CT 701

CT 701 VI 333

o] the two lands. [through] place-T to unite (sma)., [by means of] the light (eden’s). n] [as?] the knife for to make a spirit (via ad.soul).;
[and so for] me. the mouth (eden’s). [of] my. existence. [as] the hand of the serpent-hand (tch-t’,’to say’). m] [of] adam-within (literal?).;

my. hail. [by] the doubling (Ka-sprit). [for] existence. [of] the four (places-T) of the hand of he (of eden).,
to divinely complete. [by] becoming united [both hands] (t’emt’ or t’emtch).;
[as] the light (eden’s). l] [for] the divine light (matrix). of [=as]. my. head.,
k] [and so] he [eden]. \\ (as) the dimensional backside [of eden-root] (peh’\\). [being] he. the mouth (eden’s). of [=for]. to feed upon.;

—– end CT 701