Cosmology Chapter A



source plasma pic:

virtual representation how Earth got ejected out of Eden’s realm: compare with drawing to the right

1] the Mace — H’ETCH

…in the Sumerian tablets of Creation, the hero Ninurta, destroys Eden using a “mace”; and gigantic earthquakes and plasma-explosions occur, after he has smashed Tiamat [Eden-earth];


indian mace [source pinterest]

If you compare the above with the djed-axis [in brown] and the whole Maãt-hall, you see why they have chosen the mace: to destroy by this whole construct; the word H’ETCH has as root ‘light, illumination’ — literally the light / of the serpent TCH / of Saturn H’,


2]vesica mouth – R

the R, ‘mouth’, is crucial in many spells: it is the mouth which “creates reality by the spoken word”, as in Rã, the light / of willpower à / of the mouth R,


…over and over, in the spells, is addressed “the voice from below” KHERU, which needed a mouth to can speak Its words: and they created that mouth as vesica – you see that shape between KHA and SH, below;
the “vesica” is THE typical area of Sorcery; yet then they needed to get that ‘mouth’ Upwards, to the North, to the place of rule: since that is the place which speaks everything into being — and you see They created there a “mouth” [vesica], tóo; [continuing the vesica construct: see Sirius, below]

3] connecting the Two Lands to the Ring – SHEN



…carefully continuing, the Shen bar represents the Two Lands [at an angle, per drawing], connected to the ring by ropes – which tells it is an illegal Construct, this connection: the name SHEN indicates it is related to the South, SH, lit. the encircling / by Existence / of the SH-pool, so this illegal connection is IN THE SOUTH;
…where “existence” is of course “all that is Vampiring upon Eden”; the encircling of the SH pools by the Coils of the Serpent is a
reoccurring theme in the spells, in order to can Feed-off upon; [many concepts are related to this Vital concept: SHENÁ, “hailstones” – consider the book of Revelations; and SHENÃR, “sacred serpent” – Shinar, the place of Babel’s tower, etc.]

4] the vampiring life – ÃNKH

…closely related to the SHEN, above, as well as to the Mace, is the ãnkh-symbol, it’s root meaning is ‘to Vampire upon’, and the sigil is hand-held by virtually every deity: some have suggested it may be a depiction of the energyfield around a human [which may indeed be some Fractal of the construct as per drawing: since the construct is Deified as the deity SHU: having a belly, spine, and head – see right].
– but because of the context, the ring of the ãnkh should incorporate the entire Hall as the circle; and the pole of the ãnkh, as the djed-pillar, and the crossbar, representing “the Two Lands” [at an angle];


considering that:

there are several indications that the ãnkh represents the construct:

  •   a] it is always held in the hand of the deities; which may be congruent to “ÁNT-T, the chain coming out of the abyss, held by Ámen’s hand”; [from the ravine ÁNT, see below];
  •   b] the name, as a form of the KHA-lake, below [inversed as ÃKH], and the N of ‘existence’;
  •   c] the giant scorpion ÃNKHET, in the am-tuat IV, protecting the entrance where Osiris entered the djed-pillar, below;
  •   d] it’s relation to the similar SHEN, see 2], above;
  •   e] after finishing his entire journey, Rã is towed through the monster-serpent ÃNKH-NETERU, in Tuat XI, in order to rise in the East;



slopes and angles:

… the interesting is the strange depiction of angles; in above picture of amtuat IV you see the monster-scorpion ÃNKHET, “guarding the door of R-STAU“; but the slope pictured, is most peculiar:…in fact, ‘slopes’ do not make any Sense, whatsoever: except when they denote another realm on a different Axis: and look what we have here:

source, godweb

dubbed “the Orthodox Cross”; where the crossbar is deliberately Slanted, officially “because the downward slope points to Hades, while the upward slope points to heaven”;..if you will compare it to the drawing, it depicts the same: – since “orthodoxy” is a quasi-mystical, half-gnostic representation of scriptural christianity, mixed with many egyptian notions…

Now, the slanted road, from where Osiris, as Lizard [!] enters our reality, is a mystery: the place named R-STAU;..the R obviously being that “mouth” [see above], combined with a glyph meaning ” to drag, to Tow ” [STAU]; deriving from “mysterious, hidden”, Shetau, from SH [see drawing];

