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THE scene that illustrates the SEVENTH DIVISION of the Tuat, which is passed through by the Sun-god during the SEVENTH HOUR of the Right, is introduced by three lines of text, which read:–
[note: we are unable to find this text in any of the seventh hour; where Budge obtained these lines from is a mystery to us, because they are certainly not presented in his own book – but we add them here, sheepishly following his glyph line-up]:
“The Majesty of this great god taketh up his abode in the Hall of Osiris, and the Majesty of this god addresseth words to the Hall of the gods who dwell therein. This god performeth all the rites proper [for entering] this Hall, and he advanceth on his way against Apep by means of the words of power of Isis, and by means of the words of power of the Sovereign God. The name of the gate of this City wherethrough passeth this god is RUTI-ASAR. The name of this City is THEPHET-SHETA. The name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god into it is KHEFTES-HAU-HESQET-[NEHA]-HRA.”

“the star. [as?] the serpent the an-face (in) the dimensional background of Saturn (h’a h’er). [for] existence (matrix). the one. to mutilate (h’eseq,Saturn). [as] the Háu-serpent [word of hebrew-H]. [in order for?] to come. the adamite soul. together with. existence. [for] the great pillar. this. god., [as?] the thing to come. of [=for]. to guide. [by?] darkness (gerh’,Saturn+plexus!). [namely] the Time-dimension (unnut). [of] existence (matrix)., [in] name [of].:
to become the thing of the turtle (*pic.thes dome). the house to engrave (pteh’+house). to connect to. this. place. existence (eden’s)., [in order for] existence (matrix). speech. to make. [as,by] the adamite throne (ást). [for] existence. \\ [as] the word. of speech. [for] he. the speech for anunna-face (vesica north). this. god.,
[by] to wander the word of the double root of willpower [eden’s] (ãppu). this (to conn to). [to] the place. [of] existence (matrix). [as] the SBA-stargate. [of] existence (eden’s)., [in] name [of].:

the divine olden one (glyph). [as] words of sorcery. [by?] Isis’ [ruling adamite throne] (ást). words of sorcery. of [=for]. ãpep., [as?] the thing of the Watercourse [eden axis]. to come. of [=by]. to connect to. the adamite soul. [in] this. pteh’t house. [of] speech.; to become the words (of) b-soul of kh-house (ákháu)., [by] thou. hé. to make. this. god.,to make to become (?). [as?] the words of adam-within. [for] the gods. [of] existence (matrix).; [by means of] existence (eden’s). [through?] the pteh’t theph’et cave. to connect to speech., [as] this. god.; [in order for] existence (eden’s). to serve. existence of hail (matrix).;

to become the words to command. by decree by law. [of] Osiris.; [by] the thepth’ cave. of [=for]. the great pillar. this. god., [in order for] existence (eden’s). to serve. existence of hail. [of] peace [of saturn].”;

1. The boat of Ra, who stands under a canopy formed by the body of the serpent MEHEN; the god is ram-headed and wears a disk on his head, and his name AFU is written twice near him.[1]
In front of him stand HEKA-SER and SA, and a form of ISIS, who has both arms stretched out before her, and is reciting the words of power which shall make the boat to advance.[2]
Behind the god stand HERU-HEKEN, KA-SHU, NEHES, HU, and the “protector of the boat.” [3]

[1] – both he and his sceptre are dubbed “flesh” – not ‘flesh of Áf’, see hour VI,

[2][words of sorcery, spoken by isis, with outstretched hands:]
line, “to repulse. existence (eden’s). [and] he. to know. the thing (fact). nót.;
[namely] the serpent face (in) the hidden background of Saturn”; the serpent
likely being Adam, see below;

[3] – deity SAÁ, “cunning backwards intuition”,
deity H’EKa, “sorcery by saturn”,
deity H’ERU H’EKENU, “word-inside of saturn’s existence / for Horus”
deity ÁKa, “hail / by the Ka spirit-double”,
deity NeHeS, “to wake up the adamite soul’s imprisoned H-cube”,
deity H’U, “word/ of Saturn”,
steersman: UH’Ã, “to un-tie heaven and earth” (south)
Above the boat is written:–

“This great god journeyeth in this City in the path of the Circle of SAR (Osiris) by means of the utterances of the words of power of Isis and of the words of power of SER, so that he may journey on his way against NEHA-HRA. If these words of power of Isis, and those of SER be uttered, APEP shall be turned back and shall be shut up in Ament, in the hidden place of the Tuat; if they be uttered on the earth it shall be so likewise. Whosoever shall utter them shall become one of those who are in the boat of Ra, both in heaven and upon earth; but whosoever knoweth not these figures shall not know how to repulse NEHA-HRA.”

