BD 153 B

the multitude (ãshtu). angry, hot flame (serf). 20] these. to embrace (sekhen, sarcastic). to become (áu). within. their (ad,souls, that multitude). heads. the words / in the Workplace (ásuu, stripping originals). to become,was. within. this earth's moon (khensu, not: real-moon). to become,was. within. the kings of the South [nestu] (is Suten, place of Set's royal south). to become, was. Shu (pillar+an-face). of [=by]. existence. to defecate (fega). 19] to become,was. Shu. of [=by]. existence (eden's). to devour (ãm). to become,was. Shu. of [=by]. existence. to feed,devour (qq). to become,was. words of peace (h'etep, saturn). of [=by]. which is. to birth. existence (matrix). opened word-inside. to seize (shet'). this (root). [by] the cultivated lands (ah't, saturn). the words of adam-within. 18] words of adam-within (2 x!). the word of the firstborns. the youths of the 11th Áat (bd149). [by?] the east-land. all [of]. Rã. of [=by]. existence. become to rise and crowned (khã). [by] the divine light to acquire (shep, sh-pool). all. me,i. every,all. light of willpower of speech (no Rã glyph!). he. within. existence. to transform (kheper). existence. this [most-b-soul-adam/word/root]. 16] [in] name [of].: of [=by]. the god-Nu [dimension of the word-inside]. willpower of Saturn (h'enã). the Self 9thes). existence. to transform. the divine yoking (neh', saturn). [of] existence (eden's). this [m-b-s-adam/word/root]. name [of].: the pauti primeval gods. of [=by]. word of God's House? (Hetu, nonlisted). the Ka-double bull. of [=by]. to yoke forever [by saturn] (neh'eh'). 15] every. light of willpower of speech (no rã-glyph). the adamite soul. within. Rã. ãnkh-life. the truths (maãtu). to make. Osiris.  [stop?]

my. sins (ásfetu). this (root). the abominations (betu, solarplane). the divine foods (=aspects; word/of saturn). 14] to create (qema). me. the god. [as] this. divine Ba-soul (solarplane-type-spirit). Nu [dimension of the word-inside]. of [=by]. to manifest. [as,through?] Rã.  ;
I am. the son. to yoke (neh'). i, me. body,belly (khat). of [=by]. death, dead. [of] grain (ákhabu, grain/word/solarplane/intestine). existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; 
13] his. forepart,front [of body? see other BD's] (h'at). of [=by]. existence. to devour (ãm). existence. devour, feed (qq). the dimension. thighs (mentu). the domes of speech for/of anunna-face. to dwell (h'ems). nót.; 
the divine great [pillar]. the personified word. the solarplane intestine (khab). existence. beautified-soul.; 12] the divine great [pillar]. the personified word. to devour (qq). nót.;
the sky of earth. existence. the land \\ east. the side (ges). [of] anunna-face (vesica north). to dwell. the great [pillar]. this (root). divine prince (ser). \\ adamite soul. 
his. existence 9eden's). to go  fowl (h'am). existence (matrix).;
name. I. know. 11] the one (tu). 'her name'? (rennt, her existence name'? ).  those who are [horus-spirits] (ntiu). to know. these your. to become. existence for the beautified-soul.; 
[by?] this (root). áãh'-moon [real-moon, captured by saturn H']. [by] the house of saturn. the adamite soul. speech for anunna-face. \\ the adamite soul. the headbox,place of restraint (gua-tep, the head/is imprisoned God's word/by giants). this [ m-b-s-adam/word/connected to]. the uãert-thigh-land. 
(dictionary: uãrt thui gua-tep set h'er s het'áãh')
existence.  ;
name. I. know. the one (tu). 10] 'her name'(?rentt). those who are. to know. this. to become,was. existence for beautified-soul.; 
this [m-b-s-adam/ word/of root]. the sacred monkey (qeftenu). the adamite soul. untieers [of sky&earth; Watchers} (uh'ãu, 'to fowl'). existence.  ;
name. I. know. 'her name'(rentt). those who are. to know. 9] this. existence for beautified-soul. Horus bák hawk. who is. this (root). coverings [of emptyness] ( Shu, 'wings'). the blossoms (sekheptu, nonlisted). [for] existence (matrix).; 
name. I. know. the one (tu). 'her name'? (rentt). those who are. to know. this (tn). to become. existence for the beautified-soul.; 
the sky of earth. the Torso (Eye,south). [for] the speech of anunna-face (vesica north). 8] this [m-b-s-adam/word/of root]. iron (báa). the adamite soul. weights of a net (ténsu; from tén=split-off, ut'en = consciousness). [of] existence (matrix)
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the fishes (fettu, fentu-worms-cluster, negative). to go fowl (h'am). of [=by]. the manifestation (pert). [of?] existence (matrix). [by] the mouth (north vesica, speaking creation into being).;