CT 76

CT 71 II 17

j] this (tn). thou. place-T of the watercourse (ua-t).,
of [=by]. i] the divine dome of Nu (word-inside; inner-court). of [=for]. the divine word of the double-wick-H’ (hehu+).,
of [=as]. the dark word (kku+). of [=by]. place-T of the watercourse. [for] my. existence. thou. to make (ár).; (note)

h] the passive hand of very great speech (eden’s). [for] the divine (word of) the axis (shu+). [by] the ladder (place-T q-axis to reap).
[for] my. existence. thou. to tie together (thes).;
g] [and so for] eternity (h’h’). the divine dome (glyph)., [as] existence (matrix). [by] the torso (in outer court). to become stability.,
of [=by] (means of). he (torso). (eden-) speech to manifest (perr)., [in order] to divinely complete (T’em). existence.,
[through] place-T of the watercourse. [by] thou. to make (ár).,
f] [as] this (tn). thou. place-T of the (elevated!) watercourse.;
[and so by] the divine dome of Nu (word-inside). of [=for]. the divine word of the double-wick-H’ (hehu).,
of [=as]. the dark word (kku+). of [=by]. place-T of the watercourse. [for] my. existence. thou. to make (ár).;
e] repeat;
d] [for] eternity (h’h’). the words of spirits-light (of doubled-kh-house for hail (ákhkhu+)). [as?] the words of speech of the an-face (eden’s).
of [=by]. the divine axis (shu). [as,for?] thou. support to rise-up for the word (u-thes).; (note)
c and b] repeat;
a] [for] eternity (h’h’). ãpep (eden-serpent as double-root for willpower). to guard (saa)., +

II 16

i] [by] the millions (h’h’+). [of] Ka spirit-double bulls.;
h and g] repeat;
f] [for] eternity (h’h’). the divine axis (shu).,
e] [as] existence (matrix). [by] the mouth (eden gate)., [through] the words. the head (main-words).
[by means of] the words (eden’s). [for] the word of breath-air. to be devoured (ãm+passive).;
d and c] repeat;
b] [for] eternity (h’h’). the uraei (place-T to ascend for hail). [as] the Ka spirit-double bull (strong place).,
[through] the divine axis (shu). [for] the physical blood (senf, note).;
a] repeat;

II 15

i] repeat;
h] eternity (h’h’). [by] the divine axis (shu).,
[as] the things by the phallus (invading axis). [being?] the things of the serpent (as the word of willpower for existence (nãu+).;
g and f]
e] [for] eternity (h’h’). the sky of earth (north). [by] the spirits-light (of new-root to make the sh-pool). thou. to make (ár).,
[and by] thou. to come the word of the double-wick-H’(h’h’u). [through?] thou. flame to double place-T (teKa, note).;
d and c] repeats;
b] eternity. [by] the Ennead (9 constructs).,
[by means of] the centre of the Tao dimension (double-plummet of balance, note). (door) to open [and become new] (un; matrix).;
a] repeat;

II 14,13, 12, 11, general repeats
II 10

e and d] repeat;
c] the divine dome of Nu (word-inside). [by] the double obelisk (tkhn, note). (door) to open [and become new] (un, matrix).;
b] [for] eternity (h’eh’). [by] the Ennead (9 constructs). the double plummet (dimensional centre) (tekh+). to guard (saaa).,
[in order for] the nebá flame (flame of hail for the solarplane of existence). to be hail (hail+passive).; (note)
a] [and so] the spirits-light (word of doubled-kh-house of hail) (ákhkhu+).,
[by means of?] the land’s place-T of hail to split-off (t’enát+,’portion’).;

II 9 note page
II 8

e] the divine axis (shu). [by?] the words to make the support to rise-up (sthesu+). [for] the [an-] face (north).,
[and so for] me (?ku). [through] the passive hand of very great speech (eden’s). the word of hail (áu).; (note)
d] to divinely complete (T’em; copied-hand). my. divine he place-T (of hail) (tf+).,
[by means of] he (eden). existence. [for] existence (matrix). place-T to make (ár-t, not eye). alike-adam (miá).;
the divine axis (shu). [by] the ladder (place-T q-axis to reap). [for] my. existence. thou. to tie together (thes).; (note)

c] the word \\ of willpower. [for] my. existence. the most-beautified-soul adam. to give.; (note)
b] [and so] to rejoice in the word of willpower by wick-H’ (flesh, h’ãu). (in order) of [=for]. me. the words to repulse (eden’s; khsfu).,
of [=by] (means of). the most-b-soul-adam to come., of [=for]. +
a] the dark word (kku). of [=by?]. to come the words to dissect for place-T (t-nemu+). of [=as]. the divine word of double-wick-H’.;
of [=by]. + (note)