[text in plate above boat:]
” to tie together. [for?] to guide. to know. great speech. [by the hand?]. [for] existence (matrix). [of] willpower. [by] the land (eden’s,south). of [=for]. the sky of earth.; of [=by] (means of). the light (eden’s). [of] existence (eden’s)., [fór] the boat (construct). [of] adam-within., of [=as] the adamite soul. eye.,

to become (áu). the copied thing alike-adam (miátt). of [=for] the land. the head. (main-land’s,their south). eye.; to become (áu). the tuathouse (sbat). which is. the hidden thing (áment). of. the West., which is. [through] sealing-up (khetem). ãpep [eden’s double root]., [by means of] he the original adamite soul in the KH-house (khesef,repulse?,unusual). [for] existence.[through] the olden one. [of] sorcery.. [for] the flesh. [by] sorcery. [as] eden’s realm’s eye.;
to become (áu). the serpent face (in) the hidden background of Saturn (h’a H’er). [in] name [of].: the thing of the Watercourse [eden axis] (uat). of [=by]. this. original adamite soul’s. speech. [through] the olden one. sorcery. the thing of the flesh.;
to become (by) words of sorcery (h’ekau). of [=for]. to make the supports (*pic, of thes-dome; s-thesu). [for] the [an-] face (white hole).;
[by] speech. the flesh. [in] the Qerrt circle [rr,eden speech]. which is. [by] the Watercourse [eden axis]. of [=for]. existence (matrix). [as] the place. of [=for]. to become the great pillar. this. god., [in order] to come [the blueprint] to build (from).”;

B] notes:
…strange complicated lines, we will update,

2. The serpent NEHA-HRA, [1] which is transfixed to the ground by means of six knives. The goddess SERQET [2] stands with a band round his neck in the act of strangling him, and the god HER-TESU-F [3] stands by his tail, round which he is tying a fetter; [4],[5]

[1] – H’A H’ER,
as “the serpent an-face / (in) the dimensional background of saturn”,
[2] – the water-scorpion goddess, with breathing-pipe as pillar;
[3] – name of deity T’EMT’ TAIT,
as,”to become thing of m-b-s-adam-like / land / (by) union”,
[4] – the cord’s name, “he/ to guide / the light”, likely;
related to the cords and chain to the ravine ÁNTT,
[5] – the knives as “he / the flint-knives / (for) speech of an-face”,

The text which refers to this scene reads:

“He who is in this picture is Apep, and he surroundeth his country, which is in the Tuat; TCHAU is the name of this district, which is four hundred and forty cubits in length, and four hundred and forty cubits in breadth, and his voice guideth the gods to him. He who is with (?) him after this great god hath made his passage through this City, halteth (?) with AFU, opposite to the country whereover he would make a way; behold, SERQET is at the head [of Apep], and HER-TESU-F placeth his deadly fetter about his feet after Isis hath taken possession of the words of power of SER of two-fold strength, [and Ra] giveth their it words of power. Whosoever knoweth it (i.e., this picture and the text) upon earth shall not be one of those of whose water NEHA-HRA drinketh.”

[full text, all on first plate:]
[for] speech. to make great speech (by ad.soul). [now still] lacking. of [=for]. the land. the head (main-land,south)., [therefore] the thing of the original adamite soul (st). to know.; to become (áu). [by] them (ad.souls). [through] sorcery (heKa). of [by]. he. to give. \\ the dimensional foreground (h’at\\). [of] the olden one (?,glyph).; [and by] sorcery. the fat (eden aspects). to snatch way. [as,for?] the branch,staff (khet).;
of [=by] (means of). he (the). legs (*pic). of [=for]. the thing of evil (nákt). to make the hép cord (to top cube) (h’ep,square). he. to give., [by means of?]. the divine he. the flint-knives (t’esu). [in?] the (sky) dome. [of] the head [eden’s] (main-dome) (*pic,thes-dome). of [=fór]. the divine Throat [the pillar]. [as] thing to open [windpipe] (serqt). [for] speech and nature (kher). [as] the cord to the hand (mountain). [for] he. the speech for the an-face (*pic,áten).;

[by] he. to wander the double root of willpower [eden’s] (ãpp). [of] speech. [of] the land., of [=as]. he. the light (eden’s). [for] the divine flesh. [of] speech and nature (kher). of [=by]. to devour (ãm). this. place. to become the great pillar [!]. this. god., [by] to enter (ãq). to come the staff,branch (khet+walk). of [=for]. he. to become within (in their dimension) (ám+scroll). existence (matrix).;
[and so] he. to become (áu). he (the). speech. [for] the gods, to guide., [as] he (the). voice [from below] (kher). [for] existence of hail.;

[by] his. width. [of] 440. cubits. [and] his. length. [of] 440. cubits.. this, to tie together (thes,spine?). [for] existence (matrix)., [in] name [of].: “the pool dimension as the word for the fire-drill” (*pic,thes-dome; tchau). [for] the tuathouse (sbat). of [=for]. adam-within. he (the). land. [by means of] the solarplane coil/intestine to tie together; [by] this. double-root of willpower (ãpp). [for] the designs and nature,etc (sekheru). of [=by]. he. existence to become new.”:


see picture end of page

B] context:

….the inversed-mountain would cause the hexagram, sorcery symbol;
the ‘six’ would be everything of Saturn’s crystalline nature and Matter;
in BookOfGates,
the same cords to ravine are depicted; as if keeping the serpent
suspended into the main thes-dome: thereby functioning as kingpin in
order to connect torus and two lands;

note how the 440 cubits is similar to the Giza pyramid:
the MER-cluster is ‘pyramid’, with all it’s fiery lakes and even “damned one,
name of Set” – then the pyramid should be on top of the thes-dome, as some
step-down pyramid, integrated with the four ziggurat-like-cubes rising up;
and could function as the one triangle making the hexagram,

