CT 667

CT 667 VI 296

m] [for] he. the things for to become a spirit. [through] he. the sorcery., [by] he. existence (eden’s). to snatch-away.;
l] [as] the existence (matrix). [by] he. the Ba spirit-soul. [of this N.]. existence to bring (ánn).;

k] [by] the throat [as doubled-place-T for wick-H’] (h’ett+). [to?] the pool for throne-G (nega+). the word of breath-air. he. to give.,
j] [as] the flesh and bone of willpower of the heir [ad.originals]. he. the solarplane to come the adamite-soul.;
i] [by means of] the covering [eden-dome] to ritually sacrifice (sma+). [as] he (covering). the essence to pour-out [for throne-G] (peseg+).,
h] [in order for?] the island of the horizon. [of] the word of adam-within.,
g] [through] the things of the divine perch-region. [as] the god., [by] he (perch). the divine words for the word-inside to encircle.,
alike adam (mm, weak). the aspect/ring to make to fly-up [the root] (s-paa+).
f] [and so] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] the speech for the an-face.,
[as] the speech. [by] the land (eden’s). he. existence (matrix). to unite (sma).;

e] [in order for] existence to make (via ad.soul). [as] existence. [of] doubled-willpower (ãã).,
[through] vulture-rule by wick-H. [as] he. existence. [by] the finger (tchbã) [bent-axis to serpent-hand north].;
d] [and] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] the essence of the tongue [ponytail] (nes+).,
[as] he. the existence (matrix). to slay the willpower-eden of the sh-pool (shã+).;

c] [by] to bury the coffin at place-T of the adamite-soul [of speech by q-axis] (qerest+). [for] all [of]. [this N.].,
[for] this. Anubis [new-root] (ánpu). b] [as?] the son-construct for the weary throne-G for the solarplane (bga+).,
[and so?] throne-G. of [=for]. [this N’s.]. existence. to make the root to fly-up (via ad.soul).;
a] [for this N.]. [as] this (pu). Sebek crocodile.;

VI 295

u] the falcon (bák). of [=for]. [this N.]. [as] existence. [by] the son-construct as the double-throne-G for existence (negg+).,
t] [for] this. N. [as] this (pu). Sebek crocodile.;
s] the falcon (bák). of [=for]. [this N.]. [as] existence (matrix). [by] the root to fly-upwards (pa).,
r] [for] the son-construct for the solarplane of the kh-house. [as?] the land. [of?] speech. +
[by] the double-aspect at place-T for the kh-house (khet II).;
to become (áu). q] [for] the divine light (matrix). to know.,
[for] the sky of earth (matrix). [of] speech. [by] the 3 aspects by place-T for the kh-house.;
to become (áu). p] [for] Osiris (as construct). the dimensional side (ges). [of] speech.,
[through] five aspects at place-T for the kh-house. the speech. to make. [for N.].;
to become. o] [by] the pool at place-T [of the doubled-opened-up-word-inside] (glyph). this. existence to make.,
[so that by] the foreign land’s. sh-pool. of [=as] he (eden). existence. to drink (s-ur). nót.;

n] [and for] [this N.]. [by] the vesica [at new root] (sept+). the essences [eden’s] to un-tie (sfkh+).,
[for this N.]. existence to become new (unn). nót.; (?)

m] [but instead, by] the essences of the word. to give. speech. [for this N.].,
[by] which. the abomination [as eden-place-T of the word for the solarplane] (but+). +
l] [is now?] the double fire-drill (tchatcha).,
[for?] existence. [by?] the place of the flame as the island to make [double-] speech (n-ser-ser).,
[as] the speech. [of this N.]. [for] existence (matrix). to become the willpower [eden’s].; (section note)
to become (áu). k] [by] the island for to make [double-] speech. of [=by]. he (eden?). to bring.,
[through?] the cherub-poles (NN). [for this N.]. [for] thou. existence., [in order] existence (eden’s). to bring. speech. nót.;

j] [but instead, by] the essence of the adamite-soul for wick-H’. thou. essence [at place-T] as the word of throne-G (gut+).,
i] [for] the land. [of] speech. [as] thou. dimensional-width through the adamite-soul by to fly-up the root (pas,’waterpot’).;
[by means of] he. to shoot seed [by place-T of adamite-soul] (stt). h] [for?] thou. words. [of] the peace [of Saturn] (h’etep).,
[and so by] he. to come the pool as place-T of the sh-pool. [through] place-T of the k-axis.,
[and] the things of the dimensional-width of the plasma-construct (diagram)., he [eden-pool]. to destroy (by to make serpenthand) (stch).;

g] thou. speech. [for this N.]. [by] the (eden-) word [directly] to come. nót.;
f] [but instead, first by] the island of the flame for speech to make (nsrsr). [for] the divine word.,
[by] the torso [outer court]. [for] the speech for the an-face.;
e] [as] the divine words. [by] below. [for] existence.,
[using] the prisoner (su,Cain). [as blueprint? for] the new-hand of the serpent-hand (tch-t’). [in order] thou. [to be] nót. within [eden].;
d] [but instead, for] thou. existence [eden’s]. to know., [for this N.]. [..1x lost..]. [for] this (pá). thou. existence. [of] speech.;

b] [and by means of] the son-construct for the word by to make to build the new-hand by blueprint (qett’mu+).,
to divinely copy. the adamite soul’s. [seven-] áat-regions (áat’s, no perch). [of] speech for the an-face. [for] hail for the beautified-soul.;

a] [therefore by] the son-construct as the ring by the new-hand to make to build by blueprint (sqett’+). [for] hail of the beautified-soul.,
[as] the son-construct [for the weakened throne-G] (bga+). [for] throne-G., [for] hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;

—— end CT 667