PT 582

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, first revision 30/8/17
theme : the shrine of the cherub bull to seize
first revision 30/8/17
status : 90%
summary : the shrine of the cherub bull to seize
notes : below, pic
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
situation : top of lampstand and above
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
see also : spells in same range ;
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines ; but where
CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using
many abbreviations of concepts -
remark : need revision soon, cause detailed places
foreign concepts : pending
translation : common accepted translation copied at end of page
PT 582

PT 582
1567b] the spirits-light of place-T alike adam being the flower of existence by Saturn (h’enmmt+). [of] existence of hail (án). [for] N (candidate)., [by] the word to triple-protect (khkhkhkh-u). [for] Osiris’ [as construct]. he the place-T of hail (‘father’). [of] existence of hail. [for] N’s. sight (restored maa?).;
1567a] [by means of] m-b-soul-adam. [for] the speech. alike-adam (miá)., [and so for] N’s (candidate). khu-spirit of hail. existence to make (via ad.soul).,
[as] the khu spirit. [for] N’s. sight (maa).;
1566d] to become. the khu-spirit. [for] the gods (matrix). alike-adam (mm,weak).,
1566c] [by means of] the land (south,eden’s). [for] the speech. [of] N., [and through] the prisoner (su, Cain). [for] the hail., [in order] existence (eden’s). to be founded. nót.;
[but as] the sky of earth [north]. [of] the speech of hail (ár). [for] N., [by means of] the adamite soul. existence. to bear-up (fa). +
1566b] [through] the two breasts (mentch+). [as?] place-T of great need of the throne-G of existence (ngagat,unknown). [being now?] place-T for existence by the willpower of he-eden (ãfen-t). [of] the spirits-light of place-T to make the new root from south-sh-pool (via ad.soul) (sshept+).;
1566a] [and so by this] (double-) feather-axis (sht+). [for] place-T of totality [torso] (144,000). [as?] place-T of great speech. the bull at place-T-e to ritually sacrifice [cherub; lampstand] (s-ma-t+). [for] N. which is. [at] the mother (place-T, mut). [for] existence of hail (án).;
1565c] [and so by] eden realm. [for] thou. existence. to make hail., [for] N. the speech. existence to make (via ad.soul). to say: (hand-t’ of hand-tch). [of] speech of hail (ár).;
1565b] [by means of] the word to bend [to k-axis] (kesu). [in order] of [=for]. the spirits-light of place-T alike adam being the flower of existence by Saturn (h’enmmt+). [as] he. existence (matrix). [through] the word to come hail.;
1565a] [by] he. the plasma-construct (kha-lotus,not ‘1000’). [of] speech of hail. [for] N. to invoke (nás). +
1564c] the place of the blossom for the solarplane-T [on cube] (metal-t+b tebt?). [as] place-T of adam-within.; [namely as?] the workplace (ás). [of] the jackal making the solarplane (by ad.soul, s-b). +
1564b] [by] the shrine of the bull at place-T to seize [eden sh-pool] (sht’t+). [of] adam-within., [fór] the workplace (ás). [of] the Sebek crocodile. to become the word to command. [as] he. the word for to judge.;
1564a] [and by] the abetch-garden. place-T-e go to cool-down (qebh’-t). of [=for]. he. the torso of the an-face (north).;
[through] the jackal to make the solarplane (via ad.soul,s-b). of [=for]. he. the [an-] face. +
1563c] existence to make (via ad.soul). to dwell.;
[and so] existence to make (via ad.soul). [of] speech. [by] he. the willpower (e?). [for] N. to found (uah’).,
1563b] [for] this. N. existence to make (via ad.soul). to stand upright.;
1563a] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] the places-T of hail [father-T’s] (átátát). [for] the children [word to birth] (mesu). [of] speech. [as] he. the willpower (eden). [and by] he. to bear-up (fa). +