II 7

f] the divine dome of Nu (word-inside). [for] eden-willpower for Saturn (h’enã)., [by] he (eden w.). within (the matrix).,
[for] the divine completed light (‘atum-ra’). [of] existence (matrix).,
[by means of] the passive word to command (met’u, copied-hand). [as] this (pu). mutilated eden-light (Hru).,
e] [by] to divinely complete (T’em). eden-willpower for Saturn wick-H’ (h’enã).,
[through] the divine dome of place-T of the word-inside. to create (by q-axis to reap; qema). place-T of he-eden for the kh-house.,
[for] existences to make (via ad.soul). [namely by] the names (eden’s). to divinely complete. existence. the word. to make (ár).;

c] [for] hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit), the essence of he-eden for hail (áf, note). [for] existence (matrix).
[as] the essence of words of the eden-mountain for speech.,
of [=by] (means of). the divine gift of place-T for hail. [for] existence (matrix). the word. to make (ár).;
c] [namely by] these (numbering,ápu). eight. eternal gods (h’eh’; h’eh’u).;

b] the spirits-light of the word (of doubled-kh-house for hail). which is (by) (t/existence). the land by place-T of hail to split-off (tchenát+).
[for] the [an-] face., [through] the divine axis (shu). [existence]. [as?] my. support to rise-up for the word (u-thes). [for] my. word of hail (áu).;
a] [as] the divine gift as place-T for hail. [by] this (to connect to, thn). the divine he place-T of hail.;

II 6

f, e, d, c repeats;
b] [for] the gods (matrix). the phallus at place-T to connect for the word (utht+, note). [as?] divine axis (shu). this (pu). I am.;
a] repeat;

II 5

e] the divine dome of Nu (word-inside, outer court). [for] the divine word of the double-wick-H’ (h’eh’u).,
[as] the word to be constantly renewed [by hebrew-H] (sic).,
[for] the millions (h’eh’+). the phallus at place-T to connect for the word (utht+).;
d] eternal (h’eh’). existence (matrix). [by means of] the by me owned adamite soul. of [=for]. me. the word to make.,
[in order] existence (matrix). to discover (gem).;
c] [and by] the dark word (kku). existence to make (via ad.soul).,
[as] existence. [by] the spirits-light (sshep). to make (ár). am I.; (syntax off)

b] [by] Tefnet (goddess) (place-T of existence by he-eden for place-T). my. divine place-T copied. [for] eden-willpower for Saturn (h’enã).,
[and so to] me. to come the word of the doubled-wick-H’ (h’eh’u). of [=by]. he. the Utcha-eye (dimensional centre). [as] place-T of the “One”.;
to come the solarplane by descended hebrew-H. [for] divine completed light., [as] existence (matrix). [by] to fly-up the root (pa).;
a] [for] the gods (matrix). Tefnet (place-T of existence by he-eden for place-T). [by] the divine axis (shu). this (pu). I am.;

II 4

d] repeat;
c] [divine word of doubled-wick for] within.,
[as] the divine completed light. [being?] his-Self. speech to transform. [for?] the divine light (willp/speech; Rã).;
and through?] the phoenix bird (as son construct for 2 axis). +
b] the throat (double-place-T for the saturn-wick-H’). [for] ãnkh-life. [as] the word-inside. [for] the words of breath-air.;
of [=for]. my. head-cloth (existence by he-eden for willpower) (ãfen+). me. to inverse (sa).
to make the an-face north (via ad.soul). [for] existence (matrix). to manifest (per).; (need revieuw)

a] Tefnet. [for] me. [as] the divine place-T copied (place-T to make existence).,
[for] eden-willpower for the saturn-wick-H’ (h’enã). [by] he. the mouth (eden gate).,
[as] essence by the eden-mouth for the doubled-SH-pool of hail (north). of [=for]. to divinely complete. my. divine he place-T (of hail).;

