CT 129

CT 129 II 150

i] the adamite-soul’s. evil nostril [of eden-speech by sh-pool] (sherr). [as] the (Watercourse’s) doubled-place-T of the east.,
having become the detestable eden-existence by the bone-pole [at q-axis] (qsen).,

h] [but now,] [through] the adamite-soul. [for] the sweetness (nthm). [namely by] the great pillar.,
[which is by?] the doubled-place-T for existence (ntt). [at] the border [-sky] (tcher)., +

g] [as] the doubled-place-T of the west.,
[by means of] place-T of the watercourse (eden). [of] the [an-] face (eden). [to?] thou. to descend (hebrew-H) (=place-T).;

f] [and so] place-T of the east. [for?] place-T of the west.,
[as] the willpower. of [=by]. another (kt)., [being?] the divine things of eden-masculine. to come the double-word. [for] speech.,

e] [and so by] the land (eden’s). the speech. [for the Ba spirit-soul] [of] craftyness (h’em).,
[by means of?] the dome (glyph). [as] the south (res)., the adamite-soul. willpower. [of] the word. [of] speech.,
[in order for?] the (double-) gate of the star to make the solarplane (SB+). [for] the word of descended-house-H (Hau).,

[as] existence (matrix). [through] place-T to fill (in north) (meh’t).;

d] [through] the adamite-soul. [for] to perfume (kp+). existence to make (via ad.soul) (as concept).,
[by means of?] the mouth (eden’s). [for] speech. [as?] the fat (essence at place-T for willpower) (ãt+)., (?)

c] [and so by] the south (res). the eden-speech. [for] the [an-] face (north). [through] place-T to fill (north).,
[as] speech. [by] the upside-down boat [as new-hand for kh-house] (kht’+).,
[and so] of [=by]. the light (eden’s?). [for] existence (matrix). [as?] the spirits-light as the word for the kh-house for hail.,

b] [and this way,] the sky of earth (north). of [=by]. the things at place-T of the split-off watercourse (north).,
my. existence. (door) to open [and become new] (un,matrix).;
to become (áu). +

a] the sky of earth (north). [of] speech.,
[by means of] the things by place-T of the split-off watercourse. to know (rkh).;

——— end CT 129

A] notes:
  • – line i] evil nostril
    in textglyph to right, lower position; the swallow-bird; considered the next glyph, this nostril must be the original adamite throne, eventhough close linked to the mouth (eden-gate); where the R (in SHER) is the glyph for ‘mouth’ as well, when stopline, and the SH-pool a contraction of adamite-soul and hebrew-H-house;
  • – line i] watercourse’s place-T
    unusual addition, in rightside column, but showing clearly that, originally, here ended the Watercourse, in the eden situation,
  • – line i] detestable existence,
    the four glyphs in top of columns, to right, as QESEN+scroll, but listed and in other spells with ‘swallow-bird’; alternatively “detestable existence (matrix) because of the bone-pole”, but the context would not alter much; this “bone of the adamite-soul as? the q-axis”, here singular, are probably the ring of poles surrounding “the cord of words”;
  • – line h] great pillar
    going north somewhere starting at the serpent-hand, considered the previous term NTCHM, including serpent-hand -TCH; but also because the pillar ÃÃ is related to ‘door’ (stargate),
  • – line g] to descend,
    the previous mentioned place-T of the watercourse now descended (to become the doubled-T of the west); the hebrew-house-H is the house, thrown to them for 30 silvers (Habakuk 2 page) and Hab. 3 page [oh right; so they have 30 QES-poles, see MÃB, 30 judges], this house representing silver, masculine (see next line) etc,
  • – line e] dome as the south
    in textglyph to right, dome in lowest position; the stalk above that as RES,”the South of the adamite soul’s speech”, likely not S-RES “to make the south (via ad.soul)”, since RES- appears to be an original situation, compare the bone QES; [as opposed to the other glyph ‘south’ SHMÃ]
  • the tamarisk Á-SER
    must then start at the shared-place, towards north; they having used S and R but now inverted, “to make speech”;
  • – line b] -T of watercourse,
    in texglyph to right also “doubled-watercourse”, rightside column; probably intended as “doubled-T of split-off watercourse for to become new”, but is a magically-dangerous way of writing,