PT 419

749e] Osiris.'followers (shemsu). [are?,by?] 'the stars that never set'. alike Adam (MM)

749d] the field of offerings, Sekhet-H'etep (by Saturn). of [=by]. his[thou]. Áme/stability/hidden/west(ámen). making. +
749c] Sekhet-áaru, field of reeds (east solarplane). speech. [for] the beautified-soul. the sky of earth. Nemá-bull
749b] the iron (baát). his,thou. fat (ãt). of [=by]. N's. prisoner (su). to destroy
749a] the white crown. [of] very-great-speech (urrt, adam's).  – [is] great speech. [of] this. N.; 
748d] his,thou. "heart"(h'at-áb). of [=by?]. rescued,snatched away (neh'em). nót.;  – N's. torso. word. to be carried-Off. nót.; 
748c] N.'s, thou. anunna-face (vesica north). khau-tá (dead body+staff?). submit (kesu). nót.; 
747b] the star (seb). of [=by?]. shine (sáshá).  – [as?] the horus-hawk (bak). of [=by?] thou. wings (tcheneh')
748a] the [áakhu-] spirits. horn (ãb). of [=by?]. thou. khens (earth's moon, 1 x, khensu[mp]
747b] the word. connected to. the support (thes).  – thou.servants/shrines/het/(khemu). simpleton?(ukha).  – thou. land. destroy (áter). standing upright,mast (ãhã).; 
747a] the thrones of the adamite soul (ástu, Isis, north). [are] the hidden (shetau). speech. [of] anunna-face (vesica north). [by?] the double doors. being opened (un).; 
746c] his. khement (8light +khemt). of [=by]. N. speech. beautified-soul. – his. existence. ákhem(+negative)
746b] his. light. 4 (four). át't). of [=by]. thou/N. the speech? (árt). image of the evil mountain (God's, t'ut). Horus'. existence. erases (t'er)
746a]  the son erasing the root (t'erp, bird-glyph). thou. existence. to stretch out (bow). existence.  – [and] as the goose of stability (smen goose). thou. existence. to mutilate (h'eseqq)
745d] bulls. of. thou. thousands. 
745c] Menkht-body-garment. of. thou. thousands. – Shes-body-garment. of. thou. thousands.
745b] unguent (merh't). of. thou. thousands.  – beer-measure. of. thou. thousands. – food (aspects0. of. thou. thousands.
745a] the Westerner (Horus-spirit). who is. in front of. Anubis., the giver. [of[ peace (h'etep, saturn)
744b] thou. [are?] the Watchers (urshu). [as] those who raise (hí glyph?). – the land. to restore (tcheb).; 
744a] the equipments. became (áu). the stability 9men). [by] the innermost sacred place (khennu). of [=by]. the word. connected to. [bird,q,s=?]. adamite soul., – thou. willpower. [in?] the throne of the adamite soul (ást, isis,north). [by] existence (eden's). to grasp, seize 9netcher). [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; 
743d] the hands. thou. existence. throws,swings upwards (tcham).  – the legs. thou. existence. depart with (ru). the shoulder/to offer/arm. thou. existence. claps with (abekh). (unclear line, seems they switched hands and clap?)
743c] the áakhu-spirits. [of] adam-within. this. thou. royalty (sãh'). of [=by]. the Staff (tá, adam rule). recovered (tcheb).; 
743b] the East (áabt). of. his. manifestation. – [by,is] the light. the enemy (kheft). [by] the Staff (tá, adam rule). standing upright (ãhã). +  ( staff standing upright see other spells)
743a] this. thou. day (Hru, hebrew-H). of [=by?]. the father (átef,staff tá). thou. speech. [for] the anunna-face (vesica north). the protection (netch). [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; 
– to recite [this] spell;