CT 720

CT 720 VI 349

m] the divine serpent-deity (glyph). the land. to illumine (by light of Saturn). [by means of?] the workplace.,
[for this N]. [by] the double-place-T for existence. the divine willpower of speech. to know. [..1x lost..].;
l] my. belly (south, inner court). [for] the innermost sacred place [in outer court]., of [=by] (means of). me. the aspects (offered) in H’etept.
[by] my. prison [for eden] for hail of existence by the q-axis (qená). of [=for]. to make sweet. the hail for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
[as] existence. [of] willpower of speech. the word of hail.;

k] [by] Hathor. existence. [through] the things to become divine willpower. [as] existence. [of] the words by decree of law. to be given.,
[by] the double place-T for existence. j] [for this N]., [by] to become the star at place-T of the word-inside for to become new (‘hour-goddess’).
of [=for]. existence to make (via ad.soul). [as] this (pn). peace [of Saturn] (h’etep).;
i] the winepress-god (shesmu, executioner). [at] the slaughterhouse (nemmt). to make the M-realm (s-m). [at] place-T below. place-T to give.;
[namely by] the adamite-soul. [for] the things of peace [of Saturn]. [for this N]. existence (matrix). to make stable (via ad.soul).,
[and for] me. the things to become the designs (sesh+). [for] me. existence to bring.;

g] divine willpower of speech. [by] the boat. [at] place-T of the dimensional foreground [of Saturn]. [of] adam-within (literal?). to flourish.,
[and] to become equipped (ãper). [through] he (adam?). the image (to make).,
of [=by] (means of). the lights of speech to connect to existence as the god (nthr+). alike adam (mm, weak).,
[in order for?] the divine land (matrix, on cube). to illumine (by light of Saturn).;
f] the divine land. to illumine [by saturn-light]. [for this N]. [as] this. N’s. sight (maa).,
e] [by] he (saturn-light). the divine things to encircle (eden things). [and so] he. existence (eden’s). to quake (mnmn).;
d] [in order for] the atef-crowns (to make their heads). [by] he. existence (eden’s). to acquire.,
[as] he. the royalties (sãh’,orion). [by] he (royalties). the existence (matrix). to give. speech.;
[using] the prisoner (su, Cain). [by] thou. to give., of [=for]. c] this (pu). divine land. to illumine [by saturn-light].,
b] [through] the divine place-T of hail (‘father’). [as m-b-s-adam-like existence?, damaged]. [of] divine willpower of speech.,
[as] existence (matrix). to become the word by decree of law. [as] the word of hail.;
a] the cobra at place-T to make the word-inside for to become new (via ad.soul) (unnut+). to be the voice (kher). [for] the gods.,
[and] existence to make (via ad.soul). [for] existence. [by] the most-beautified-soul-adam (sic).,
[in order for] to come the adamite-soul. of [=for]. me., [and so?] the most-b-soul-adam(-like) to make (ári). +

VI 394

w] the divine willpower of speech., [as] existence. to become (by) place-T of the serpenthand as the word by decree of law.;
of [=for]. w] the divine evil words of speech by the nostril (eden’s,sher+). [by] me. to ritually sacrifice (sma).,
to become (áu). the things of divine great speech (lacking-U).,
[and by] me. the evil speech by the q-axis to make the saturnwick-H’ (via ad.soul) (s-h’eqer+).;
to become. v] the dark word of the kh-house (khu+). [at] the border [-sky] (tcher). [for] the sky of earth (north).,
of [=for]. to be the dimension (+ámM). [of] the word of hail.;
u] [by] to go paralyze [eden] with fear [by the Set-dog tile] (nshn). [of] the words of adam-within., the speech of Light at place-T (ter+).,
[as] he. the speech (eden’s). to tremble (by the son-construct of vulture-rule to make the hand,st’a+).,