Adam being this serpent?
– the serpent is horizontal: unlike the upright-serpents, even in Rã’s boat,
or the Set-serpent upright, in previous hour;
– the attribute of Adam is ‘face’, read; visible character,
– instead of Ãpep, who represents eden’s double-root of the two lands,
this serpent is fettered – unlike ãpep –


3. The goddess HETEMTIT, armed with a knife.
“to connect to / mbs-adam’s word /, (by) to destroy adamite throne (by Saturn)“,
4. The goddess NAKITH, armed with a knife
“to connect to / m-b-s-adam / for thou hail for existence/,
(for) great speech / to connect to / m-b-s-adam / for thou hail for existence”,
5. The goddess TENIT, armed with a knife.
“to connect to / m-b-s-adam’s / hand (mountain) /, by splitting-off m-b-s-adam”,
6. The goddess TEMTITH, armed with a knife. The goddesses are described as:
“to connect to / m-b-s-adam’s hand (mountain) / (by) slaying (the hand,t’em)“,

“The goddesses who hack at Apep in the Tuat, who repulse (or, bring to nought) the affairs (or, matters) of the enemies of Ra. Those who are in this picture, and who hold knives, hack asunder Apep in the Tuat each day.”
“the divine light (matrix). [of] the word-inside., [by] the lights of the enemy., [by means of] existence (matrix). the lights. the things to repulse (kheseftu). [for] the tuathouse (sbat)., of [=by]. ãpep. the things of m-b-s-adam for thou hail (ákitu).,[as] this (root). [for] the connection to speech for existence (nethertu). [as] he. the dimensions. [by] the serpent an-face in the background of saturn (h’a-h’er). [for] existence of hail.”;


These four goddesses guard four rectangular coffers, at the end of each of which is a human head; inside each coffer is a mound of sand, beneath which is buried one of the four forms of Osiris. The first coffer “contains the form of TEM,”
“to complete / by to guide / below /, to connect / the b-soul / to guide / by to open (the root)“,
the second “contains the form of “KHEPERA,”
“the b-soul / to transform / by to guide / below /, to transform / to guide / to open the root”,
the third “contains the form of Ra,”
“the light of wp of speech / by to guide / below /, for the light / to guide / to open the root”,
and the fourth “contains the form of OSIRIS.”
“Osiris / by to guide / below /, for the land / to come”,

7-10. The four coffers of, concerning which it is said: “[These are the] hidden magical figures of the Tuat, the funeral shrines of the hidden heads. [When] those who reached this region [come there, the hidden heads] appear, [and when they have heard the voice of RA] they eat their own forms, after this great god hath passed them by.”
[line over four coffers, the four extra thes domes:]
“to become the things of the turtle (*pic,thes-dome) (sh tatu). [bý] the heads. [of] existence (eden’s). [as] the unguent for existence by hebrew-H (Hen+mult.). [for] the tuathouse (sbat). [of] existence (matrix).;

to become the turtle. [as] the root. to become spirits., [through] every. light of willpower of speech. [for] the tuathouse (sbat). of [=as?]. ãpep’s., [by] their (ad.souls). evil (neká= ‘to copulate’). [and] their (ad.souls). words to cut-off for thou hail (áketu). [by] existence (eden’s). below. [for] these. designs and nature,etc (sekheru). [and by] them (ad.souls). existence to become new.”;

B] context:
….the four boxes are ‘four mimicked consciousnesses of the Cube’,
see how in hour VIII there are four forms of the ram Thathenen –
who is in the Edfu texts the construct of “new land emerging from
the dimensional (eden) sea”, read, the thes-domes,


11. The god NEB-UAST, standing, and holding a sceptre in his right hand,
“the spinal-nerve-system / for all”
12. The goddess SETH-AB (?),
“the torso (centre) / to connect to / to fowl (adamite originals)“,
– it looks rather like ‘a bird with a fish in it’s beak’, then it is H’AMU, “to fowl”,

[revision: too many words are missing in the overall line,
which would destort context – so only the last part across both deities:]

…….existence. to manifest., [by] this (pn). to tie together. to the backside [inversed eden realm] (peh’).; [because by] them (ad.souls). existence to become new.”;
The line of hieroglyphics above the upper register reads:
“The hidden road of Ament. The great god maketh his way over it in his holy boat, and he passeth over this road which has no water, and none to tow. He maketh his way by means of the words of power of Isis, and by means of the words of power of SEMSU (?), and the utterances of this great god himself [act as] magical protectors, and perform the slaughters of APEP in the Tuat, in this Circle in his windings in the sky. Whosoever shall make [a copy of] these [pictures] according to the similitudes which are in writing at the northern side of the hidden palace in the Tuat they shall act for him that maketh them as magical protectors in heaven and in earth. Whosoever knoweth them shall be as the SPIRITS with Ra.”