…the slanted entrance may very well support our presented concept; we suggest that the “towing” and “mouth” refer to “towing the mouth of the Abyss, to the mouth of speaking creation in the North”; but to be fair: only after translating more Spells, we hope to get a better view upon this aspect;

5] the Horns – ÃB or T’EB

[excerpt from PT304; every word original, only ours between brackets; the candidate describes his astral journey, starting in this section at earth, then to the  the KHA lake, moving North:]

470] N. passes along. N.’s. existence. [in] Áment [earth]., [at] this. thou. horn. tip.;
the northern. thou. horn.; the southern. thou. horn.,
the eastern. thou. horn. [and] the western. thou. horn.:
the horns. 4. below.;



relief at temple of Horus, Edfu – source:pinterest

…you see in the relief, above, a “bull shaped figure upon the left tip of the boat” [in red], he depicts this Earth [as “bull of Áment”], and “beings walking towards/from him”, just as 304 describes; and via that horn, the base of the construct is reached, [the KHA lake, dividing her root into 4 for everything above it], where then the candidate starts climbing up Northwards; please compare drawing at the right of this page; the glyph ‘horn’ contains in both cases B, solarplane; you see the 4 pillars, standing upright [ the yellow lines in the drawing], and Horus’ sun on top; we will return to this bas-relief soon. [note how several glyphs are both straight and inverse in it’s topline];

“and four horns grew to the four winds of heaven….”
Dan. 8: 8

6]  the Hall above the solarplane – SEH’

…is in the texts themselves usually referred to as “the broad Hall”, USEKH, relating to the fields on the solarplane, SEKHT; but is a stepdown from SEH’, “booth, hall”, etc, [from SÃH’, Orion, see first position in pic below], SEH’, lit. the hall / of Saturn H’ / by the adamite soul S,


7] the chalice, the inside of the four horns – NEB

the neb-basket, described as ‘master-holder’, containing all the fiery lakes of transformation, is like the belly of the entire spine [the Djed, brown axis]; it’s main representative the goddess NEBTH’ET, sister of Isis, and a mimick of Eve, representing the feminine “who rules the chalice”; NEBH’ET, lit. the house of Saturn’s / masterholder / of the solarplane.

note the H’EB-festival, when the construct of chalice and booth mounted upon it, were combined, as well as the contraction of NEB and H’ET into H’EB;


8] the Torus of the maãt Hall am-tuat chapter XII, the journey of is finished, by crossing from this earth back into the eastern horizon; in below picture you see the ‘border’ of the underworld, dubbed “the walls of Shu”, described as “granite”, but unmistakenly a Torus shape, across the solarplane –


source: sacredtexts com

…you see the dead sun-god ÁF [Adam] bottom right; and SHU with outstretched arms, who represents the entire construct as being, with “transformation”, KHEPER, ruling his head; – the triple horizontal layer, processing through the whole am-tuat book, may very well the three layers of the ãnkh’s inversion – since often, themes switch from the lower bar to the upper layer, and back;

9] the collar — ÁNPU, and H’ATH’OR Saturn

..the typical attribute of Anubis/Vishnu is the collar; initially, we considered it to represent the solarplane, because Anubis is often “the head of the construct” [the new-created H’ER as vesica, in the North], and the solarplane would be then the collar around the throat/pillar,


source pinterest – anubis

but since H’ath’or wears the extended version of that collar, also, and even the deity of this earth’s moon, KHENSU, we need to consider another option — —


source pinterest – hathor

Hathor represents Saturn, itself; H’ET H’ER, lit, anunna-face / of the house of Saturn, directly related to Horus H’ERU, and the H’ER, in the north; the necklace named as MEN’AT, and a strange depiction of that is seen in the Dendera crypt:


source wikimedia

you see part of Hathor, sitting, right, but the MENÁT necklace contains a boat, gates, and chords; but most peculiar is the cut-off rings, which would make no sense, when depicted as “solarsystem”…- until we ran into this picture, from Norman Bergman’s “Ringmakers Of Saturn”,


source gnosis us

Speculation is a slippery area, but we we are dealing with unknown concepts here: but let it be clear, that as far we have come until now, the Spells virtually do not make mistakes in what they tell, while they are most congruent – and do not contradict each other; and their observations describing themes were clever: is it impossible they described Saturn’s rings, just like pictured – since that is H’ATH’OR’ s “necklace”…?