II 3

h] my. word. [of] existence. [by] essence by the eden-mouth for the doubled-SH-pool of hail (north).,
g] the pregnant goddess of place-T of speech for the heir (note). [as?] the workplace (ás). my. pregnant goddess of place-T of speech for the heir. nót.;
— place-T of the most-b-soul-adam to birth (mesit). [as?] the workplace. my. word to birth (mesu). nót.; —(unclear; note)

f] [and] the egg (suh’t, note). of [=for]. me. to tie together. nót.;
[and] the belly (eden dome). of [=for] me. to build the ring (at copied-hand at q-axis, north, near city of Õn) (qet’+). nót.;
e] [but] within. he. existence. speech to transform., [for] divine light (willpower/speech; Rã).,
d] [by] to divinely complete. the word for to build (by q-axis to reap, qema). [by] the divine axis (shu). this (pu). I am.;

c] and by?] the Ennead (9 constructs). the word. [for] existence. [of] sight (maa). nót.;
b] [but instead,] double existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] the double place-T of adam-within.,
[as] my. word. existence (matrix). to give. speech.;
a] the things of the cow at place-T of great speech for the matrix dimension place-T to fill north (meh’t urt++). +

II 2

g] [for] he. existence (matrix). [by] he. the eden-crocodile as the q-axis to make to inverse (ssaq+).;
f] [for] the divine completed light. [by] my. divine he place-T (of hail).,
[as] existence (matrix). [by] the land. he. the cord to tie together. [as] this. god.;
e] [namely as?] my. legs (rt’). below., [for] Geb (land atop cube). my. existence. to give. speech.;

d] he. the border (top cube). of [=by]. the divine completed light. my. divine he place-T (of hail). existence to make. me. to give.;
c] [as?] my. head. [being?] the divine dome by place-T of the word-inside.,
[and so by?] my. son-construct at place-T (sa-t, 1 x mut). my. place-T to bear-up. the border (top cube).;

b] [by] the divine (word of) the axis (shu). the words to make the support to rise-up (sthesu). [for] the [an-] face (north).,
and by?] me. the passive very great speech (eden’s). [for] my. word of hail (áu).;
a] [as] the divine completed light. [by] my. divine he place-T (of hail). [for] existence of hail (án).;

II 1

h] me. to create. alike-adam (miá).; (sic)
g] [by] this (to connect to). to make (ár)., [and by] this (to connect to). to create by q-axis to reap). am I.;
f] the ladder (place-T of q-axis to reap). me. existence (matrix). to tie together.;
e] [by] this (to connect to). \\ the word of willpower. [by] me. [to!] existence (matrix). the m-b-soul-adam (+AT’M). to give.;
d] [by means of] me. within (eden). [for] this (to connect to). the divine he place-T (of hail).,
[and so] to come the word for to repulse [with] (khsfu). [by means of] most-b-soul-adam to come (i+walk).,
of [=for]. +
c] to divinely complete (=T’M!). the ladder (t q-axis to reap). [by means of] the words to tie together (thesu+, sic).;
b] he. the essences of he for hail (áf+). existence. [as] the essence of words of the eden-mountain for speech.,
[by] the divine axis (shu). existence. the word. to make (ár).;
a] [for] the sky of earth (north). [through] the house of fat (at place-T for willpower) (ãt+). the words to guard (saaa).;
[by?] these (numbering; ápu). eight. H’EH’ (gods). [for] hail.;