[ the entire line in the ceiling reads, starting the last coffer,then to left:],
“the Meh’en-serpent [the walls of the ãnkh-torus]. existence (eden’s). to guide (restored). [by to?] this. place. of [=for]. this. god. to come to make to build [by blueprint]., [by] speech. the flesh. [in] the theph’et cave. [as] the speech. [of] he (the). speech. the thing of the Watercourse [eden axis] (ua).; [and] he. to come. of [=by]. this (to connect to). the adamite soul. [as] he. the speech for the [an-] face.;
[in order] to become the great pillar. this. god., [by means of] to wander the double-root of willpower [eden’s]. [as the thing ] (t). nót.; [but by] he (the). speech. he. the things to copy, to clone (sentu). [by means of] the eye. to revolve (likely;glyph)., [and?] to make by [using prisoner] (m+s-reed-glyph, usually ‘prisoner’). he. to fill [of ãnkh-torus] (meh). he. [for] hail., he. the length. [of] the foreign land. of [=for]. 440. cubits. [of?] the star. of [=as?]. the serpent. the [an-] face. [in] the (dimensional) background of Saturn (h’a)., [in order for] existence. to tie together.”;

A] note:
….the concepts are too Dark to can make a more solid version:
the H’ER serpent is either eden’s eye, or perhaps Adam; in CT
it *may* be the same as the RRK-serpent of eden’s speech;
but it also may be ‘a star’, as a construct we have no idea of yet;

the THPH’T cave may be another name for the SBA-gates: in the
sense that they rename often the same things, when viewed from
the inverse Torus realm – — compare UÃRT and KHENT’ thighs —
the dictionary mentions THPHT PTRÁ,
which is the upper layer of the Cube, against it’s top,’sky of sight’,
which would come close to the SBA gates; and in CT 416,”the double
SBA-gate for my existence to open”, with two houses as ‘double’;

…hence the map of ancient egypt, where Elephantine was the double
island, as official start of the Nile – the pillar – and said to be emerging
from ‘subterranean caves’, perhaps this is the THEPH’ET context;

‘geometric plasma prison’,


visual of the ‘flint-knives’ as their imprisoning lightGrid,
one of us saw Adam imprisoned in similar type geometric grid;
…compare also BD — with a vision about a Chinese, playing fastwith threads between his fingers [read: two hands/mountains],

Inline afbeelding 1
spaceodessy org

see book of gates index, and compare below:


All rights to ‘Inception’ movie:Warner Bros.
link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inception

oftentimes, ‘they’ will tell you, though Veiled, exactly what is going on:
note the inversed realm at 1.50; and compare the astronomic
ceilings of Ramses VI etc, in index of BookOfGates;
and in the movie version, he talks about “workplaces”, glyph ÁS,
situated inside the thes-dome,

– remember: Nothing Here Is What It Seems.



In the upper register are:–
1. The god SHEPES, in mummied form, seated,
and holding in his right hand some curved object, which resembles a boomerang.

2. The goddess ATH,[2] with the head of a lioness, holding the symbol of “life” in her right hand, and a sceptre in her left.

3. The uraeus ANKHUITHIT, with the head of a woman.[3]

4. A god in human form, seated on a throne, wearing plumes and an uraeus on his head, with “life” in his right hand, and the sceptre in his left; this god is called AFU-ASAR, [4] and he is seated under a canopy which is formed by the body of a monster serpent called ANKH-ARU-TCHEFAU-ANKH-ARU. [5] The text which refers to the first three gods reads: “The Majesty of this great and holy god saith, Grant thou me to come forth on the path by thy spittle (?) and by [thy] throat and let me utter the word which is maat to Ankhit, and let me open thy fold, for I have come to illumine the darkness, and to embrace him that is in Mehen.”[6]

[1]-   is “nobility / (by having) the ad.soul / acquired”, inside, as bizarre battery,
[2]-   freely, “to carry-Off”,
[3]-   as “ãnkh-life / to connect to / doubled ãnkh-life”,
[4]-   as “Osiris /? / the flesh of Áf”, eden’s aspects,
[5]-   is a Mess; but notable are ‘images’, sons’, ‘lights of ãnkh-life”, and three
separate glyphs ‘light’ – perhaps referring to the three decapitated ones,
[6]-   below:

[text over first two gods and Osiris below Meh’en,
but rare, complicated paragraph, unlike the others:]

“Meh’en (walls of ãnkh-torus). of [=by]. \\which is. existence. to embrace (sekhen). [by] (my). willpower. the word of darkness (kku). which is. the foremost. to make to illumine. existence (matrix). [for] to come hail as advanced beautified-soul.; [through] to connect to. to revolve (glyph). willpower. to become new (un).;
the thing of m-b-soul-adam-like ãnkh-life. [of] existence. [by] willpower. to complete (kam). [for] the true voice. [of] existence. to give.; [by means of] to connect to. the throat (pillar). h’ki. thou. root/hand. of [=by]. the watercourse (eden’s). existence. [as] the house. [of] thou. willpower. [for] existence. [of] the noble.; [this all] to become (by) the great pillar. this. god. [for] existence of hail.; to recite.;”The text which refers to AFU
The text which refers to AFU-ASAR reads:
“This god saith unto Osiris, who dwelleth in the serpent MEHEN, Hail, Osiris, Governor of the Tuat, thou lord of life, thou ruler of Amentet, thou shalt live, live thou life, thou hast magical power, and shalt prevail by magical power in [this] land. Thou dost exalt those who are in thy following on their arrival before thee. Thine enemies are beneath thy feet, thou hast gained the mastery over those who have worked against thee. The flames [of fire] are against them, he burneth them up with his blazing knife which is over them, he hacketh them in pieces and choppeth them up with his slaughtering knife, and he reckoneth up his members each day. O let me pass over thee in peace.”

