the war over the disputed mountain

IN THE FIRST DIVISION of the “Book of Gates of the Tuat,” according to the sarcophagus of Seti I., we see the horizon of the west, or the mountain of the west, divided into two parts,[1] and the boat of the sun is supposed to sail between them, and to enter by this passage into the Tuat.[2] On the right hand is fixed a jackal-headed standard, and on each side of it kneels a bearded god; one god is called TAT,[3] and is a personification of the region which is beyond the day, and the other SET and represents the funeral mountain.[4] On the left hand is a ram-headed standard, and on each side of it also kneels a bearded god; as before, one is called Tat and the other Set. The ram’s head has the horizontal, wavy horns, which belong to the particular species of ram that was the symbol of the god Khnemu; this animal disappeared from Egypt before the XIIth Dynasty, but the tradition of him remained.[5] In the middle of the scene sails the boat of the sun. The god is symbolized by a beetle within a disk, which is enveloped in the folds of a serpent having its tail in its mouth.[6] In the bows stands the god of divine intelligence, whose name is SA [7], and in the stern, near the two paddles, stands HEKA, i.e., the personification of the word of power, or of magical utterance.[8] The god who usually accompanies SA is HU.[9]

1]-   same mountain, but in different realm, see 3],
2]-   into the ãnkh-tous construct
3]-   the standard depicts the rule óver the disputed mountain (*pic),
though a “double mountain” is depicted, in fact it is the very same one,
but the war is about “who rules the mountain”; read, which dimension
will be ‘in the foreground’, H’AT, depicted in the standard,
4]-   the T’AT being a combination of “hand”, the mountain-construct as
deputy of the head rule, and ‘vulture-rule’; the glyph used as SET is
as ‘the foreign land/the thing of the original adamite soul’, where the
foreign indicates Heaven,
5]-   he context of the ram-god KHNEM was “after eden’s fall”, in the
pre-deluge era (8000bc,Noah’s deluge, when this solarplane came
into being)
, hence the extinct type ram is depicted,
6]-   as the serpent Meh’en, the walls of the ãnkh-torus; compare also
the last picture of this book of gates,
7]-   a combination between ‘cunningness,intuition and backwardsness
8]-   lit. ‘sorcery’, the glyph containing the Ka spirit-double /of Saturn,
9]-   lit ‘word /of Saturn’, the deity is said to represent ‘taste’: which is
close to ‘the apple and the whispering voice to Eve’,

The text which refers to the Sun-god reads:–

“Ra saith unto the Mountain:–Send forth light, O Mountain! Let radiance arise from that which hath devoured me, and which hath slain men and is filled with the slaughter of the gods. Breath to you, O ye who dwell in the light in your habitations, my splendours shall be to you. I have decreed their slaughter, and they have slaughtered everything which existeth. I have hidden you from those who are upon the earth, restoring the crown (or, tiara) to those who are on the Mountain. The gods say:–‘Let this jackal-headed sceptre emit the words of this great god who joineth together his members. Come then unto us, O thou from whom we have come forth! Cries of joy are to thee, O thou who art in thy disk, thou great god whose forms (or transformations) are manifold.’ Their provisions [consist] of bread-cakes and beer.”
[we do not know which pieces Budge used; so starting with the leftside Ram standard,
text written above the mountain, reading direction left-to-right here!:]

“the original adamite souls. [of] adam-within. [for] existence (matrix). [as] the eden realm. of [=for]. existence (matrix)., of [=by] (means of). the original adamite souls. (being) withín. existence (matrix)., [fór] the words of totality [144,000] (autu). [as] willpower (eden’s). [for] willpower (matrix). [of] existence (matrix).;

the foreign land the thing of original adamite soul. [in] existence (matrix). to revolve [solarplane] (t’eben)., [in order to] become (áu). the dimension. of [=by] (means of). their (ad.souls). words to go cool-down (qbh’u). [as] aspects of redness as eden’s aether [pyr] (t’esertu). of [=as]. their (ad.souls). beer (h’eqtu). [and] foods [aspects] (glyph)., of [=by]. them (ad.souls). to become the word of totality [144,000].,
[for] speech. to transform (kheper). [fór] the many [spirits] (ãshu).;

