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– cosmology is a very Tricky subject….. there are many sites out there, with every kind of information, but because of the nature of themes involved, we could present a different view as others found, until now;
we could start out with a hypothesis, according to what the spells appear to describe, keeping in mind all the work what Velikovsky, and good sites as saturniancosmology and electricuniverse, have done already, and comparing the concept which PT narrates, to other ancient texts, like the book of Henoch; trying to reconstruct a workable concept;
the spells address TWO MOONS – a divine one, and this earth’s one…..a place called EDEN……they address AXIS in space, dubbed ‘shoulders’….using terms as lotus and horns and egg, to describe plasma constructions with….Horns, fingers, pillars, etc, may sound archaic to modern man, but be sure that the description is right on,
especially when we look at the information, the choice of glyphs for every term yields: for example, this earth’s moon, KHENSU, representing the energy this moon regulates, has the SU in it – adamite as prisoner – but also KH, which is a lake in the southeastern sky; and from the texts about him, he ” ferries over [KHEN] the energies he takes from somewhere “: using the meanings of the names, we can reconstruct a concept.
Below, the draft of what we, after much trial and error, understand to be the situation, so far:

source: plato academy.com
you may consider the very well-known doubleheaded eagle as symbolic representation of the entire Ãnkh-construct: literally ‘the two legs below’ [RET’u], the spine, the one wing should be the axis in blue, between Eden and north vesica; and the two heads – the vesica of double-rule, in the North, just like PT572 decribes; note here also the earth in the south: which the one claw holds;
it is crucial to understand, that we have not just planetary mechanics here, nor just electric-universe mechanics, but this is first about dimensionout of which follow the before mentioned mechanics;a dimension was opened, and now fills, illegally, like the air escaping from a balloon, Saturn’s upside-down universe of which this earth is part of: that is the continuous theme of PT – this ‘opening’.

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a most important spell is PT366, addressing rotating Light, used to alter Reality: we know he did not talk about “the solarplane planets revolving” — on the left a Vedic depiction of this very theme, called “the churning of the milky ocean”: you see the deities revolving the ãnkh-pillar upon it’s axis; the pillar stands upon the turtle [in glyphs SHET, from soulpool SH], and the milky ocean around, in glyphs UATCH UR, “the great green sea”, where both the ‘milk’ and the ‘green’ correspond – since both mean “green, young, healthy, abundance”. On top of the pillar is Vishnu/Anubis, who rules the north Vesica.
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[continuation of this page with examples and context will be added as we go.]


full credit to: David Talbott’s great research “symbols of an alien Sky”
…that this solar system went through serious upheaval, is not only explored by good research as Talbott and Velikovsky, but they could not have known that this solar system, which we know now, obfuscated the real moon [since the spells clearly address two moons: a divine one, and this earth’s moon], therefore the large planet in the picture above does not represent ‘Saturn’, as electricUniverse claims — but is the [divine] real moon, which became hidden when the solarsystem plane made this earth’s second sky
[Compare diagram 1 above]

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ancient Vedic cosmology is partly right, too: we will see how in [glyphs] Eden is “the turtle”, SHE-T, and standing upon that, the solarplane, carrying this earth;

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…the immense valuable work of dr. Frank Peratt, who explored thosands of ancient petroglyphs, all describing “a plasma column in the sky”, [ the Djed-column], “made since 7500 BC” [ after Noah’s deluge happened — and this earth’s second sky started: the Spells describe “how Rã, this sun, came into being, and all of creation trembled”

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…”Nibiru” is a major topic in many conspiracy forums; but [glyphs] show, that it is NOT a “returning comet of Doom”: and that it ‘s title “place of the Crossing” means quite something else…

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…in spite of many discarding haughtily [out of ignorance] the Tower of Babel story, we will show you that glyphs in context actually support that event: the sacred serpent SHENÃR,which is exact the biblical name for the place of the Tower: Shinar
important note: full credit is given to all researchers named for their fantastic research; we will upload in time the appropriate links for Your further information]

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