CT 686

CT 686 VI 317

l] the divine word. of [=as]. doubled willpower (ãã). [by] the serpenthand. [of] thou existence of hail (árk).;
k] [as] my. speech for the an-face. [for] to come the word by descended hebrew-H.,
of [=as]. j] the divine word by the Set-dog [new tile]. [of] thou hail (ák). [for] the hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;

h] the divine word of the Set-dog as new tile. [of] thou hail (ák). [for] the hail of the beautified-soul.,
[by] place-T (edenś) to sacrifice (maãt,’truth’). [at?] the double ring at place-T of existence for the solarplane of throne-G (gbnt++).,
[for?] the double ring at place-T for the k-axis for the solarplane of throne-G (gbkt++).; (centre of their dualistic realm)
g] [in order for] the spirits-light [for the doubled kh-house] (ákhkhu). of [=as]. [this N’s]. existence. the dimension to purify.,
f] [by] he. the house of Saturn. the speech. [at] place-T to go cool down. [for] the word of breath-air.,
[through] he. the nostril to make to copy (‘make to breathe’). [for this N]., + (so this centre is ‘the nostril’..?)

[in order] to enter. e] the divine words of speech to connect to existence (ntheru+). [by] he. existence (eden’s). to revolve (pkhr).;
d] [and] the peace [of Saturn] (h’etep). of [=by]. this (pu). foreign land’s sh-pool. of [=for]. [this N]. the dimension to purify.,
c] [as] he. within., [this N]. the prisoner (su, Cain). to devise. [for] to go repulse [eden] (khsef).; (note)
b] the seed (mtut; ‘soma’). \\ (by) the mountain [eden]. [for] my. word of voice., [by?] the praised high-place (at q-axis) (qa+).,
[namely by] this (pu). divine pool for stability (men+). [for] the dimensional side (ges). [of] speech. [of this N.].,
[and] the dimension to purify. [by] this (to connect to). hand of the serpenthand (tch-t). [for] existence of hail.;
a] the essence, connected to the adamite soul, to go encircle (shensth+). [namely as] the most-b-soul-adam’s masculine.,
[in order for this] miáu cat [skin alike-adam]. of [=for]. [this N.]. the Cain-type-soul (ś). to devise. to go repulse [eden].;

VI 316
s] the seed (mtut,’soma’). [by] to make the split-off watercourse. [to] the hand of the serpenthand (tch-t’). to complete. wick-H.,
[for] all. r] this. divine word for the word-inside for existence, [by] the sh-pool of hail (áshennuu).,
[at] the dimensional side. [of] speech., [for] the dimension to purify. [as] the speech. [for this N.].,
[by means of] to come the word by descended hebrew-H. [to] this (to connect to). the hand of the serpent-hand.,
[for] existence of hail. [of] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;

q] [for this N]. the speech. [by] the divine words of speech to connect to existence. [for] existence of hail.,
[in order for] existence to make (via ad.soul). [for] existence of hail.;
p] [and so, by] to descend hebrew-H., Horus (h’eru). [by] the adamite-soul. the son (-construct) to make (via ad.soul).,
[as] place-T to birth., (note)
[in order] of [=for,by]. n] the adamite soul. the Self to make (via ad.soul) (s-tchs). [for] within [that soul,or by place-T] (ám),
[as?] the adamite soul. [by?] the mirrored dimensional backsides [at place-T for stability] (ment+).; (note)
[being] the divine new throne of adamite (Isis). existence. to give., [by?] the hail (eden’s?). to perish [by to make k-axis] (sk).;
m] [namely by] to cut-off place-T (eden) by the perch-region (matrix) of he the mountain (eden’s).,
[and now] of [=by]. he (the perch). the things at place-T of the cherub wheel [making the new root] (sept+).; (note)

to become. l] [by] the t’es flintknife [matrix-light of speech]. of [=for]. the essences at place-T to make the word of he [eden] (via ad.soul).,
of [=for]. he. the h’at-lands [in outer court].; l] to become. k] [by?] the dome as the hailstorm [eden’s] at place-T to go encircle (shenát).
of [=for?]. he. the things (as?) the fire-fan at place-T the root to make to inverse (via ad.soul) (ssapt+).; (note)
to become. j] [by] to paralyze [eden] thróugh the Set-dog tile [likely new-hand] (nshn).
of [=as,by?]. Horus. [as?] the eye. [for,of] the essences at place-T of the adamite soul (s-tu+) (north-gate inner-court?).,
[as] the hail. [by] the q-axis (q)., of [=by]. he (q-axis). [is] the word of adam-within. [for] the dimension.;

to become. i] [for] the corn-land (nepert+). to grow, (note)
h] [as?] the solarplane shores [around q-axis]. [for?] to plough the hand (eden’s) for to make the new-north (via cain-soul) (ś-shat’+).,
this (pu). foreign-land’s sh-pool [eden’s].;
g] [for this N.]. who is. [by] this. root of hail (pá). [through] the (words of the) bearing-pole(s) [alike-adam] (miáaut+).,
[as] willpower. of [=by?]. the things of the (eden-)serpent-place-T for the solarplane (‘abominations’, bt+) [north-gate inner-court also?]
[for] to make the skin (via ad.soul). [by] the heads [of the ad.originals]. [at] place-T to copy.; (note)
[as]. the existence (matrix). [by] this (pu). mutilated eden-light (‘day’, Hru).;
f] [and so] [for this N.]. existences to make (via ad.soul). [of] sight (maa).,
[by] the divine words of speech to connect to existence. [as] existence (matrix). [by] the Torso. [of] sweetness.;