[text above decapitated, section, until above Osiris:]
“the peace [of saturn]. of [=by]. thou. speech for the an-face., [by means of] to wander the root of willpower [eden’s].; to become (áu). the speech and nature.of [=as]. the speech. [of] the word. to connect to. the root. [for] hail.; [in order for ] existence. to enter (ãq). of [=by] (means of) the adamite soul. he. to guide., [and] their (ad.souls). speech. [of] the flame. [of] the [an-] face (eden’s). [by] the adamite soul. to give.;

of [=by]. them (ad.souls). he. the flame. [of] the [an-] face. [as] the fire. to cut by the amm-tree (?)., [and] their (ad.souls). speech. [as] the serpent of lights (eden’s). [of] the flames for the adamite soul. [for] existence (matrix). [as] thou. speech. the words. to make., [in order] of [=for]. thou. existence. to become sekhem-power., [through] thou. two legs (*pic). the light (eden’s). below. [of] thou. enemies (kheftiu). [for] thóu. existence (matrix). [as] the (dimensional) foreground (h’at). [of] speech and nature.;

[by] thou. staff,branch (khet). [of] the words of adam-within. [for] speech. [of] thou. existence.; to become [by] the imprisoned word of watercourse for the solarplane (?,bua+scroll). [for] thou. Ba spirit-soul., [in order for] thou. to become a spirit (son). [as] the thing of ãnkh-life., thou. ãnkh-life. [as] thou. existence of ãnkh-life. [for] all [of] the tuat house (sbat).\\ kh-house (foremost kh-house). Osiris. the m-b-soul-adam’s root. [for] hail.;
[by] Meh’en (walls of torus). [of] adam-within. [as] Osiris’. existence. this (pn). god. [for] existence of hail.”;

5. Three headless figures, kneeling, with their arms tied behind their backs; these represent the enemies of Osiris. [1] Behind these stands a fierce cat-headed (or, lynx-headed) god, who holds a huge pointed stake in one hand, and flourishes a large knife in the other. [2]

6. Three foes of Osiris lying on their backs; [3] round the right arm of each a rope is tied, and the other ends of the three ropes are in the hands of a god called ANKU [4]. The passage which refers to these reads:
“The Majesty of this god saith:–O ye spirits who are hostile to Osiris, who have rebelled against the Governor of the Tuat, your hands and arms are fettered, and [ye] are tied tightly with bonds, and your souls are kept under ward, and your shades are hacked in pieces, ANKU hath drawn the cords about you so tightly that ye shall never be able to escape from his restraint.”[5]

[1]-   the importance here is that they are the split-image of the
glyph SBÁ\, decapitated-head endglyph, sometimes having
the serpent-glyph; we hope it’s not coincidence there are ‘three’,
since there are three windows in the topside of the cube (see book
of Henoch)
their names are ‘the word’,’the double-word’, and ‘thing of the word’,
if you compare BookOfGates II, they are NENIU, word of helpless
eden realm – inthere, we proposed they are the 4 horizontal vertices,
which is not necessarily different as these three windows,
[2]-   glyphs,”the side/ (of) them / he/ the willpower / to invade” or very close
to this meaning: the context is important because the
side should be the windows at the north-side of the cube
[3]-   compare again Gates II: laying upon back, arms bound; the depictions
may slightly vary, but these should be the ‘horizontal stakes’,
see for horizontal stakes also CT reference in top,
[4]-   where the gates were ‘words’, ANKU should translate as
glyph,”the word / of thóu / existence of hail”,
[5]-   below,

[text over fettered gods:]
“forever. [for] he. the words. [for] the one. son.; [in order for] the adamite soul. of [=by]. this. to manifest. nót.;
[by] he. the one. [for] thou. existence. of [=as]. evil (ánek=neká). existence., this. evil (same). these (to connect to). shadows (energy-fields). [for] to beat (qen). [in] the Workplace., [for] these. Ba spirit-souls (birds). existence. [as] the son. these (to conn to). the words. to fetter (qas)., [because] existence (matrix). to forcefully desire (mer+whip). existence. to connect to. willpower. [for] willpower (ã). [of] existence Matrix)., [as] the cord (word). to double-connect to. the tuathouse (sbat). \\ [of] the kh-house., [as] the speech. the words. [for] thou. dead body [all they lost]., [through] Osiris’. speech of willpower. [as] the one. [for] the spirits., [by means of] this. god (eden’s). existence (matrix). to serve (h’em). [for] existence of hail.”;

7. Three bearded, human-faced hawks, wearing on their heads the double crown of the South and North; the first is called SA-TATHENEN [1], the name of the second is wanting, and the third is called MAM (?), or MAAT [2]

8. A huge serpent, which bears on its back a god in a sitting posture; the god is called AFU-TEM, [3] and the remains of the text which refers to him say that he shoots forth his flame at those who rebel against Osiris, and that he eats the souls of the enemies of the god. [4,text]

[1]-   glyphs,”the ãnkh-life / for existence by existence to connect to the land / for the son
[2]-   glyphs,”ãnkh-life / by (means of) / to reap”
[3]-   glyphs,”to complete / the flesh of Áf / to connect to hail”