[through the great pillar (*pic). the god., [for] the Áten light [disk] (*pic). [of] adam-within., [for] existence (matrix). [as] the m-b-soul-adam’s hebrew-H of hail [of matrix] (*pic,yellow cube). [as] he. withín. existences (matrix). [of] speech., [as] the house. [of] divine light (matrix). [by means of] the names (eden’s). [for] thou. speech. [of] willpower (ã).;

[by means of] to come. of [=by] (means of). existences (eden’s). to hide (ámen). [for] hail.;
[as] the light (eden’s). [for] existence (matrix)., [as] the foreign land the thing of the adamite soul. [of] the words of adam-within. [for] existence (matrix)., [and as] eden’s realm. [for] existence of hail (matrix).;
[by means of] to make the H’efau-serpent [via the ad.soul] (stealing totality of eden for Saturn). this (to connect to). to become the great pillar (*pic). the god., [in order] to become the voice by decree of law. [for] existence (matrix).;

[reading starts leftside:]
[by] this (pu). light (eden’s). to become gods (neteru,full)., [through] eden’s realm (NN). [for] existence of hail (matrix).; [by means of] the words of the head (eden eye). the crown to make to un-tie (ssht’+). [in order] to become restored (tcheb,solarplane). existence. of [=for]. me. to become stable. [as] existence of hail.;

the foreign land the thing of the adamite soul. [for] my. existence (matrix). to become empty (likely;shu). land (south)., [because] the words of the head (eden eye). [as] speech. [for] reality (ntt)., [by means of] this. their (ad.souls). to connect to. he (the). existence (matrix).; [by means of] the original adamite soul. [as] selected cut-up choice pieces of meat (sethep+). q?. [for] this (to connect to). existence (matrix). [as] lights to illumine [saturn light]. to become decree by law., [namely] this. existence (eden’s). to passively (pass.glyph). make. the áakhu spirit.,
[continued at jackal-standard plate; repeat Ram plate below:],

On the left of the boat stand twelve gods, who are called “gods of Set-Amentet,” and the text referring to them reads:–
“The hidden place. [These are] those who have consumed the men, and the gods, and all the cattle, and all the reptiles which this great god hath created. ‘This great god hath decreed plans for them after he made them to spring up in the land which he created, that is to say, in the Amentet which he made.”

[text above the twelve gods:]
[by] he (eden). [for] the speech. [of] the West. [and] existence (matrix). to create (qma). the land (south)., of [=by] (means of). he. the watercourse to ascend [eden’s] (ãr+). [to?] the Workplace (ás)., [of?] the staff,branch. [by] them (ad.souls). to become words of light. it. by decree of law. [as] this. god. [for] this. existence (matrix).; [and] this. god. to create (qma)., [through?] all [of]. the serpent of eden’s speech’face (eden eye) (h’errt). [for] all [of]. cord+utf. [for] the gods., [by means of] their (ad.souls). existence. to become selected pieces of meat (sethep+). [for] speech., [by] them. existence the thing to hide. [namely] the house of the adamite throne (ást).”;

…the line inbetween the twelve gods read:
“the foreign land of the West / (as) the foreign land the thing of the original adamite soul /, (by) the gods / (for) the gods”, where the first – original adamites – are squatting, the latter axes-glyphs;

B] jackal standard,

The paragraph below the above text is practically a duplicate of it, but it contains no mention of either the jackal-headed or the rain-headed sceptre, and it is unnecessary to give it here.
[really..? – text, continued from first plate:]
“to become beer. [and] foods (aspects). of [=as]. their (ad.souls. word(s) of totality.; [by means of] the words to transform. [for] the many. [by] the pillar. the god.; [and by] he (the). Áten light [disk] (*pic). [for] existence (matrix). to become m-b-soul-adam’s hebrew-H of hail (áHi). [through] he. to connect to. hail (matrix).;

[through] their (ad.souls). speech. [of] the house. [of] existences (eden’s)., [for] thou. speech. [of] willpower (ã). of [as]. he (the). H’efau serpent [stolen totality]. [to] he (eden). to become connected. nót.;
[but] to become the great pillar (*pic). [for] the words of true voice. [by] decree of law.; [and by] this (tn). jackal-staff [of ad.soul’s speech] (usert). to become gods. [of] existence (matrix)., [through] eden’s realm. [for] existence of hail (matrix).;

