CT 179

CT 179

CT 179 III 72

d] [for] this. N-Osiris (candidate). existence (matrix). [through] aspects being offered [by eden] (shebu+). to make to flourish (via ad.soul) (s-uatch). b] [for] within (the matrix)., [in order] this. N. to flourish., a] [and so] this. N. to become new (un, matrix).;
[through] the divine t’ep-t boat [wormhole]. [of] adam-within., [for] this. N. to make place-T of the solarplane (via ad.soul) (s-b-t). +

III 71

c] [namely] the son-construct for great speech (ur+duck). [as] he. place-T alike-adam (miá-t). [for] the dimension (matrix)., [as] place-T of the uãr-thigh (uãrt+). [of] speech. [by] the opened word-inside. [in order for] this. N (candidate). existence to bring (ánn, matrix).;
b] [through?] this. N’s. Ka spirit-double.,
a] [of] Sekhet Áaru. [for] existence. [of] this. N., [as] place-T of the innermost sacred place (khen-t). of [=for]. this. N.;

III 70

b] [as] the intestine-coil to tie together [solarplane] (glyph). place-T of the soulpool to make to Inverse (via ad.soul) (s-sa-sh-t)., [as] the passive stake (glyph). [for?] the horn ãb. of [=as]. the kent’-thigh. [for?] this (pu). passive word of willpower of hail [eden’s] (note);
a] this. N. aspects. to be given to.;

III 69

b] the place of Õn [word-inside of hail]. of [=by]. divine open work engraving [of eden root] (Pteh’). [for] existence. [of] great speech., [through] the aspects. been given. [of] hail.;
a] the place of Õn. of [=for]. the aspects of the voice of the house of speech (per+).;

III 68

b] the place of õn. of [=as]. place-T of the broad hall [in torus]. [of] adam-within., [as] great speech. [by] the aspects. he. existence. the word of speech to manifest (perru).;
a] the houses. which are. the foremost. [of] divine great speech. [through] the aspects for the son-construct to bear-up the serpent-hand (note).;

III 67

d] to recite.;
c] [for] this. N. to descend hebrew-H.;
b] the cemetery below [top lampstand] (khert-neter). of [=as]. the original adamite soul. existence. the workplace [upper-sh] 9ás). [for] to make to flourish (via ad.soul) (s-uatch).;
a] the place of Õn. of [=for]. the word to dress [with] (h’ebsu). [by] to give. speech.;

III 66

c] [as] place-T of great speech. [for] the khu-spirit. the T’ua-star as the god. of [=by,as]. place-T of the word to rise and be crowned (khãut).;
b] the place of Õn. [for] the lights of the essence of the adamite soul (for) Saturn (‘dirt’, h’es+). [for] to become new. [by] to complete.;
a] the place of Õn. of [=for]. aspects of place-T of totality [the torso] (144,000,ua-t+)., (Õn) [as] place-T. to give. speech.;

——– end CT 179