…the article seems to be scrubbed now, but one of the translations from “the hymns to Hathor”, within the crypt of Dendera, contained the line “…the princes in their vessel…”, which we have linked to the Ringmakers: but until we will find the original [glyph] text, [and the time to go translate them], this context remains an option,


source: pinterest

above, one of the reliefs in the hypostatic hall of Dendera, showing H’ETH’ER’s inversed [!] face, left, and the “rays”, energies, which Saturn – depicted as Hathor, emits; Note again the ‘stream’, dimension, coming in at an angle; and the boats with deities starting to sail — being all reality-constructs, heading to and creating this second sky of Earth.

[click for full page: Saturn’s Inversion of Reality ]

10] the mast or pillar, MAQT


source pinterest — complete pillar

– the picture above may be a most useful Clue to the construct presented; you see the H’ER on top – the red disk – and the ãnkh incorporated in the pillar; flanked by Isis, left, and Nebhet [for these concepts, see below];

The different terms and depictions used for the same areas of the construct, like ‘the pillar’, in this case], is to address the different aspects each one represents: here for example, the axis ascending out of the ravine ÁNT is not only “a spine”, as “stability” [TCHET’] for the entire construct, but the same time a “ladder” [MAQT] which grew [!] towards the H’ER in the north; as well as a “throat” [ÃM], to can inhale the stolen the breath of life;


…the word used for the “ladder which grew” is MAQT. RUT’, telling that the entire construct was not there befóre, but came into being; another often used term in the Spells for the pole is PESTCH, “shining backbone”, where, interestingly, the word pestch is also “nine”, referring to the Ennead [the pantheon of 9]…where Dr. Frank Peratt, who studied the petroglyphs and depictions of this plasma-column in the eastern sky, found that “as much as nine knots seemed to have moved outwards, inside that column” – so we need to compare these correlations more, as we go;..where PESTCH reads, the shining / backbone / of the serpent / by the adamite soul’s / root, indicating it derives as inversion from SEP – the vesica, below -, one of the most frequent words used, is “the upright mast”, ÃH’Ã,


and the term S-ÃH’Ã meaning “to erect, to set upright”, obviously related to the entire angle of the construction; which another description confirms, namely ‘the raising of the djed pillar”:


Abydos – source: landofpyramids

Clearly is depicted here, how the entire [ãnkh-] construct has been made to ‘stand upright’, according to the angle of the ÕN universe; in order to can reach the H’ER, which is the place of rule by speaking into existence; Note, how the djed, TCHET’, is the aspect of Adam-within:

the “stability”, which is what djed means, comes by having imprisoned Adam within it — compare the story of “Set having locked up osiris inside a tree”, and the Sumerian variant of Inanna’s [Isis’] Huluppu-tree: the stories tell inverse what They have done with Adam, now;



..and finally the mast as “throat”: Serqet, who slew Adam’s masculine, has the water-scorpion upon her head, indicating ‘she’ is but a Construct, ruled by the pillar as throat: the water-scorpion isn’t exactly lethal, but has a kind of windpipe on top; she represents the connection between the south ravine ÁNT, and H’ER in the North, in order for the entire construct to can ‘breathe’ [by stolen air].


….in the same cluster is H’ET’T, ‘scorpion’, and H’ETT, ‘winged disk’ — in the North.