[by means of] the foreign land’s beating-grounds [for eden] (qent,likely). [in order for] the word of the head (eden eye). the crown to make to un-tie (ssht’+). [as so] to become restored (tcheb). the land (south).; [by] the words of the head. [for] speech. [through] this (to conn to). me. to hide. everything. (the thing) which is. their (ad.souls). selected pieces of light (sethep+light)., [by means of] thém (ad.souls). [as] selected pieces of meat (sethep). [for] my. existence (matrix). [by] decree of law.;

this. existence. [for] me. [as?] things of the spirits., [in] the houses. [of] Horus. [in] the lotus [solarplane] (glyph). [of] this. existence (matrix)., [by means of] the lights to illumine [saturn light]. [of] the words of adam-within. [as] this. existence (matrix). [of] words of breath-air (nefu). [for] the gods.;
[by means of] existence (eden’s). [as] selected cut-off pieces of meat (sethep). the dimension (torus). to fill. [with] (words of) speech. of =by]. existence (eden’s). [as] cut-up pieces of meat (sethep). [for] me. [as] the thing of adam-within (ámit). of [=for]. existence. the shining backbone (*pic,pillar). the foreign land the thing of original adamite soul (st+). [for] the light to illumine.; [because by] the foreign land the thing of adamite soul. [of] existence (eden’s)., [fór] divine light (matrix). [of] existence of hail (matrix).”;
On the right of the boat stand twelve gods, who are called “gods of the mountain,” and the text referring to them reads:–
[These gods] have come into being from Ra, and from his substance, and have emerged from his eye. He hath decreed for them [as] a place (or, abode) the Hidden Mountain (Ament Set), which consumeth men, and gods, and all cattle, and all reptiles which are created by this great god. This great god hath decreed the plans (or, designs) thereof having made [them] to spring up in the earth which he created.”

[text over the gods:]
[by] he (eden realm). existence (matrix). to create (qma). the land (south)., of [=by] (means of). the watercourse to ascend [eden’s] (ãr+). [to?] the Workplace. [of] the staff,branch. of [=for]. the designs and nature (skhru). it. to become decree of law. this. god.;
[and for] existence (matrix). to create. everything. [by] the words to illumine. [for] the gods. [?]., of [=by] (means of). their (ad.souls). existence. [as] pieces of selected meat (sthp)., [and] the foreign land the thing of the original adamite soul. the thing to hide. [namely] the house of adamite throne., and so by] them (ad.souls). existence. it. to become decree of law. [as] he (the). land. [for] existence. to come speech of hail.; [by means of] existence. [?]. [as] the light (eden’s). of [=as]. the word (matrix)., of [=for]. to Tow.”;
[end plate]

…between the twelve western gods is the line:
(for) the gods / (bý) the gods / (as) the foreign land the thing of the adamite soul”
C] context:
…..several things we do not know yet…- does the watercourse ascend
tó the workplace? neither we know yet the nature of “staff,branch”,
KHET; this staff is apparently passing every gate in the next chapters,
but without knowing the cóncept, it is tough to translate;

12 and 12 gods
….the pantheon always ‘doubles’ the eden aspects – like the seven áat
regions, they made into 14, now within the fields (*pic,S-áaru); but
here it is unclear what the twelve gods on the leftside could represent:
– the question is, if “12 is an original eden number”, but the only number
which could fit, is the 4 x 3 windows of the cube, as Henoch describes
them: yet those exactly shóuld be ‘stars’, related to the SBA-cluster;

…this number of ’12’ we find back in the twelve gates [!] of new
jerusalem; but note how they are ‘the outside of the city’, as opposed
to eden’s eye, the centre –
this same ‘twelve’ we find in the twelve groups of witnesses [into
144,000 adamite souls, who carry an Attribute, alive at present all
over the world; the concept is the “totality” used in spells]
and you see the very same [counter-] construct here:


….note how the groups of souls defend the windows;
it therefore seems Valid that, concerning the eden eye hersélf, the
number ‘seven’ is used – as a number of the deity realm –

note: gate 5, the H’ERRT-serpent is said “to birth 12 serpents’,
perhaps a factual doubling of what is presented in this plate,

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