— — — —- — end CT 76
A] notes:
II 17

  • line j] hehu,
    the “wick-H” is the dna-type glyph, as Vortex; starting in outer-court (see diagrams); the concept of H’EH’U is a tricky one; listed are “the four hehu, four elemental deities”, in spells made into eight of them. Others will give these eight names as dual opposites, giving them names as Nun and Naunet etc., but we did not find that in the spells. Only later on in this spell will show up “the four hehu” [and made into eight], in this instance used here, the concept itself has the name H’EH’U.
  • “the divine word of the double wick-H΅, to right;
    where wick-H’ as the dna-type glyph was the caduceaus; we suggest to be interpreted as “double vortex”; where the ‘word’ goes both ways, up and down the vortex. Later on there will be four – likely related to the four main poles of the lampstand, related to the four cherubs; who guide the words of the Watercourse. And again later on, when the four are doubled, they show ‘inversion’ to create a mirror above the lampstand – see ‘enigmatic book’ diagram;
  • line j] dark word
    as KKU, to right; some BD mentions the buildup of this glyph, going from K to KK to KKU, which we however did not understand yet. In this spell it shows how the word of the Watercourse is turned into this dark word (remember that they need to ‘darken’ the light of eden), but the double-K gives us problems – as double-K-axis? akin to the double vortex H’H’, considered the context?
  • line h] passive hand of very great speech
    as URT’+passive, to right; in CT the TCH- is very often interchanged with the T’; in several occasions showing the det. with ‘swallow’, as “evil”; or URT’U, “the passive mountain of very great speech”, the mountain being eden’s; or ÁKHM URT’, listed as “the stars that never set (?)”; as “the stars of the passive hand of very great speech of ignorance for hail”.
  • Our problem is that we know of the 7 torches, the beautiful maidens (see Habakuk page),
    who got imprisoned but will be released again – also named as “the seven Torches” – which could be this URT’; but these torches are for the word, not for speech (UR); yet in this spell the context must be the Watercourse – the flowing word. To make it more complicated – in this CT range is also the “seven uraei” which are “to be devoured” (ÃM+passive). For now, we must consider this URT’ to be eden’s hand, executive region, rather then the hand-T’, as their copied eden-hand, being the hand where Adam is within;
  • line h] divine (word of) the axis,
    as SHU plus feather, to right, the glyphs below the ‘branch’ in the centre of the textglyph; the context suggests this axis is “forming inbetween the split Q-axis” (as split eden tree), see ‘enigmatic book diagram’, where this SHU axis must be at the same place as the djed pillar in the KHNEM glyph, and see next,
  • line h] ladder
    as MAQT, textglyph to right, above SHU;
    “the ladder at place-T the Q-axis to reap”; see also ‘enigmatic book diagram’, where the eden-axis is split in two, forming two ‘horns’ or the sides of this ladder; this axis being one of two staffs in Zecheriah 11 (see page),
  • line g] to divinely complete
    textglyph to right, as T’EM (leftside), ruling “the hand where Adam is inside”, no coincidence that Adam is AT’M in original hebrew; the middle version shows “the divine he place-T for hail” and the version right “divine gift of place-T for hail”;
  • line d] as or for the support,
    another crucial but unclear line; is the THES-support a continuation óf the SHU axis, or the same? in Tuat X Horus is sitting upon the THES, suggesting that the THES is a continuation; compare note II 9 e] below;


  • line b] physical blood,
    as SENEF + det., “the essence of the mouth (eden gate) by he to make existence”, or “.. of he (eden) for to copy”, both as SEN-; context suggest that this [now mutilated] essence is related to the uraei, implying the uraei are eden’s; in a BD we found SENEF IV, as four bloods; only in past century they discovered the four bloodtypes of human;
II 15

  • line e] teKa flame,
    in textglyph to right; in top above the H’H’U+walk; these four teKa flames appear in the lower register in V, to right, as flames upon the four heads. Here however is but mentioned one, as concept; the H’EH’U is being doubled there, so context is “their sky of earth, north, becomes spirits-light, by the word of the double-vortex to come there – by the flame to double place-T” [or ‘for place-T’?]; that these are “four flames” relate again to the cherubs, to be doubled to eight; the lower register is the region just above eden’s gate, within the outer court;
  • line b] dimensional centre,
    in textglyph to right as TKH (all below the nr.154; above that ‘to open’); as the dimensional hub of their Tao dual realm; this place goes under many names, “utcha eye”, “eye of the pyramid” in popular culture; as the “high gate which needs to be shut”, see log; situated in the outer-court in it’s northern half, close to the city of Õn, and is their place-T they have ascended the watercourse up onto; that the term UN- is used, ‘to open’, as opposed to UP-, “eden root to open”;
II 10

  • line c] double obelisk,
    similar to the plummet TEKH, but as TEKHEN; if you consider the “column (pillar) of Fire” as above the tabernacle, and later in the desert, then this pillar is “from the eden gate Upwards into the outer court”, and likely unto the upper gate – The flame is a “flame of Words”, the obelisk is often TEKHENNU-U. “word for the word-inside”, suggesting that “the obelisk”, as concept, was used as.. ‘first assimilation’ from them towards the pillar of fire (because later concepts are ‘phallus’ etc; compare obelisks as at st.Peter square);
  • That the glyph often shows 2 obelisks does not necessarily mean “two”,
    but even more often, per context, “doubled” (copied). Whý they used this concept is unclear – likely represented to mix the Word with (their) ‘stone’; we saw how glyph ÁNER, ‘stone’, includes the R-, “speech”: several times there appear “4 obelisks” – preceded by UR, “great speech”. [note how ‘stone’ is likely depicted also in last page of tuat XII, where Shu appears to guard or represent a granite wall]. These four must relate to the cherubs again as the four of the central column of the lampstand – and very possibly they represent the pillar of Fire, itsélf; since they provide the Great Speech, having the Watercourse inbetween them (the Word); it is possible that the H’U, “word of Saturn-wick” starts as result fróm the TEKHEN, as the Word within the stone, now being deformed into “word of Saturn” H’U, and the stepdown continues into H’EH’U, then 4 H’EH’U-gods, into eight H’EH’U; the KH- and H’- both of the gutteral cluster.
  • We sense we have a solid case here.
  • line b] nebá flame,
    considered previous note, this NEBÁ flame can represent “the essence of pillar of fire” now “entering through their dimensional gate – to théir side”, causing their spirits-light in next line a]; the Edfu texts often use this term NEBÁ+flame (where we thought it was reed, first), but this context makes much more Sense; especially since Karnak is all about these primary concepts, after Eden fell;