[text over serpent and three hawks, starting in the back of register:]
“the doubled-son. q-scroll-q. thou. speech. the words. thou. dead body. of [=by]. he (the). flame. [to?] the wick (H’). existence. he. to give. [as] the land. [of] adam-within. q. the son. the one (tu). to make to open (sshen). of [=by]. to connect to. hail.;

thou. son. existence. [of] ãnkh-life. [for] the tuathouse (sbat). of [=by]. he. the body (pupil,tchet). the words as m-b-soul-adam for protection (Sa,earth). to connect to. hail.;
the flesh (glyph). [of?] the staff,branch (khet). of [=as]. the word. [for] existence. within. (gap?). to transform (kheper0. the heads. the word. existence. existence. (gap). the words. [for] the land. of [=for]. ãnkh-life. [of] hail.;
to become the great pillar. this (pn). god. [for] existence of hail.”;

B] note:
…compare the sumerian tablets, about Ninurta/marduk,
“blowing an evil storm into Tiamat’s belly” —
Tiamat is the cube, the storm is related to the three windows
in the [top] of the cube, “storms for good times or evil winds”,

above, you see the enlargement of the ‘enemies’ in this register, and these decapitated ones return in the dictionary as SBÁ; SBÁU multiple;
you can see how confusing are the terms: usually this SBÁ is written in the
texts having a different endglyph, oftentimes with serpent; and terms as SBA,
see next picture, written star+i+serpent, tuat X, only adds to the confusion.

in the same picture you see ‘part of a chariot’, listed as SBAT, but this star+t and
house should read ‘tuat house’; exactly becáuse of the -t;
hence, because of the difficult Mimick they made at the top of the cube,
we need to keep open the option TUAT or SBAT, when that glyph appears in the text,

— but fairly certain now, the SBÁ-enemies are the ‘windows of the cube’;
three windows “of which one blew a prosperous breeze, and two of them harmful winds”,
according to Henoch: compare the sumerian tablets, where Marduk “blew an evil storm
in Tiamat’s belly”, being the cube-H;

and it appears, that one window they kept, as ‘window of speech’,
perhaps the other two they turned into “two soul-pools”, SH, [and then doubled
those, see CT*, in two pools named KHEPER, ‘to transform’, and two called
H’EQT, ‘frog’, a stepdown from H’EKA, ‘sorcery’];


[pic of 7 hr]

sofiatopia org

In the lower register are:–

1. The god HERU-HER-KHENT-F, seated on a throne, as his name implies.[1]
He is hawk-headed, and wears the solar disk encircled by a serpent; in his right hand is the symbol of life, and in his left a sceptre.

[1] – well; this Horus god ‘sits upon the cube’,
cube name “he / the stairway / as he dome / of Horus”,
and Horus himself “he / the stairway (khent’)“,
meaning the uãrt-thigh (*pic) but then it’s torus-name;

Of this god it is said: “The work of this figure who is in this picture is in the Tuat, and it is for him to send the stars on their way, and to make the hours to go on their way in the Tuat.”
[text over seated deity:]
“the tuathouse (sbat?). of [=for]. the Time-dimensions. [by] to come the words of Saturn. [as] willpower (ã). for] the eye (entire Utchat). [through] ‘the stars of the word (of) the m-b-soul-adam star”(star+i+u+star+). ‘to come to make to copulate with root of hebrew-H’ (s-neHep+walk). [for] the tuathouse (sbat). of [=by]. the root. he. the speech. to make. [as] these. designs and nature,etc (sekheru). of [=for]. these. to guide. [for] existence to become new.;
the dome (*pic,thes). [of] speech for the an-face. of [=as]. the stairway [khent’]. [to] the [an-] face., [in order for] the Watercourse [eden axis] (ua). this. to become to guide.”;

A] context:
….probably a mistake in the m-b-s star; see similar glyph at 12 gods,
and note below that; we’re sad that we cannot get it móre clear as now,


The stars are personified by gods, twelve in number, who stand each with a star on his head.
Their names are:– [trying to get the pun out of them:]
“the posessions below /(for) great speech” [only swallow here]
2. KEKHERT (?).
“the posessions below / (of) thou” [?]
“the thing of speech+nature / (of) all /, (for) the land / things of speech+nature”,
“the (doubled?) star / (in?) the house\\of the SBAT (star)[see note Upper]
5. HIAT.
“the stars / (for) H’I / (as) the stars / (of) willpower of H’I” [see 6]
“khu-spirit / the doubled-m-b-soul-adam-like saturn house” [pun on Hi,cube]
7. EMTA-A,
(by) willpower / the land (south) / to mimick ” (M,plint);
“eden aether / (by) willpower / to sanctify” [if t’esher is t’eser, as in CT]
9. EMMA-A.
“to sacrifice (‘in general’, maã) / (for) the willpower / (for) the land”,
10. SEM-NES-F,
“he /the tongue (throne) //to guide /, he /the tongue /to guide / the hand”,
“by / to approach / he the / eye (eden’s) / (in order) for / to guide / the hand” (mountain)
“the heads /to beat /,(now) the heads /to keep captive.”;
both words are SQR, and have the SBÁ-decapitated-person glyph [see upper reg.]