1562c] the word of iron. [of] he. the willpower (matrix). of [=as?]. the sceptre of the Ba-spirit-soul of willpower (context?).,
1562b] [as] the word. [of] he. the khen-t’u throne [on boat]. [for] the [an-] face. [as] he. the word to dwell.;
1562a] the double ennead (18 gods). place-T of the foremost (kh-house). [of] speech. [for] N., [as] the speech. [of] he. place-T of the foremost (kh-house). +
1561d] [for] N’s. existence., [through] the double-garden [place-T to make the new root] (spt+). [for] the word. [by] the descended cube-H.;
[and so by] place-T to split-off for the word (ut’en+). he. existence (eden’s). to keep captive (sqr).,
[for] N’s. existence. the land (south,eden). to plough (khebs).,
1561b] [by] he. place-T of the hand (t’-t). [namely] Sirius. the adamite soul’s. existence (eden’s). to acquire (shp).;
1561a] [for] N’s. existence. [of] he. the willpower (eden’s). [by] [the star] succeeded to acquire to make saturn-wick-H’ of inversion (by ad.soul) (s-sah’+, orion). [in order for] he. existence (matrix). to give. speech.;
1560c] the knives for the liver (miás+, lights of -T by adamite soul alike adam). of [=for]. he. the double-shoulder [or ‘being with 2 snakes as head’] (remen). [of?] place-T the head (main-place-t). [place-T of] the feather [axis north] (shut+).
1560b] the sky of earth. the coverings for place-T-e to perish for the blossom of existence by Saturn [top cube] (h’en-skt+). he. to make a split-off Watercourse (via ad.soul; s-ua).
1560a] the heron-phoenix (glyph). the word. to stand upright (likely). of [=for]. the sky of earth (north). [of] speech of hail.;
[and so for] N. he. the speech. [as?] the tempest [by new root for throne-G of hail] (ágp+). +
1559c] [by] place-T to make existence for the kh-house (skhnt). alike-adam (miá).;
[as] the mountain. alike-adam (miá) (sic)., [for] the sky of earth (north0. of [=as]. he. the stability. +
1559b] [of] Osiris’ (as construct). existence., [by means of] Horus. existence. to give. speech., [through] he. the head. [as?] he.sharpness (spt’). +
1559a] [of] he. the dimensional background of saturn (h’a). [for] he. the Ba spirit-soul.;
[and by] he. the innermost sacred place [of kh-house] (khan-khennu?). of [=for]. N’s. sekhem-power. +
1558c] [of] he. within., [for] N’s. great eden speech (urr). [as] he. within. N.; [through] the great pillar. +
1558b] [for] Osiris’ (as construct). existence. [as] thou. existence. to give. speech. [of] beauty (nefer).;
[and] the great pillar. this. to become to command. he. existence (eden’s). [as] thou. to say: (hand-t’ of serpent-hand; tch-t’). [of] hail.;
1558a] [as] Horus. thou. speech and nature. [for] N’s. existence. [as] advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).;
to recite.;
—— end PT 582
A] notes :
  • line 1567a] m-b-s-adam speech,
    it is already "speech alike-adam", it'd be superfluous to park
    'm-b-soul-adam-like' in front ; so we assume it is his' ,
  • line 1566b] two breasts,
    as MENTCH, in the place of the ámen-corner (diagram) ;
    another 'breast' term is SNQ, 'to suckle', but there "from q-axis",
    this construct must be similar, just renamed,
  • line 1564b] shrine of the bull,
    to right ; bit bizarre glyph, we are not sure if the head is intended
    upón the shrine, as pictured, or because of lack of place within
    the shrine ; from 1566a] this place must be within the lampstand,
  • line 1564b] Sebek workplace
    remembering other spells with 'impregnating the women'; the text
    flips continuously between regions just below and above the tiles,
  • line 1564a] abetch garden,
    'garden of righteousness in the north', as Henoch described,
  • line 1563a] fathers and children,
    the versions are not always in unison about the text ;
    because of the glyphs' intrinsic and outer meanings ;
  • line 1560c] liver,
    quite unclear, there is little to find context by,
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