11] the double rule in the North – H’ER and HRU

…the topics become more complex, as we go – but we try to tell to you what we gathered so far, [see for Vesica concept 9], below,

– the spells address very often of their “invading this place of rule”; this appears to be a place in the North of earth, where everything is spoken into existence”; Henoch mentions “a device in the North of earth”, and later repeats, “the North – where are the [blueprints] of forests, lakes, and mankind”;

…it is this strange place, of which the rising pillar’s goal it was to penetrate; creating a kind of vesica-type double place of rule, exactly like the KHA and SH pools, in the south; if you look again at the bas-relief in 5], you see Horus [H’ERU] is the top of the construct; Horus, whose root is H’ER – below, side-by-side, the original name [hebrew-H], and its saturnian mimick [H’],



hebrew-H HRU may mean ‘day ‘, but literally the light / of the Word / of speech / of God’s house [hebrew-H]; while, as you see, H’ER, that face, means the face / as speech / of saturn H’;

…this place speaks into existence not just all of earth, but also the entire Maãt-hall [the circle]; that is why “they” needed this place so much — eventhough it is the place of rule of the adamite soul, the throne of rule of the adamite soul, [lit.: ÁST/Isis, see below], but by creating that double-place, they have made the soul to be their Ventriloquist puppet in the place HRU, by attaching théir place H’ER to it — —

photoshelter com

…or, to use another analogy: imagine a royal Court…where the ‘advisor of the king’ is a devious nobleman, “advising” constantly false things to the 3-y old king:
THIS is the situation with that double-rule in the North: – the adamite soul holds the rule [in HRU], but because she is imprisoned, she constantly speaks the false things, inthere: hence keeping the entire ÃNKH-construct alive!

Constantly, the spells address “the side of speech”, when addressing the anunna-face H’ER; that line was a mystery – until we found the Vesica-concept there: then it makes sense that “one side of that double-place is the speech of Them, and one side is the speech of the adamite soul’s rule”….


One has to gather from the context of the lines, whether the Eye in the south is addressed – KHA and SH – or if the text
addresses this Eye of Horus [H’ERU]. In the ÁNT chapter, below, we discuss how the anunna had no eyes nor insight; Horus is the proto-anunna-spirit, who was created by the H’ER-face with insight and eyes, hence representing the ‘hawk’ with sharp eyes.

….for a much repeated theme in the spells is “Speech By Sight ” [MAA, above]: they invaded this HRU place, in order to can create by Sight — because the power to create isn’t merely by the mouth, or by thinking, but by Sight; the sight they use to transform [KHEPER] reality and Matter by –


source vigilantcitizen com

and that is why they address imprisoned Adam, in the south-east sky, constantly as “the Eyeless one” – since théy now stole the Sight [of the HRU]. You also may want to remember Daniel 8, where, after addressing the four horns, from 5], continues with the line, “…and a centre horn came up, with an EYE in it, and [that eye] SPOKE boastfully”….

12] the throne in the North – ÁST, Isis

ÁST, lit. the throne / of earth T / of the adamite soul S / [is now of] the beautified-soul Á; “soul” being here a generic term, and “beautified-soul” is then a non-adamite soul having become a solarplane-spirit; it is important to distinct all the types spirits and terms for them;


…considering Isis — most translations use her name in the text, but since Isis is a construct, that of rule over the adamite throne, we will often use the latter term; you see [drawing, right] how there is a “double-place” in the North, H’ and H: one, belonging to the blue Eden-axis, and one of the Djed-axis; where the latter invaded that place of rule over this Earth, and that place is therefore about the masculine aspect [as opposed to Nebhet], hence Isis is the construct mainly occupied with behexing adamite male,


pic source: crystalinks

13]  the invading ‘feminine’ in the south – SEPT’T, Sirius

…a complicated and extensive topic: on the drawing, right, you see the line from Giza cross the vesica in the south-east, to continue to Sirius, devised to “anchor the now upright-standing backbone [Djed pillar]  into the stars”; the feminine aspect from the vesica is obvious; but even more when the very area of the vesica, as overlapping of two realms, is THE area of Sorcery; however, the very name of Sirius is a mystery – since it contains the S of adamite soul;


root is the triangle, think pyramid, but described as “thorn”, the thorn refers to its geometric shape, which is a non-stable, even Violent geometric design, totally opposed to for example the cube [new jerusalem]; where the very shape of the Thorn disturbs and causes counter-reactions to the energy of the dimension it faces;