The text relating to these gods reads: “The Majesty of Horus of the Tuat saith unto the starry gods:–O ye who are maat in your flesh, whose magical powers have come into being for you, who are united unto your stars and who yourselves rise up for Ra in the horizon which is in the Tuat each day, O be ye in his following, and let your stars guide his two hands so that he may journey through the Beautiful Ament in peace. And, O ye gods who stand up, who dwell in our land, light up ye your stars in the sky so that [I] may unite [myself] with the master of the horizon.”
[full text over twelve stargods:]
(possible gap). the house of the horizon. [of] all [of]. the peace [of Saturn] (h’etep)., [by means of] the Workplace (ás). [through] the thing of the prisoner (sut, Cain). [for] the sky of earth. of [=for]. the words of adam-within.; [through] these (to connéct to). the stars [eden’s](glyph). [of] existence (eden’s)., [in order for] this (to conn to). speech. [as] these (conn to). existences. [for] the land (south). of [=for]. the gods of adam-within. [by means of] the word to stand upright.;

[by] willpower. to elevate. of [=for]. this. which is. the peace [of Saturn] (h’etep).; of [=for]. the beautiful (nefert). West., [by] to travel the root of willpower [eden’s] (ãp+walk). [of] speech. [of] \\ his (eden’s). willpower. [for] the willpower. [as] the word. [fór] these. words (of) the sba-star(s) [12 gods here]. [by?] he. to come the staff,branch (khet)., of [=by]. this. every. light (eden’s). [for] the tuathouse (sbat?). [of] adam-within., [by?] the house\\of the horizon. [of] existence (eden’s). [for] the divine light of willpower of speech [‘rã’] (matrix). [for] existence (matrix).; [as] this. speech. [for] this (to conn to). to go stand upright., [through?] the willpower. [of?] these (conn to). words (of) the sba-star(s). of [=for]. this (conn to). peace [of Saturn].;
[and by] this (to conn to). to become spirits. [of] existence (matrix)., [by means of] to transform. this. flesh of Áf (eden aspects). [for] existence (matrix)., [by] to sacrifice (maã). “the words of the star (for) the m-b-soul-adam-like (sba) star”(star+i+star+u+). [for] the gods. [of] existence. [of] the Tuat\\house (likely). [of] Horus.; [through] existence (eden’s). to serve. existence of hail (matrix).”;

A] context:
….the created difference between ‘stars’ (glyph) and SBA-stars is helpful;
problem is, as often, the multiple objects: SBA is singular, and the multiple
often gets an U inserted: sba+u+ as SBAU+, stars;
but in many cases it is about ‘the words’ of the object, U+, espécially in case
of these sbáu/sba-stars; hence we kept both options here;

like with the goddesses below, we do not know whether the star glyph
is ment star+II or star+\\; the first would be ‘double-star’, the latter the
magically-dangerous, implying an Eden main star;
although in either way it is vampired-upon,


2. The Twelve Goddesses of the Hours, who face to the right, having each a star on her head.
Their names are:–

[the puns are difficult, but we try; note these are ‘goddesses’, their artificial constructs, and they ‘look forward’, read, constructs to be made:]
“to double-connect to / the word-inside of existence by saturn”
2. NEBT-EN-…
“the things for the chalice / (as) the thing of the chalice”,
“the SBAT stargate / (as) the house / to double-connect to / the star.”;
“the shoulder (axis, or ‘to bear up’) / the West/ (as) the willpower/ of the West.”;
6. [Name erased.]
(grin by whom?)
“to connect to / m-b-soul-adam / for (existence) to bring”,
“to connect to/ m-b-soul-adam/ for hail / to become new”
9. TAIT,
“the garment as thing of mbs-adam for former-land / to double-connect to hail for former-land”
“the light for spirits / (by) the eye (edens) / the word /(of) spirit-light / for the eye”
“the images/(by) the eye (eden’s)/, the word/ to make/ by the eye.”;
“t’es (flint-knife) / the ad.soul / gift / (for) the boat (eden’s)/ to cool-down / to build / the boat”;

The text relating to the goddesses of the hours reads:
“The Majesty of Heru-Tuati saith unto the Hours who are in this City:–O ye Hours who have the power of coming into being, O ye Hours who are endowed with stars, O ye Hours who avenge Ra, fight ye on behalf of Him that is on the horizon, and take ye your forms (or, attributes), and carry ye your symbols, and lift ye up your heads and guide this [god] Ra, who is on the horizon, into the beautiful Amentet in peace.”
The text goes on to say:”Behold the gods and goddesses who guide this great god along the hidden way of this City.”

