,
4) the [matrix-] dawn [by place-T] (or sbait?). of [=by]. he. to become the praised t’ua-star. ,
[for] the true voice. of [=for]. noble Ani. Osiris. ;

[to be] the above [=north]. existence [=matrix]. ,
of [=by] [means of]. thou. shining backbone [=axis] (pst’). +
[for] all. the [mutilated eden-] light (‘day’, Hru). [of] [-T of] the island of the horizon. ,
of [=by]. to rise and shine. the light by the places-T by to connect tot he eden-places-T (sthttut). ,
3) [being] all. this. áten light-disk. [for] to be hail. ;

he. to say. the true voice. of. noble Ani. Osiris. [for to be] hail. :
he. the divine branch(es). [of] adam-within. , [for] existence. [of] eden-willpower for existence (h’nã). ,
[for] the sky [=north]. which is [by]. the double-place-T of the East foreign-land. ,
[as] [-T of] the island of the horizon. of [=for]. to rise and shine. place-T of he [eden] for the kh-house. ,
[for?] Rã. [by, being?] the praised t’ua-star. ;

End BD XV – Ani version


general idea :

46) evening boat ,
to right ; the boat in lower left corner ;
the invented term ‘evening’ refers to keep eden being in darkness
[dimensionally] ; factually by “to make the place-T continuously
to fall down” as mentioned in previous sentence ,
because this act of sacrifice has to be repeated ‘every evening’ ,

click pic to enlarge

42) morning boat ,
to right at same 46) pic ; the boat in top centre ;
this boat bringing the places-T ‘every [matrix-] morning’ ,
and has to be ‘invoked’ , per the same continuous ritual ;

41) fire-drill boat ,
immediately related to “the [eden-] head in the dimensional background” ;
in the prophets is a short “burden theme” where a previous eden-axis
is now in their north – as the inverted section of the q-axis , glyph SSAQ –
and that axis “is now shooting fire (towards eden)” ;
we’ll see this theme in next spells ,

39) two places-T in (one) hand ,
As Jeremiah writes : “take two stone-gems in your (one) hand” ;
There is definately no multiple but singular ‘hand’ there ;

33) eden-word to rise-up ,
similar to the “thou above eastern side the word to connect to the support”
as we had in previous CT spells ;

27) prisoner to birth ,
one of the many examples where the stop-word (here ‘to birth’) is ignored :
usually, the object precedes the stopword , reading “the prisoner to be born” ,
but the line continues , rendering it “the prisoner giving birth tó…” ;

24) hour stars ,
we don’t understand that concept yet ;
there appear to be 12 , but since they are ‘women’ they must be a construct
devised by their realm ; and it is arguable that this is why the “12 sons of Jacob”
(and the 12 gemstones) were presented in scripture : to counter their 12 ;

7) stars of very great speech ,
we had that in CT as URT’ ,
see by 46) above the pic lower line rightside (at 6) ;


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