e] [by] the divine place-T of great speech. [for] the existence of hail.;
[for] [this N’s]. existence. [by] the (words of) the bearing-pole(s) [of willpower for the M-realm].,
[as] the willpower. to make to ascend the split-off watercourse (via ad.soul) (s-ãr+).; (note)
d] [as] Anubis’ [word of new root] (ánpu). existence of hail (án).;

c] [this N.]. existence. [by] the Veils [eden tabernacle veils] of the hand to go encircle (=shent’+).,
[by means of] the divine pool for the dimensional inundation [by Saturn] (h’ep+). existence (eden’s). [the veil] to strip-down (kef).;
b] [being?] the tile-stone as place-T of the adamite-soul. [for] existence of hail (án).,
[as] place-T of the watercourse. [fór] he. existence (matrix). [as] the royal veil [of the wick-H’ to make willpower] (sãh’, Orion).;
to become. a] [by?] throne-G as the Ka-bull of existence (ng+). [for] existence of hail. + (note)

VI 315
t] [to?] the double sandal [outer tabernacle curtain] at place-T for the solarplane to go connect to (thbut+)., (note)
[for] great speech. [as] existence of hail. [for this N.].;
existence. [by] to come the double-place-T for to go dissect [eden] (nemtt+). [in order for eden?] the most-b-soul-adam. to give.,
to become. s] [by?] he. the willpower [eden’s]. [of,for] the mouth [eden’s gate]. [for] the speech. [of] the land.; (note)
he. existence (matrix). to open [and become new] (un).;
to become. r] [for this N.]. who is. [by] the things coming in, [through] using the double-place-T to go dissect [eden].,
[in order for] he. the existence (matrix). to make dimensional wideness (via ad.soul) (s-usekh).;
to become [this wideness]. q] [by] he. the royal [dimensional-] veils (Orion,sãh’). [of] existence. [for this N.].; (note)
[through] inside. the sba-stargates [top cube]. he. existence (matrix). [as] the miracle [to make the imprisoned word for the solarplane].;
to become. p] he. [by] the divine words to go encircle. [for] existence. [at] the land at place-T of the split-off watercourse [Vintage?].,
[to get] the word. [by] he. existence. to make.,

o] [and] he. to carry. existence of speech. [for] Geb (land on top cube)., [by] he. existence (matrix). to open [and become new] (un).;
to become. n] the divine light. to know (or ‘speech and nature’?). [for this N.]., (note)
existence. by the eye (or ‘this to make’). to become place-T for the (matrix-) word by decree of law.; m] [and] [this N’s.].
existence. [by] the aspects of place-T of hail to split-off [‘portions’] (tenát+). which are. renewed constantly [by hebrew-H] (uHem).;
[as] the aspects of place-T (as the shrine) to constantly copy (snsnsnt+). [and so by] he. existence of hail. to make. [for this N.].; (sic)

l] [and] this. land (Geb?). of [=by]. he. the sorcery.,
[for] the advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0). the speech of hail. [as for this N.]., k] [as] he (the speech). within.,
[and] the serpent-stargate [eden’s] (sbá+). [for this N.]. [by] the prisoner (su, Cain). the adamite soul. the hail. [as] speech. to make. nót.;
j] [but instead,] [by] he (soul). within [the spirits]., [for] he (N). to become a spirit. [as] light of willpower of speech.; (note)
[using] the prisoner (Cain). [in order for] he. existence (eden’s). existence (matrix). to make.;

i] he. the border-sky. [of] speech. [by] the place of Õn. within [eden]., [for] he. the existence. [for this N.].;
h] [yet] the place of Õn. [of] place-T of adam-within. [for] the sight (maa). nót.;
[and as] the light of iron [character]. to go cleave with (pshn). nót.;
g] [but instead, by] the dimensional egg [at place-T to make the wick-H’ for the word] (suh’t+). [as] the word-inside. [of] adam-within.;
of [=as]. the miracle [of the dimensionally-wide light of iron character]. [for this N.].;
f] [and so] the (triple?) land. of [=by]. he (the iron light). [for] existence. to manifest (per).; (note)

e] [And this all by means of] he. the royal dimensional veils (orion). [for this N.]. existence (eden’s). to acquire (shep).;
to become. d] [by] he. the throne-G at place-T (of adamite soul) of the tongue (nest-g). [for this N.]. existence (eden’s). to carry-off.,
to become. c] [by] place-T of the word to go encircle. [for] this (to connect to). the dimensional side [north]. [for] speech. [of] the West.,
[as] the divine words. [of] adam-within., [by] this (to connect to). the [an-] face (eden). [fór] the [an-] face (north).; (note)
b] [by] he. [eden] within., the word. to drink [by to make great speech] (sur)., [and by] he. within., [for] the word. [of] praise (glyph).;
a] [by] the cemetary below. of [=for]. the foreign land’s pool. of [=as]. the word [eden’s]. [for] existence to become new (unn, matrix).,
[in order for] the place of Õn (restored). [through] the h’efau serpents [bringing aspects]. to can go repulse [eden] (khsef).;

—- end CT 686