CT 310

CT 310

CT 310 IV 66

q] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] the ox to mix for the word (‘to defend’, usheb+). [repeat usheb]. [for?] the heads. [of] adam-within (matrix). [by?] the Nuh’cords (note). [of] the house of saturn. [which] I am.;
p] [through] the Akeru serpents [Watchers]. he. the main place-T (tep-t). [as?] the doubled-covering of place-T of the adamite soul [for existence by saturn] (tile; h’en-set+). [for] hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [which] I am (=the double covering?).;

o] [for] this (existence to connect). adam-within., [by] the divine t’es-flintknife [of the M-realm] (mt’es+). [which] I am.;
n] [in order for] the things for the torso in the dimensional foreground [of saturn] (h’a-t+). [for] all [of]. the flame of the word of the kh-house for the solarplane (bkhkhu+). [which] I am.;
m] [and all this?] the divine all. [by] to divinely split-off violently (t’nt’) [+heads?]. [as] Khensu (moon). [which] I am.;

l] [in order for] place-T of great speech (north). [as] my. speech of hail. [for] hail of the beautified-soul., [as] existence. [by] (the horus-spirit ruled) place-T of the Watercourse for the an-face (h’ert+). the gods (matrix). to follow.;
k] [as] the lights of the word [or ‘words of the wheel’,sic]. having been opened [eden root] (up+scroll). [for] the word of speech of hail (ár-u).;
k] to become noble [ad.soul to acquire,sic] (shep-s). [through] this. god. of [=for]. j] within. he. existence (matrix). to become to rise and be crowned (khã+).; [by means of] this (pu). light (eden’s) \\[for] to make existence via ad.soul). [by] place-T-m of adam-within. [as] the divine cake of hail [region] (note).;
i] place-T of the adamite soul as the tile (set, no deity). [for] the willpower of saturn (h’enã). Horus. he. having been opened place-T of the root [eden’s] (up-t+)., of [=for]. h] the place of the word-inside of hail (á-nu,Õn). [of?] the willpower of saturn. [as?] he. the divine by he place-T (‘father, tf). who is. the foremost. [by] he. having opened the root [eden’s] (up+).; of [=by]. +

g] this (pu). divine spirit. [of] willpower (ã). of [=by]. place-T to shoot seed as lights [eden’s] (stht+). to snatch-away (neh’em,saturn).; [in order] of [=for]. the skins to make speech (‘rams’, ser+). [of] existence (matrix).;
[by] this. light (eden’s). [for] he. existence (matrix). to die in the mooring-post (mená+). [as] one. nót.;
[but] this. god. e] [as] he. place-T of the serpent (tch-t). of [=for]. sekhem-power. [of] divine great speech., d] [as] the adamite soul’s. willpower. of [=by]. place-T-e to snatch-away., [and so] the uraei. these [numbering]. seven. places-T to un-tie (note). [of] existence. [for] the word for the word-inside.;
existence (matrix). [by] the seven. to un-tie (sefekh). I am. (as Khensu?);

c] [in order for] the gods (matrix). the words. [as] lights by the q-axis (‘fruits’, t’qr+). [of] the divine “One”. [who] I am.;
b] [and so] the words to transform. of [=for]. hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit)., of [=by]. existence. [speech] to transform. [as] lights of place-T as the word to ascend [of speech of willpower] (ãrut+ =ãrut-7 gates). of [=for]. my. existence. [as] great pillar.; a] [by] the words of the turtle [to connect to sh-pool] (north, shthu+). of [=for]. my. existence for the turtle (shthn+,south, note). [in order for?] place-T the word to grow (pyramid).;

IV 65

l] the head to double fire-drill., of [=by] (means of). the mást-thigh [thigh,place-T,adamite throne,to cut-off]. of [=as]. (to be) the khepesh-thigh. of [=for]. k] Osiris [as construct]., [and so as] the belly. [of] Osiris. existence. the flesh succeeded to acquire (glyphs)., [and through] the finger [bent axis] (tchbã). of [=for]. me. existence. to enter (ãq,invade?).,
j] [for] the torso as place-T of the dimensional foreground of saturn (h’a-t+). [of] the flame of the word of the kh-house for the solarplane (bkhkhu+)., [by] to violently split-off (t’nt’) [+heads]. [in order for] the solarplane. to hurry to. Khensu. [who] I am.;

i] the divine triple-standard in the doubled-place-T of shesem (note). [as] the divine son-construct. [namely?] the workplace (ás). [which] I am.;
h] the house of the horizon. [for] the divine spirits. g] [as] the sky of earth. [of] adam-within., [for] the gods (matrix). this (to connect to). existence.the passive (eden’s) word to praise (áãnnuu+, apes).;
f] the sky of earth (south). of [=for]. to become a spirit.,the sky of earth (south). of [=for]. to become a spirit.
to recite.;

———– end CT 310