CT 90

CT 90 II 61

c] [for this N]. the word by the upside-down new-hand of the kh-house (hand of adam inside) (kht’u+).,
[and so by?] H’eth’er. the shining backbone. +

b] [of] my. speech of hail (ár).;
[and so for] the gods (matrix). existence to make (via ad.soul). [of] existence of hail (án).;
[as] the peace [of saturn]. of [=by]. the doubled cherub-wheel (to make new-root). [for] youthfulness (nekhen).; (c-b notes)

a] [by] Sirius (star at place-T to make the new-hand of the new-root, via ad.soul) (sept’t+). +
[for,as?] the thigh at double-T of stability (ment+). [of] adam-within.,
[for] the word of ãnkh-life. [of] the flesh (of eden-willpower for wick-H (h’ã+).;
[and by] to slaughter eden-willpower for hail (áshã+). + (a note)

II 60
e] the golden lights of the tchãm sceptre (lights to devour by serpent-hand?).,
[as] existence. [by] he. the willpower (eden’s). of [=as?]. my. birth-sceptre (glyph).;
d] [by,as] my. legs (rt’). the [an-] face. to stand upright.; [for] my. word. he. place-T for sight (maa-t).; (e-d note)

c] [as] he (-T/sight). within (matrix)., he. the divine mother (-T). existence. to double (Ka). the word of peace (of Saturn).,
[using] the prisoner (śu,Cain). to be made inversed (ssaa)., +

b] empty;
a] [for] the Hru-light (the word of speech by borrowed-hebrew-H-house). of [=by]. place-T to manifest (per-t).;
the eden-word by the upside-down new-hand for the kh-house (kht’u). to wander-astray (adam-related)., (a note)
[in order for] to be completed.;

— — — —
A] notes:
II 61

  • – c-b notes,
    texglyph right, the little guy upside-down; we also had boat+KHET’ with an upside-down boat shown, so their copied-hand first went north, but also in the mean time turned around;
  • Hathor,
    as kind of kingpin ruling all [nine] houses of Saturn [diety with horns, centre]
  • shining backbone,
    “the spirits-light by the backbone by? the hand of the ad-soul for? the new-root”; as PEST’ (here written as -tch); likely this “backbone” is some type curved axis, a similar concept as “throat and neck”; this PES- may be in the dimensional background, where SEP- the foreground, compare how next SEP- appears, as “double-cherub-wheel to máke the new-root”; we still hold that the wheel was brought Up through this created curved-axis,
  • – a note,
    Sirius, textglyph right; deity+triangle+T, same foreground SEP; where previous “backbone” is likely from the eden-hand below tó their new-hand further north, this Sirius as ruling that new-hand may cause a new construct, going Up further north, described as – next –
  • double thigh,
    we are not sure. The glyph with the legs, to right, can be read either as “the two thighs / by place-T of stability”, or “the thigh / at double-place-T of stability”; the difference may seem Futile – but the reading decides what concept we look for. The term MEN- should point to the high kheMENnu-mountain, and ámen-corner (see diagram), and the text continues about wick-H’, further north; but we dont understand how “legs” can appear in the overall picture,
II 60

  • – e-d note,
    tchãm sceptre, lower position in textglyph to right; the staff is the same as the UAS-sceptre, adamite-soul+watercourse, but where we assume that the UAS is an integral part of the adamite throne south, this one must be it’s “copy”, north; the term incorporates willpower -Ã and serpent-hand -TCH, “the golden lights (of the uas-sceptre) to devour (as willpower) for the serpenthand” can be an option.
  • birthsceptre,
    top glyph, the half-oval with the whip attached; this sceptre belongs to Judah in Gen.49, and represents the Watercourse-axis; compare how it is related to the uas-sceptre, previously;
  • legs,
    again these ‘legs’, now as RET’, “legs from? the new-hand for speech”? as similar to the MEN- before: or is this a Zorro-like construct, where a guy stands upon the back of two animals? Recently we saw exact that – in a glyph SER, where a small guy appears to stand upon the back of two giraffes; then the different námes for the legs are because of different animals – or in this case, their mountain, and eden-mountain? It appears possible, since the now high-main-centre is “T of sight” in next line;
  • a note,
    HRU light; until now we used the term “mutilated eden-light”, which still goes, but this light, out of 6 aspects, is made by the hebrew-H-house which was thrown to them for the prize of 30 silvers (see page); this follows upon “the prisoner having been made (created) inversed”, and we must conclude that this inversion was the blueprint fór the (inversed-) Hru light;
  • usually the object proceeds the “make to inverse”, but it’s possible that the object is HRU
    here – either way the context would not change much.

about the non-centered position of the boat –

credit: taken from hiveminer because we lost ours

– in December we stumbled upon the tombs of “Sennedjem” and others;
we wrote the articles belonging to the Tutankhamen ‘searching the root’ pages,
but unfortunately those drafts never got posted — but got Lost in the much work;

considered the ‘legs-theme’ as mentioned above in notes,
the depiction of their boat is interesting – showing it “hangs upon the eden-side”.

The righthandside shows a “leg”, and the brown-coloured construction is akin to the NT-red-crown;
as if literally this boat is “mooring” to the side of the eden mountain.

This is a most workable concept for us now,
please check this spell range, because we will return extensively about this theme –
giving us an option about the many different “legs and thighs” concepts,