CT 621

VI 235

o] Geb (eartgod south). devises (ka). the flame to shoot-out [of the hand of the cube] (ut'+brazier).;
n] Geb. to devise. to bear up (fa). m] to connect to. the word., to become (áu). l] the thing of the watercourse [eden's]. [for] me., [by] existence (matrix). to make. k] the house of the horizon [!] (áakhet). [as] all [for]. the divine all., [by] the shining backbone [one of both cauceaus of pillar] (pest'). [for] thou. hidden background of saturn (h'a).;
j] [by] the land. [of] speech. [is?] the fiery tongue (nes)., i] [by] the divine "One". [as] all [of]. the house of the adamite throne [!]. [fór] the anunna-face (vesica north). the Ka-double bull. existence (eden's). [by] divine great speech. to smite [the Dew of eden] (át').;