[full text over twelve star-goddesses:]
[in] this. place. existence. to become the thing of the turtle (*pic,thes-dome). [as] the thing of the watercourse [eden axis] (uat). [for] to become the great pillar. this. god. to guide. the thing of m-b-soul-adam-like speech to connect to existence (nethertu,1 glyph). [fór] the gods. [of] existence (matrix)., [bý] eden’s realm (NN). [for] existence of hail.;
the peace [of saturn]. of [=by]. thing of speech. [for] the beautiful (nefert). West., [as] the speech. [by] the house of the horizon (cube). [of] adam-within., [by means of] this (to conn to). the light (eden’s). this. to go guide., [by] these. heads [see hour VI]. [and] these. (gap). he. this. to guide. this. existence. to bear up. these. images [by words/to make] (áru). [by means of] this (conn to). existence (eden’s). to acquire.,

[for] the divine house of the horizon (*pic,yellow cube). of [=by]. adam-within.; [through] the [an-] face (white hole). the things to battle. [by] the divine light of willpower of speech., [in order for] the things to protect (netch+). the Time-dimensions (unnutu). [of] hail.;
[through] the light of the SBIt-stars. [for?] the Time-dimensions (unnutu). [for] hail.;
[as] the things of the m-b-s-adam to transform (kheperitu). [into?] the Time-dimensions (unnutu). [of] hail.; [and by means of] this. place. [of] adam-within. [by means of] the gods of the Time-dimension. [for] existence (matrix). [through] the (doubled?) star. [from?] the Watercourse [eden axis].; [in order for] existence (eden’s). to serve. existence of hail (matrix).”;

B] context:
…..as the 12 mimick-stars, required to created the mimick-eden-realm
within the metatron cube; in BookOfGates the serpent H’ERRT, the
same as H’A H’ER in this hour, is ordered “to birth 12 stars”, which
should be the goddesses there standing upon the stairways;
– the SBIt stars should be the mimicks of the SBÁU, see upper register,
but we still need to find more texts about their nature,

…from what we gathered so far,
they have diminished our [solarplane] timedimension by a fractal 8;
though that aspect obviously does not match the twelve goddesses here,


3. In front of the Hours is an enormous crocodile called AB-SHA-AM-TUAT, which is described as “Osiris, the Eye of Ra.”[1] [2] [3]

[1] – the mound is the mountain of sand, SHÃ, hour V, as thes-dome,
(or,extended, into the domes until sekhet-áaru); and the mountain is
named ÃBSH ÁMI (star) ÃB ÁMI TUAT (sbat),
as “the tuathouse / of adam-within / the land / to become the horn /,
the star / of adam-within / the soulpool / (as?) the horn”;
….the problem is as always the many possible puns by this type
staccato writing: but also the problem of SBAT and TUAT return here,
see pics upper register —
context tells that the head is eden’s eye, hence the sand dome must be
sbat, “the house of the thing of the (sbat) star”, becóming ‘the horn’, see
book of Daniel, the horn split into four [holding the chalice] (*pic),
[2] – the head,”the head / flesh / the head / for Osiris”, as aspects óf eden’s eye,
which is below the mountain;
[3] – and the crocodile is the Utchat-eye, the white hole and eden eye together,
as “to become / Osiris’/ eye / (the light) / of the Utchat eye”,

The crocodile stands upon a long funeral mound,
Of the crocodile the text says: “He who is in this picture is AB-SHAU, and he is the warden of the symbols of this city. When he heareth the voice [of the boat of] Ra which is addressed to the Eye which is in his cheek (?), the head which is in his dominion maketh its appearance, and then it eateth its own form after this great god hath passed it by. Whosoever knoweth this [picture] AB-SHAU shall not devour his soul.”

[full text over the mound:]
“he. the son. of [=by]. sand. [as] the horn (ãb). [for] the word. to complete (kam). of [=as]. thing of the original adamite soul (set)., [by] to know. his (cube’s). speech for the [an-] face (áten,likely).,
[in order] to become the great pillar. this. god., [by means of] to travel the double-root of willpower [eden’s]. [meaning] to come the branch (khet). of [=by]. he. to guide. [for] he (the). speech and nature (kher,kh-house).;

of [=by]. willpower. he (the). land (south). [of] adam-within., [by] the head. [of] speech and nature (kher). [as] the speech. [of] the house (not ‘manifest’)., [by means of] he (the) [physical] backbone of the prisoner Cain [beqsu+flesh]. of [=for?]. the eye. speech. [as] the divine light. [..two lost..]
to become the word of voice. he (eden eye?). to listen to [obey]., [by] this. place. existence (eden’s!) to guide. to guard. he. who is. [by] the sand (shãu). [of] existence. [as?] the horn (Budge). [for?] these. designs,nature,etc (sekheru)., [because] of [=by]. he. existence to become new.”;

B] context:
….they prepared the conditions for the horn, ÃB, to rise up as pillar;
using the ‘backbone of the prisoner’ as fractal to create the pillar, in
order to bring ther Áten/Pest’-disk to it’s top;
probably they wanted to tell the same, by the to guide / to guard,


the pic appears to come from the book of gates, 6th hour

A] notes :

...imagine the place of the plexus in the body, just above the tummy,
from there make a V to both ears;
this relation between ears and plexus is about 'consciousness', or perhaps so phrased,
"them locking their inverse consciousness into us"; the constant repeating of the line
"will make them (ad.souls) to listen" must be direct related to this ---
[cont. theme amtuat VIII]

...one of the many strange things:
this picture of QÃN is obviously belonging to the others above, as you can see by the style of it;
though he is mentioned in the dictionary as belonging to hour VII - this hour -
this picture is missing in virtually áll versions one can find on the net,
and is neither present in Budge's own book:

...in the picture you see Cain, or ÃQEN or QÃN is CTexts,
the Dna-string is around his neck,
he is "the captured hidden root of Saturn", usually depicted with "animal-buttocks-glyph";

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