CT 253


CT 253

themes : main theme ‘the Damascus construct’ (TEM) north ;
notes : for each subsequent paragraph ; below main text ;
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CT 253

III 356
[damaged : my.. youth .. my .. existence become new..] e) the monthly festival (ábt’). [for] all. existence [=matrix]. [of this N.]. ,
[for] the speech [=matrix]. he. the [eden-] word to come. ,
d) he. to come the [eden-] word. [of] [eden-type] speech (rr). [as] my. divine all. above [north]. ,
[for] me. [by] the most-beautified-soul-adam to make (ári). ;
c,b,a) skipped ,

III 355
c) he. the divine son-construct [=matrix]. [of] vulture-rule. [for] existence of hail. ;
b) to die. [eden-] speech. ,
[for] he. the speech. [by] the doubled place-T of existence [=matrix]. ,
a) [as] the divine word of the saturn-wick [h’u-guide]. [by] [eden’s] place-T to know (rekh-t). ;
[and] speech. to make. [by] he. the divine son-construct. [of] vulture-rule. [for] existence of hail. ,

III 354
b) he [=eden]. to die. [by] the divine word of the saturn-wick. place-T [of eden] to know. ,
[for] the great pillar [of matrix]. ,
a) to become to command and to judge [eden,]. [through] Orion [star of place-T to inverse].
[for] the great matrix-pillar. ;

III 353
b) [conclusion:] to become the house as place-T of adam-within. ,
[as] the field. of [=by]. Orion [star at place-T to inverse]. to assemble [q-axis to inverse]. ,
a) [namely as] Tem-rã [inversed hand north, as Damascus]. [for] all. existence [=matrix]. ,
[Tem being] the divine design. [for] words to transform. [for matrix-existence to become new]. ;

end CT 253


context :

III 356

— monthly festival ,
directly related to the ‘birthright theme’ ,
it is this moon-month (as theme) which is related to the female-donkey in Jer. 2 ,
because the donkey is ‘in the valley’ north – and so is their copied hand .
In the text above it is also related to ‘youth’ (which comes to pass by eden-words) —
the concept of them stealing the birthright is tricky ,
but because of the difference between the dimensional-background [eden] and their dimensional-foreground, the eden moon-month (SMET’) is feeding
theirs (ÁBT’) ; we found other spells describing this principle ;
moon :
perhaps envisioned as if one would open the hand , palm down ,
and a dim light, hovering above the handpalm, would grow brighter in 1 month ;
ÁBT’, to right :
“the moon-month by the hand for the solarplane of hail” ;
where this hand is now their copied inverted eden-hand in the north ,
having the same -T’ as in T’em (last line) ;
a ‘copied hand in the north’ seems strange but a large number of spells
are about that, and is the same concept as
“in all this, His hand kept being outstretched” in scripture ;
SMET’, the eden-moon :
“the eden half-moon-month by the hand for to make the m-realm (north)”,
where the hand is now the desolate eden hand ;

III 355
— place-T
(to know) ,
the glyph ‘t’ , looking like a drop of water upon a surface , causes headache :
it is described (by griffiths) as “a lump of bread”, “a lump of clay on a potter’s wheel”,
“a potter’s headcap”, and “was together with the fire-drill glyph” (tcha) .
We gathered untill now that it is as well ‘a location’ as ‘a halo, as glow’ ,
envisioned as the point where a light starts to shine through –
in this line likely as “eden’s dimensional centre” , to become their doubled-T ;
where the ‘to know’ is always used when the subject is ‘eden (to know)’ .
— great pillar (matrix) ,
as ÃAÃ-A (vulture-arm-pillar) ; to right , above the orion-glyph (with star) ;
in most spells is the common line “this great pillar the god” ,
yet we suspect it is their copy of the pillar-glyph in ÃAPEP , as their eden enemy ,
“the double root (as,of) the pillar” , where the pillar is here just (pillar) .
However dangerous – context suggests strongly that the single pillar in ÃAPEP
must be “the column of fire” above the tabernacle –
in posted chapters also described as “the sword” ;
where here their great pillar can be “the sheath”
(their created sheath) fór the sword,
since we had the chapter “I will draw my sword out of the sheath”;
this great pillar of theirs is now inversed into their north (see next line) ;
— Orion ,
not frequently appearing in spells ; the older version as SSAH’ + , to right (with star) ,
“the acquired [eden-] star for wick-H’ to make to inverse (via ad.soul)” ;
when we come to the chapter we will see if Orion is ‘wormwood’, ‘remphan’ or kyin’ .

III 353
— Tem
(as Damascus) ,
“to complete the m-realm by the hand”, here as inverted hand in the north ;
In the Isaiah chapter , “the hill is being threshed from the north” , and the common
Tem-glyph is “the threshing-slide” (where the stepup T’EM is ‘to slaughter’) ,
see the (upside-down) threshing-slide above the deity , to right ;
likely the place where Adam (AT’M) now is ,
remember how Adam “pulled up into the north the eden constructs” (see index) ;

Dimensional background : as “Assyria, Assyrian” in scripture – including ‘damascus’;
Dimensional foreground : as “(literal) Egypt” when cities of her are mentioned ,


submitted 02.22.19 —- het-report