CT 592 VI 199

i] the thing to fill [northern] (meh'tt). the sky of earth (present). [by] speech. [in order for] the land [south]. to unite [by copulation] (sma).;

h] Horus. existence. [by] the throat [pillar] (khkh). [of] the speech of hail. [as] this (pu). cord of health (utcha). [to] this. workplace [for]. existence of hail. [for] reality (ntt).;
[by means of] the destitude eden speech (h'urr). it. [as] the fortress to make to open [soul-pool] (sensh+). f] [by] the Kha-lake., [in order for] existence. [by] the soul-pool (sh). [of] speech. [for] this. N-Osiris. [as] the descended hebrew-H [cube] (Hai+). to give.;

of [=by]. to give. e] the god. of [=for]. he (the). willpower (eden's) (ã). [as] willpower to rise and be crowned (matrix) (khaã). [for] this. N-Osiris. existence. [of] m-b-soul-adam-like sight (t'egi,hand to plexus).

d] [in order for] he (the). existence (matrix). to become stable.; [by means of] their (ad.souls). speech for the [an-] face (eden's). to overthrow (kher). c] [by] Osiris. who is. the thing of great speech., [as] the one (tu). Áat-perch [region]. [of] the [an-] face (eden's). [for] this. N-Osiris. to hover over (khenn).,
b] [because to] the son. the place. to give. of [=for]. this. N-Osiris. [in order for] to come the essence of sight (t'eg). a] [as] divine great speech. of [=for]. this. N-Osiris. existence. to fly upwards [+substance] (paa).;