s] [and by means of] the land (eden’s). to illumine [by saturn-light]. [through?] the workplace.,
[for this N]. r] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] existence (eden’s). to know.;
[by] to connect to. the workplace. q] [for] the peace [by Saturn]., [and for this N]. he. the speech. [by] to connect to. the workplace.,
p] [for] existence to make (via ad.soul). [of] existence (matrix). [for this N]. to give. speech.,
[as] divine willpower of speech. [for] existence. the word by decree of law.;

o] the (oil-bowls?) at place-T of the word to go seize. to become to guide (them).
[in order for] the pasture-lands [probably the ‘valley of Rephaim’, note]. to be given.;
n] the adamite-soul. [of?] the divine passive ones to go encircle. [in order for] existence to make (via ad.soul). [of] sight [of throne-G by the hand] (t’eg+).,
m] [and by?] the adamite soul., the gods to follow. [as this N]. the sight (maa). [which is by] the most-b-soul-adam. to give.;
l] [in order for] the divine land (matrix). to illumine [by saturn-light]. [for this N].,
[by means of] the doubled place-T for existence (matrix). existence to make (via ad.soul). [through] existence (eden’s). to know.,
[and] [by] to connect to. the workplace. k] the divine evil eden-speech [nostril] (sherr).,
[in order for] the adamite-soul. to make the peace of saturn (via adamite soul, s-h’etep).;

j] divine great speech. [through] place-T below. [by] the adamite soul. to give.;
the adamite-soul. [for] existence (matrix). existence to make (via ad.soul). [as] existence. [by] the eye.,
[for this N]. [as] existence. [of] [eden’s] sight (maa). nót.;
[and] me. the divine passive ones to go encircle. me. the peace [of saturn]. [for] he. the [eden] speech. nót.;
[but instead,] existence to make (via ad.soul). [as] the speech. [by] the workplace (read; from prisoner).,
[for] divine willpower of speech. [of] existence (matrix).;

f] the pasture-lands (valley). [as] the divine rule. [over?] the workplace.,
[for this N]. the doubled place-T for existence. [for] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] existence (eden’s). to know.,
to connect to. the workplace. e] the double-light (likely). to complete. [by?] the workplace. thou. dimension.;
d] [therefore,] the adamite-soul. existence. to know. [by] the workplace.,
c] [and by] he. place-T below. the divine evil eden speech of the sh-pool [nostril] (sherr+). [as] place-T of sight (maa-t).,
[but] to found [place-T of speech for the throne-G] (gert). nót.;
[and as] he. the peace [of saturn]. place-T of knowledge. nót.;
b] [but instead,] the island of the double flame for the soul’s speech. of [=for]. the double light (likely). [of] [this N’s]. existence.,
[by means of] the divine word to stand upright. [as] speech of willpower.,
[therefore,] the divine evil eden speech by the sh-pool [nostril] (sherr+). [as] existence (matrix). [of] the peace [of Saturn]. nót.;
b] [but instead, as] divine great speech., [by] place-T below. to give. speech.;
a] [for] the word of the axis (of sh-pool north). [as] the word to tremble for (construct to make the hand,st’a).,
[and by] he. the speech. [as] the passive hebrew-H for existence (matrix).;

VI 347

s] [by] the locusts (snh’em). [in] the land \\ (by) place-T succeeded to acquire (‘field’). the word to guard.,
r] [and they] the portions (hail by to violently split-off). [as] the divine things at place-T to rule., to tremble for [for locusts] (st’a+).;
q] [the portions being] the doubled-divine word of the weary throne-G for the solarplane.,
[as?] the word. [for] the double great door for the great pillar (glyph). [for this N]. existence. to open [and become new] (un).;
p] [and] to tremble (st’a). [for] the words of adam-within (matrix). (namely) he. the speech [eden’s].,
[as] the essence being poured-out by the fortress of hebrew-H fór the (matrix-) word (uHen+). o] [for] the gods (matrix).,
[through] the sorcery (matrix). of [=for]. ãnkh-life.;
n] [in order] the divine land (matrix). to illumine (by saturn-light). of [=by]. speech from the root for the kh-house (comp.text).; ”

—- end CT 720