CT 763


i] [by] he. to become noblemen (sãh’, Orion). existence. [by] the head’s. speech in anunna-face (see note). [as?] a thing of the prisoner (sut;Cain).;

h] his. thrones [left side of vesica] (nesteg). [of] divine rule (h’eq, to ‘hekau’, sorcery). of [=by?]. within. thou. existence to become new (unn). the divine light. [by] decree of law., to become (áu).

g] the sky of earth. [by?] the SBA stargates. [of] thou. existence (eden’s). to open [their sh-pool] (sensh). (see note)

f] of [=by]. adam-within. the beautiful (nefert). thou. things of the way [axis,Watercourse]., [for] the divine light. [of] thou. existence., [by] existence (eden’s). to give. speech.;

e] Tem [an-face]. the willpower of Saturn (h’enã). the adamite soul. thou. to revolve (t’eben,solarplane-related). existence. [for] the adamite soul. [of] thou. to wander-astray (shem, the soul to).,

d] [by] the willpower of saturn (h’enã). the adamite soul. thou. dwell.

c] [in] the divine light., [and by] the willpower of saturn. [by] the house of [stolen] aspects (glyph). thou. build,unite (khenem-glyph).

b] the house of the horizon (vesica north)., which is. in front of. speech. [for] thou., [by] speech (eden’s). to wander-astray., [for] this. N (candidate). to invade hebrew-H.;