…the second root-meaning [in the other S-chapter] is a circle, containing the sign \\, “magically dangerous”, this glyph’s root meaning “treshfloor of adamite souls“, which is situated IN the vesica  — in fact, the spells describe 4 of these treshfloors, and if you look at the vesica representation, above, you see why that should not be Impossible;


notice the ‘rim of a lake’, and compare that to the both sides of the vesica; etc;  a wide range of glyphs is based upon this vesica construct, SEP,  lit. the root / of the adamite soul; that root being Cut-off and replaced;

becoming the stolen root of Lucifer as SEPT’U, “the morningstar”, above, which’ stolen title Hé re-claimed — as legally with every stolen attribute, He won back;

14] the abyss and artificial fish-souls   –  ÁNT

Often, the spells describe “the place of Án” [translators used the word ÕN], where ÕN should be interpreted as the hostile universe, opposing God’s [or perhaps better phrased: the fallen ones, who have their own universe(s) within God’s [!], hence the place of ÕN describes the palace of the ÕN universe, ruling the Root [the KHA and SH lake], usually depicting the cross-in-circle [place], the pot [stolen word inside, NU] and that double-pillar with star on top,



– the term ÁN has a wide range of meanings, but because of the following very important theme: the rootword of Anunna, Án, is the fish-type-soul of Anunna: artificial souls, spiritual essences, as ‘sons’ of the ÕN universe, for whom that universe deemed it necessary to go create humanoid bodies for, in their image:

THIS was the start of all problems, until this very day – you will find in the sanskrit Veda’s a narrative about this: the Kandeva brothers [the 7 fallen archangels, aka the egyptian pantheon] found a way to kill the good king Bhisma [God], by Krishna [Thoth] coming up with “a devious plan”: they created the first humanoid, of which the good king got so shocked, that he lost attention, and was shot by one of the brother’s arrows — though here is addressed not the human body as we know it today: but a pre-eden humanoid, think Neanderthal and that type, built from animal aspects, with their fish-soul living inside that animal body; these were the ‘sons’ of the pantheon.

It is most crucial to understand this aspect: – because their proto-anunna sons were dumb: they had no understanding, and could not communicate with their creators. Several glyphs denote this, “dumb look”, for example, containing the B [solarplane]; then for some reason They messed up, and God started Eden: which sadly lasted but very shortly — the Anunna were “crying of fear for Adam”, so narrate the Sumerian Tablets — when their prince, Marduk, smashed eden with the Mace [see top of page again];…and after Adam fell, the anunna said to their creators ” make us bodies from these two” [Sumerian KAR-4 tablet], meaning from Adam and Eve; where the same phrase “these two” returns very frequently in the spells [ÁPEN;

THIS is the foundation of everything of what the Spells are about: the transfer of, and stealing of Adamite aspects, to create for thém a spirit-body with understanding, with ‘insight’, able to communicate with their gods: and since the very being of Adam and Eve contained everything of [a beautiful]  Earth, the ÕN universe could fabricate this second sky of earth, next to their Hall of Maãt, which’ latter is a mixture of their own realm with the realm of Eden….

15] Axis –  Way, Feather or Wing

This concept is double: because we have Eden’s axis [the blue straight line, a “watercourse”], the glyph for Eden’s nature of this watercourse is connected horizontal two lines; derived from the ‘lasso-glyph’ UA, you see next to it, which represents the lassoed UA taken out of the hebrew term Ruah, “Spirit”; and the first to “break open that Eden axis”, that watercourse, was the hellhound UP-UA-T, “opener of the Way “,


At first, the counter-axis [mirrored, created axis] was depicted as “wing”, which still can be seen as the akkadian “winged disk” for example [glyph: HET’T], but the word is used only sporadic in the spells –  most likely because it is a typical attribute of [fallen]  angels, and dangerous for them to use, since He said in Daniel “the first beast the angel, and its wings were torn Off….”  — remember, They cannot just like that go against anything He said;


note the related meaning of SHUT, “trafficker, salesman” [babylon]: the connotations of every glyph-cluster are important to show the colour of the words used; hence, the [to them] ‘magically Dangerous’ aspect as the axis was being re-branded, first as “wing” but later as ‘feather’ [and even móre often as ‘shoulder’], many deities wear a crown, existing out of one or more feathers: representing that they are ruled by axis [read: created by – since many of those deities represent artificial constructs];

all glyph copies, for fair use, source: Wallis Budge, 1920, Egypt. Dictionary