Giza pyramid reveals our Black Hole Matrix written in stone

after 4000 years, all hieroglyphic texts confirm the dimensional Gate

insertion: UPD. April 2018:

this original article was from one year ago;
in the mean time, we have re-constructed many aspects, which we did not understand, backthen.
However – the question and the importance of “the Gate” only proved to be completely Valid:
since this theme turned out to be THE crucial aspect we started out searching for.
Therefore the Validity of the presented diagrams has not changed – not even now:
eventhough we still try to get more Grip about the location of concepts as the MER, ‘pyramid’,
as their construct in the eastern sky; as well as the related themes the spells are addressing.

LoNe 18/3
……what, weren’t those already translated?
– No, not really; or better: they were, but wrongly. Only now, we start to understand what they réally describe, and it is a treasure of information about our reality and the hidden realm around us. They describe this to us in hundreds of spells, in a wide range of topics, and the themes dwarf any ‘science-fiction movie’ ever produced – because this is about the Real Thing: and you are part of it!

above: because of the visual problem of ‘overlapping realms’, we chose to show the constellations outside of the Torus; the shafts of Giza direct to the White hole and Eden’s eye; but remember those two shafts are crossed: showing Inversion.

not Just Another Theory – and here is why

Our very eyes and even our mind deceive us, because they can only see what is presented to them inside our visible reality; and though at first glance, outer space and all those topics may be interesting, they lack any depth since they are non-livable abstract and cold concepts.
Yet we are so used to this abstract thinking, that when God tells about a class of beings named “Watchers”, many shrug it off, “since there are no such things” (or so they think), but when hieroglyphs álso address them, then perhaps He may be right, after all..?
This is the way we started out: to listen carefully to what ancient documents are telling: when scripture mentions “Eden,below”, that is, south of this earth, and we discovered that the spells álso address a “land in the south”, we started to compare scripture and Henoch’s journeys against every hieroglyphic text – Book of the Dead, Coffin Texts, Amtuat, etc.- showing that the egyptian spells are like a complete “photo-negative” of scripture.

However, there was a huge problem: none of the available translations of any ancient egyptian text felt right; they all sóunded mysterious, but were total contextual Nonsense: until we started to translate them from right-to-left (as many ancient languages read), and we found the one sensible line after the other! After a period of trying to grasp the cóncepts they address, which is often veiled as “deities representing cosmological concepts”, we could read absolutely clear lines as:
“the sky of earth, below, to become a packet to ascend”, or “the second sky of earth to rise and shine”, telling that our earth was at another place, once! The one spell after the other denoting themes like this one, often readable word-for-word in english syntax!
When linking back to Genesis, it shows there that “earth got into a different position” at Noah’s deluge, around 8000bC; and the entire book of Revelation is one large RE-wind to the original situation of Eden.

our reality is Backwards and Upside-down

This is what they constantly repeat: not just in lines as “backwards speech is beautiful”, where the very glyph ‘backwards’ is in the name of Orion, SAAH’, but their own realm is upside-down: their east-side is ‘left,’ and their westside is ‘right’; as if the Vitruvian man would stand upon his head (compare the picture);
worse, they keep ús upside-down, on ‘this earth’, while they themselves reside in the fields of Saturn (and also here is the link to scripture: “Lucifer walking between the fiery stones”, is Horus residing in his solarplane…).
It raises major questions as “what is worth all that studying of so-called outer space”, when they téll that the Watchers “made the solarplane in order to hide (ámen) the dimension of Eden’s realm for us [adamites]”…?

how the White Hole created the Torus

The main theme, resounding through all the Spells, is the “stealing of everything from Eden, to transform (‘kheper’) those aspects in order to make théir reality”, including nature, the body, speech and words (to create by); since they consider the “land below” to be théir righteous possession – which’ rule was disturbed when Adam and Eve came on the scene [!].
In order to keep the rule about their two lands (see pic), they made adam to fall (“to wander-astray”) in the garden of all-east (“abetch”) and imprisoned him; next they sent in théir non-adamite soul, Cain (“Ãqen”), in order to let him be birthed into a post-eden body, then continuously dissected his body in order to know the secrets of the eden-body, and to copy it (“sen”) for thém to make bodies from; and used the same terms into a large construct called ãnkh torus.

You see in the picture that the Torus hovers over Eden’s area; standing upon two ‘legs’, and by making contact with the eastern- and western foreign land, the rúle over them is re-established.
The concept of the ‘suction power of the white hole’ is depicted as ãnt’-morningboat, bringing everything fróm Eden’s realm tó the white hole, who spits Out the inverse realm as sektt-eveningboat; like a kind of bizarre oil-well fountain, raining down its Inverse dimension upon the land in the south.
Even the concept of “wormhole” they knew: called T’EPt, a tube with two bull-heads at each side, while Rã journeys thróugh that tube!

Giza and the book of revelation

The spells do not mention Giza as such, though the terms for triangle and pyramid are regularly mentioned (“mer”,”ben”, etc).; therefore it must be the ancestors (giants) of Kam who constructed this Monstrum, locking our earth into the stars visible to ús – but in reality locking their inversed construct upon Eden.
At the same time, the fractals of the pyramid itsélf (1/2,1/4th etc) show how our present reality is reduced by a fractal eight concerning Time-dimension (“unnut”), raising again questions about lightspeed, distance and Time.

The spells are completely aware of this situation – they know where our originals are [!], in the senb-fortress within the solarplane (revelation calls it ‘the souls beneath the altar’); they know how their torus is constantly renewed bý continuously stealing aspects from ús (‘ãnkh-life’ is literally ‘to vampire upon’); and they know so with boastful Glee.
Yet they fear but one thing, only:
In scripture, the torus is compared with Leviathan; and the book of Revelation describes, how their entire construct will be demolished by God – starting with the seals holding earth in her present position (seal is the glyph for ‘backwards’), then destroying their tower (the seven trumpets), and finally the hated solarplane (the chalices);
– forcing 200,000,000 fullblown spirits to need to relocate from their luxury Fields, to this earth….

make no mistake: this is about YOU

– dozens of square yards and endless lines of hieroglyphs were found in the gravesites of pharaohs and nobles, and they really made the effort to tell in stone that which IS going on, around us.
You may ask yourself why is it that we are constantly bombarded with fake-threats as Korea, or nonsense endtime-events as if the chip would be the Mark, etc.
None of it is true, it is all but Distraction.

Now you know why.

Giza overlap upon the white hole [king’s chamber] and the domes above [as pillar];
the gallery is the ‘thigh’, stealing the Watercourse from Heaven towards eden’s eye;
and the Pit down below represents the abyss ÁNTT;
note how in the queen’s chamber stood a giant Ka-spirit-double statue, denoting the
‘engraving by rotation’ they encircle Eden’s eye by [functioning as a giant 3D-printer]

above: complete confirmation of the diagram, found in the last hour of the book of Gates – see pages – and note the inverse realm in the upper half of the picture, and the Torus drawn inside it; the disk above the beetle is the white hole of Inversion;

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