II 9

  • line e] divine axis and support
    the 4 supports of Shu; here is no number given, only “the words to máke the thes-support”, (see note II 17 d]); the horus-face is included in this line, so that fits tuat X; but we are still not sure whether these 4 are the obelisks, or their continuation;
  • line d] divine he place-T
    in two other versions, it is replace by “the divine VaV-sceptre”, eden’s, which we know as “the lawgiver between Judah’s feet”, Gen.49; and symbolically as the ‘pencil’ which the scribes (of the Toa realm) had when they had to mark the peoples, in Ezekiel (page and page). The rest of the line is exact as the one in the text, now reading, to divinely complete (T’em; copied-hand). [for] me. [by] the divine VaV-sceptre., he (eden). existence. [for] existence (matrix). place-T to make (ár-t, not eye). alike-adam (miá).; so the VaV-sceptre is in the copied-hand where Adam is (also ‘hand of the serpent-hand’, TCH-T’); eventhough in usual glyphs it is adressed as staff-TÁ, “VaV-sceptre / for hail”. That the line slightly changes is because of the different object – context however is the same;
  • line c] most-b-soul adam
    often the double-reed is glued behind a term, “m-b-soul-adam-like”, but here that can hardly be intended because nonsense – therefore it must refer to literal Adam;
  • line a] words to dissect,
    the NEM- cluster, slaughterhouse etc, must be about “dissecting the throne of adamite”, per important glyph NEM-ÁST; but here a -T is added in front of NEMU, which cannot be part of the next glyph M, because MT is usually “to die” (and hasn’t a det. here). Eventhough unusual, we can’t make anything else of it as T-NEMU, and this form is consequently appearing in this spell;

II 7

  • line c] essence of he
    in tuat XII, it can hardly be “the body of Áf having been cast away” – first because they néed this ‘flesh’; but second because it doesn’t write ÁF there – but essence+knife, or essence+to guide; the praising figure in front shows that they need this essence – but now harmless, as mummified; it is still in the lower register, the region of the adamite throne. This ÁF is directly related to the masculine-essence of the cherubs, per this spell range,
II 6

  • line b] phallus
    to right, as UTHT, “phallus at -T to connect for the word”; see note II 10 c] for the stepdowns; this appears to be some proto version, later on many different type ‘phalusses’ are used in glyphs,
II 5

  • line b] Tefnet, Tefnut,
    shown in tomb murals as “the goddess of the tree, giving fruits”;
    this construct [‘she’] is the same as Jer. 43:9, “get two stones, and bury them in the kiln which is at the entry of Pharaoh’s house in Tahpahnes”, the latter being Tefnut. The line in this CT mentiones exact that: to copy the place-T, as ‘stone’ and compare II 10 c]; context here suggests Tefnut is at the top of the shu axis? The versions use either TFNT, TF or ÁTF here;
  • Apparently she is not actively copying, but is the copied place (via ad.soul -S), herself;
    SENT is usually translated as “sister”, in this case “Tefnut my sister”, but though very poetic, the context of ‘sister’ is not enough. That there are ‘peoples’ shown in the dictionary SEN- cluster, indeed means “copied peoples”, as the types which Saul and Ephraim represent (see page and page and page).

II 3

  • line g] pregnant goddess
    we tried but cant find the context here; related lines as “place-T of ãnkh-life for my ãnkh-life” we do understand, but this is tricky; the Heir are the adamite-originals, the pregnant goddess the Revelation-woman;
  • line f] egg
    textglyph to right; SUH’T; instead of the usual egg det., now we see a ring with the THA-bird inside, eden’s masculine; this egg, as dimensional created place, is close related to ÁF “essence by he-eden”, and both are related to eden-masculine, especially “the head” and “speech”; This ‘egg’ can perhaps be considered as an Enclave within hostile territory [eden’s]; situated around their gate, dimensional centre; in next stepdown becoming SÃH’, Orion; here as “(the masculine egg) at place-T to make the saturn-wick-H’ for the word”,

# much info, complicated,
overall understanding: 8 (as 8 out of 10)
running lines: 8 (as 8 out of 10)