BD 151

Nebseni (this scribe). the scribe/the design (sesh, the latter). [of] the people by saturn's willpower over the root (comp.word). all [of]. Horus. the phallus [pillar]. the beauties (nefertu). [from] the way (axis, Watercourse). thou. carried-off (those beauties from the way). [to] the place of Õn (ruling Eye, south). [of] adam-within.; 

[by?] the great speech. [of] the old prince of the house of saturn (h'et-ser). 9] of [=by]. the great [pillar]. [of] the pautu primeval gods. the speech (and nature, kher). he. below.  his. enemies. his. existence. thou. make to overthrow (s-kher).  ;
Set (fallen adam). gods to unite (smaatiu). thou. existence. it. to become the blossoming house of saturn (h'en).  [by] the beauties. 8] [from] the way (axis, Watercourse). [by] the speech. [of] the prisoner (su). to guide. thou. within. his, he the?. Sight (maa, of an-face).  [stop?]
the great [pillar]. the god. speech (and nature, kher). the beauty (nefer). to retire,to serve (ámakh). all [of?]. Nebseni (this scribe). the scribe/design (sesh). [by?] the house of speech the root seizing for existence of youth (babe/neshet'ep/per; comp.word). the forepart,front [of the body?] (h'at; other BD's alike). of [=by]. thou. was (?, áu). Seker's (osiris). hidden root [of saturn] (pteh'). of [=by]. thou. covering [from the persished adamite soul by saturn] (h'enseki). was,became. [by?] Thoth. 6] of [=by]. thou. fingers ('plasma-streams'). to become,was. Horus. of [=by]. thou. protection in the hidden background of saturn (h'a-tep). thou willpower like [adam] (mãk, same as 'protection'mãk). to become,was. Anubis (ánpu). of [=by]. thou. to open [the root] (up). to become, was. the pautu primeval gods. 5] of [=by]. thou. eyebrows (áneh'u, brow-chakra?). to become. the morning-boat ãnt't [from eye south to anunna-face]. of [=by]. the shoulder in the east. thou. eye.; the evening-boat Sektt (travelling to south). of [=by]. thou. shoulder west. thou. Eye.
(unclear what shoulder, axis? )
the gods. \\ [of] adam-within. the beauty. anunna-face. Shu's. supports (sethesu, the 4 split-off aspects of adamite soul,BD..). his. existence. [for] existence (matrix). [of] willpower of speech (no Rã glyph).  Anubis. existence. to make the exalted high [place] (s-aq). Seker hidden root of saturn (pteh'). existence. to tie together (thesu). 3] the eyes of Sight? to make Sight? (maa+eyeIII). all beauty. face/an-face. thou. anunna-face (vesica north). [as] protection (netchnu). [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).  ;
he. says. the true voice [from below]. the divine staff (tá, adam rule. watching over? wake up? (res). the mother (mut, who?). the house of speech. everything/masterholder (nebt). existence. to birth (mes). true voice. thena+noble. the blueprints (quet'nu). the design (sesh). existence. to make. 2] place of Pteh's temple (potter-god, saturn). of [=by]. beauty. retire,to serve (ámakh). all [of]. Nebseni (this scribe). place of the South. the houses. the mouths. of [=by]. to engrave (s-pekhar, 'to make to walk around', again this 3D-printer context). the design (sesh). existence., to recite.:
the hidden, mysterious (shetau, sh-pool). existence. [of] the first head (?, 2 x head glyph). [for] existence (matrix). [by] the mouth (vesica north, speaking existence).